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The Power of music

When you think of music you think about different sounds working together simultaneously to make a beat with lyrics. Music has been around for a long time. Though there is no known source of when music started we know that our ancestors have been listening to music for centuries . They used to beat on things to make a beat and start singing. Back then music was only used for important events , it wasn’t something people used to listen regularly. Nowadays everyone listens to all types of music on any occasions at any time they want. Currently music is a big part of everyone’s culture and it is very important to some cultures more than others because it is something they always had since music was created and its part of who they are and their ethnicity .

Nowadays mostly everyone listens to music . Either they listen to music that singers or rappers create or they create their own music but everyone has each has a form of music they listen to . To some it is very important because it’s their way of expressing themselves but they all have their own form of music for example rap, African music , Haitian music , Spanish music . Electronic , country . Each form is used to show one culture which is amazing .People use music in many different ways, to help them focus when they are studying, improve their mood or others moods , to exercise , help motivate them to do something, etc. That is why a lot of teens and young adults listen to music a lot because it helps them release their stress. I believe that music is very important because something that everyone loves and it helps distract you from everything around you .

The musicians who have created music have had a big part in why music is so important today. Many artists nowadays are still inspired by artists from the old days because the music they have created is very unique.Many songs nowadays consist of songs from artists in the old days .Many of the songs created by artists in the old days were usually just beats played on instruments but now music consist of beats and lyrics made electronically or by instruments.  For many artists music is a way they can express how they feel mentally/ physically and a way to talk about many subjects that society doesn’t really talk about or consider wrong without feeling judged . It helps people think about what their artists are singing about if you truly. Artists have also created different ways of forming music like notes and different genres.

As I said before music can be used as distraction for example slaves used to sing songs while working to remind them of home and to distract themselves from the type of environment they were in . Singing is very important in African culture since to them it is a form of communication. They were able to look for kin and countrymen during their voyages through singing . They were able to express joy , sadness , and anger through songs . To them singing was their freedom . It was the only thing that made them feel free and helped survive the terrible things they were going through during those times . That is why in some cultures music is very important because it’s how they communicate and express their emotions. They also use  music in different ways for example they may use music to express their love for their culture  of their gods. 

To me old music was more inspirational than music nowadays because in the old days music was just getting started and artists use that as an opportunity to help people express themselves, to fight for what they believe in . It was a very inspirational time because we were getting many different types of music forms. The old musical made you feel deeply and emotionally. It helped you remember those good types and the bad times . Musicians would talk about nature , the struggles of life and love. It was easier to relate yourself to the old music because music back then talked about everyday things . Music nowadays is harder to relate to because it mostly talks about drugs and money . It even shows that old music sells better than new music due to the fact that people like music that is familiar to them . They tend to attach those old songs to specific memories . I wish I was able to explore more of the old music during the old days . It would be a whole different experience . Even though music is still important to people these days, the new generation would never be able to feel music the way it was when it was just getting started .

Music is truly an art . It’s very hard to learn and create but when you do you can create this unique sound that motivates everyone. To me people who learn and create music are genius and very talented in their own way . It’s very inspirational and very flexible because you have many forms and you can manipulate it in many ways to make it sound the way you want it to . Research has proven that music affects us a lot, especially in the brain.Music is very expressive almost like emotions. It also has a lot of benefits like relief of stress and many physical benefits to the body like help with back pain. Music is definitely something we should keep experimenting with because it’s very important to a lot of culture and it would be great to learn how much it truly affects us and our brains. It is a great form of art that has been around for a long time and has impacted us in many ways from the different styles to the new ways of creating music. Music will and always be something we all lose listening to, it may change throughout the years but it still going to have a great effect on us in many ways .


Berry, K.D.(2017).Singing in Slavery:Songs of Survival,Songs of Freedom.Mercy Street

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