A10: Research Argument

My Researched Position

Your first and only long argument is due THU APR 20 before class. The culmination of your research, it will draw conclusions supported by the evidence you provide.

This paper will no doubt contain material from your shorter arguments though readers who did not take this class might not notice that it contains a definition essay, a causal essay, and a rebuttal essay. Instead, it will transition from argument to argument seamlessly and perhaps reorganize the material for better continuity.

Your paper will acknowledge that your position is not the only—and certainly not the most popular—opinion on a topic, and that reasonable people hold opinions very different from your own, but that nonetheless, yours is the correct position.


  • Write your only Research Position Paper.
  • It will contain 3000 words that make a strong case with academic support.
  • The paper will make a controversial, counterintuitive argument supported by serious academic research.
  • The essay will include a consideration of common or reasonable counter-arguments and refute them.
  • The citation technique is informal.
  • The paper will include a Works Cited providing bibliographic details for only those works specifically identified in the essay by citation (at least five sources, but however many you actually cite).
  • The Annotated Bibliography is a separate assignment due next week. It will detail all the sources you have consulted, on the pattern of your Proposal +5 but with as many as 15 sources.
  • Call your post Research ArgumentUsername.
  • But in addition to that placeholder title, also give your essay a proper title. For example, this post is titled “My Researched Position”
  • Publish your long research argument in the A10: Research Argument category.


  • DUE THU APR 20 before class.
  • Customary late penalties. (0-24 hours 10%) (24-48 hours 20%) (48+ hours, 0 grade)
  • Portfolio grade category (75%)