Agenda THU APR 06

Thank you for your Rebuttal Arguments.

Things are starting to get interesting as your thesis, support, and counterarguments fall into place. By the time I see you again TUE APR 10, you will have preliminary grades for all three of your short arguments.

You’ll want to revise all your work as you compile it into your Research Position Paper, due in two weeks. To help with that, I’ve compiled some Revision advice.

Quick Quiz.

The author of this article has a lot to say about the nature of the current economy and how it is affected by international competition.

The flabby, meaningless sentence above fails in at least three ways to deliver useful information. What does it fail to address?

  1. You tell me
  2. You tell me
  3. You tell me

23 Responses to Agenda THU APR 06

  1. chancetoremember says:

    1. The problem with the paragraph was that there was no thesis. It made a bunch of small arguments that did not really come together to form one central argument or thesis.
    2. In the feedback given, the main problem was stated very clearly. All of the arguments that were made in the paragraph were combined into a list, which i thought was very helpful. By seeing how many arguments were in the paragraph, it could help the writer to narrow down what they want to say to create a great thesis.
    3. I think that the feedback should be extremely helpful for the writer. The list of arguments was definetly good feedback and I thought it really helped to make it clear what the issue was.

    1. It is clear to see what issue is being states.
    2. The issue that is being stated is that there is no support or facts to back up the claim that the author is making. The issue is identifiable and clear, and there are lots of examples as to how the author could better his paragraph.
    3. With all of the feedback and examples given, the author should definetly be able to construct something better.

  2. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Began class with a discussion on the semicolon, and how we most definitely need it to fix common splices in our essays.
    Argument #3:
    The main feedback to this argumentative essay is that it was just too all over the place. Nothing was clear about the essay. It only had brief relations to the topic at hand, but then would get really confusing and lengthy.
    Mechanics #15:
    Discussed the use of Due too, with really means caused by. This should be carefully inspected when used in writing because you can easily word sentences that don’t need due too better.

  3. thecommonblackhawk says:

    We will get some preliminary grades for our short arguments to guide us through editing them.

    Semi-colons are cool. Used when you want the sentence to continue, but your independent clause has ended.

    Periods are cool too.

    Specific revision tips are available in the skills menu to help our arguments

    Mission: Communicate to classmates the goal of the assigned feedback
    #10) 2 well worded and well constructed sentences will be a lot more effective than 12 simple sentences. It keeps the readers mind occupied prevents them from forming on the spot counterarguments to each sentence.

    #16)The word “only” modifies the word following it in the sentence.
    Ex: Money only has value because everyone wants it.
    —-> Only modifies the word has

    Correct Example: Money has value only because everyone wants it.
    —-> Modifies the word because
    Instead of saying value is the only thing money has, you now say money only has value for the following reason.

  4. chippy1313 says:

    – ; combines two independent clauses
    -the most common argument error is the failure to decide what you want to prove

    #6: In the Stone Money essay this person kept using words such as money, wealth, and physical cash without saying what they meant by these terms, which confused the reader. Make sure to define key terms and explain what you mean by them to your readers. Also be careful about the overuse of these terms, especially when you are interchanging words to mean similar things without identifying what you mean by them.

    #18: Using the word “different” in a sentence without having meaning is unnecessary. Instead take it out of your sentence or explain what you mean by saying it.

  5. kingoflizards says:

    -Avoid run-on sentences.
    -Find rebuttal sources, rebut the rebuttals

    Revision Notes:
    11. Sufficient Scholarship: Assume that the reader has no idea what you are talking about. Do not reference a source without previously mentioning what the source is. The student compared the Island of Yap currency the currency used in the United States, but neglected to ever actually mention what the Island of Yap is or why it is unique.

    13. Capitalize “I” when it stands alone. Don’t say “i went to the store,” instead say “I went to the store.” This should be obvious, but I’m sure we have all made this mistake.

  6. starbucks732 says:

    #21: Make sure that you are not mistaking the sources you are using as your own. If you are able to make your own points and expand on them from the research you have done and give recognition to the other persons point of views, your work will be much better.

    #22: In Comp 2 your opinion is extremely important since this course is based on research. But you work must be supported by evidence from sources. For example, in “The Island of Stone Money,” you put 5 sources in your works cited but only cited one of them. Since you didn’t cite them you should remove them from your works cited. To receive a good grade on this essay, you must cite more than one source.

    Another problem in this essay is missing research. You explain a lot of your observations and not enough of your understanding of the podcasts. In the essay, you wrote as if your readers have read the article and listened to the podcast, so instead write more about what you learned from it.

    #20: “Money, however, is a form of of middle man.” The use of the word “form” is unnecessary in this sentence, use words like this only when you are explaining forms of middle man.
    revision: “Money, however, is a middle man.”

  7. dunkindonuts10 says:

    TUE- have an overall idea of our grade for where the paper stands
    watch out for run on sentences
    -end the sentence but continue the idea
    ; – allows 2 independent clauses together, sentence ends here however still going to continue
    Revision-under skills menu
    -different kinds of revisions
    #9- finding a better language to get the point across in the paragraph
    – the writer tries to show a different view point but is not able to fully demonstrate what he is trying to get across
    -if there were different words it could have made the argument stronger
    -example given helps give a different way of how to bring an outside source into the equation allowing the readers to relate
    #17-grammar mistake should be used in the past rather than the present “used to” not “use to”
    -keep the sentence the same just change the mechanics

  8. aeks123 says:

    Watch out for run ons, fragments, and comma splices in a sentence. A semicolon links together two independent clauses.

    -Problem: Listed several different arguments in each paragraph that weren’t clear
    -Solution: Pick one of the arguments provided by the feedback and guide readers through the one specific argument the whole time

    -Problem: proposal contained language that wasn’t needed
    -Solution: can be trimmed down to a few sentences to get the main point across more simply and clearly. The specific details can wait to appear after the main claims stated.

  9. therealjohnsanchez says:

    Use informal citations. Not MLA.
    Rebuttal argument needs to refute the rebuttal. Rebuttal needs to be something people actually believe.
    #7 Use clear language to help the reader interpret your writing. Effective rhetoric writing persuade readers better and prove more complex theses.
    #14 Use inline citations not MLA citations.

  10. greeneggsandham234 says:

    semi colons are used to combine two independent clauses

    -there is specific advice for revisions, in the skills menu

    -often authors assume the the reader knows what the subject mater is, it never safe to assume is a small group of people that we share the same information

    -money is valuable;however, it is not everything.—-> this sentence is a good example of proper semi colon use

  11. nobinaryneeded says:

    A semi-colon combines two separate clauses to avoid a run-on sentence
    A rebuttal is an ARGUE to argument that is being made AGAINST your claim
    Identifying strongest counter argument to your claim and you’re refuting that argument. Rebutting the rebuttal.
    #4 APR 06
    Reorganizing Reveals Argument
    The argument made by the student was a little bit confusing, worded and organized in a weird way that made difficult for the reader to follow along with. Along with that, there was unneeded information.
    The problem was resolved by taking out the bits that weren’t necessary just yet, staying on track with the first course and continuing to argue that point in a clear and concise way. The claims were condensed into one paragraph that was easier to follow.
    #12 APR 06
    Quotation Marks for Articles
    The problem with the sentences is that the writer failed to put the name of the article in quotation marks which gave us this sentence: In the Milton Friedman’s piece The Island of Stone Money, I noticed the idea.
    The solution was to add quotations around the name of the article being referred to, which gives us: In Milton Friedman’s piece, “The Island of Stone Money,” I noticed the idea.

  12. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Problem 2:
    the writer is very unclear with what he means.
    is he saying bread is worth more money
    with the gland claim, does he mean the dollar is worth more here or bread is worth more here
    he needs to be more clear in his claim

    Problem 24:
    the writer summaries what study was done, but not the results
    it doent’t actually talk about the results or what the study say
    the writer to to purposefully summarize in the fact, what the purpose of the study was

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