Agenda THU APR 20

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  1. chippy1313 says:

    -make sure the visual rhetoric is well detailed to make sure the viewers have a clear understanding of what is happening, since there is no sound.
    -the self reflective statement is a one-draft assignment explaining how you demonstrated the core values throughout this course:
    goal 1: understand that writing is a practice which involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process
    goal 2: understand that close and critical reading/analysis allows writers to understand how and why texts create meaning
    goal 3: understand that writing is shaped by an audience, purpose, and context
    goal 4: understand the role of information literacy in the practice of writing
    goal 5: understand the ethical dimensions of writing

  2. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Portfolio Specifications
    -3,000 word research essay
    -annotated bibliography, 15 sources-visual rhetoric
    -self-reflective statement
    -two of the following(definition argument, causal argument, rebuttal argument)

    visual rhetoric
    -look to rewrite visual rhetoric before it gets put in portfolio

    deadline for entire portfolio is tuesday may 2

    self reflective statement
    -due april 27, there will be no feedback or rewrite for the assignment
    -one draft assignment to explain how we used the five core values
    -use the template to guide the assignment
    -give specific examples thorough your own work to help explain how the core values were achieved

    how to build your portfolio
    -simply put put all the necessary items into the portfolio category

    mandatory grade conference chart
    -make a final grade conference appointment

  3. therealjohnsanchez says:

    Every paper is an argument.
    SRE argues to the writing department that I learned the values.
    The writing department makes grammar errors too.
    Quoting someone out of context is like lying.
    SRE is not major.

  4. kingoflizards says:

    -Go back and look at the Visual assignment. Be as specific as humanly possible.
    -Choose one of the short argument papers. Do not put all 3 into the portfolio.
    -Write a good argument for the Self-Reflective statement. All writing should be an argument, and this is no different.
    -Show examples of rewriting and reviewing old material.
    -Use the template
    -ADD “works cited” and title to the research assignment
    -Keep revising and asking for feedback until may second

  5. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Today we did a few house keeping things. To start we discussed the portfolio contents and specifications. Discussed deadlines for a majority of things that need to be finished. Discussed the the self-reflective statement assignment, it’s details, and when it is due. Became familiar with rate my professor and the date for the mandatory final meeting.

    • davidbdale says:

      That’s accurate, Nick, but it does precisely what your writing does every time, which is to “talk about” the content instead of summarizing it. Here it hardly matters, because the content was nothing memorable, but when the content is crucial, your method fails fatally.

      Compare a classmate’s notes about today’s meeting:

      —Every paper is an argument.
      —SRE argues to the writing department that I learned the values.
      —The writing department makes grammar errors too.
      —Quoting someone out of context is like lying.
      —SRE is not major.

      It doesn’t waste a word on “what we talked about.” Instead, it records, for the very specific needs of a specific individual, what was essential about the subject matter.

      Permit me an illustration, please. The lesson is “Defusing a Bomb.”

      Your 1/3 summary:

      Today we spent an hour on the topic of how to defuse a bomb. Timepiece types were discussed and the relative dangers they pose. Wiring patterns were also considered, and how technicians should approach a potentially fatal error.

      Your classmate’s 3/3 summary:

      Don’t cut the red wire!

      I hope the difference is clear. Please take this lesson to heart. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect you. It means I really care about the quality of your work.

  6. dunkindonuts10 says:

    Portfolio specifications-
    -have Research Paper done
    -Annotated Bibliography-15 sources-A11 due Tuesday
    -visual rhetoric- does not need to be rewritten unless you do not agree with the current state of it
    -choose between 2 Arguments
    -self-reflective statement-
    -use template
    –make links to own post
    Add each thing to portfolio with your username
    -do it each time for each item for the portfolio and that is how it is built
    Final on May 2nd, so have everything done for May 4 or earlier
    As soon you are told the portfolio is done correctly, make a conference for May 4th

    • davidbdale says:

      In response, I’d say, if you can, have your Portfolio complete by THU APR 27. That way, you can skip the MAY 02 meeting and schedule your Conference when we meet on Thursday.

  7. starbucks732 says:

    -we went over a visual rhetoric rewrite
    -self-reflective statement on five core values
    -have all six components of portfolio submitted into portfolio-username by May 2nd

  8. thecommonblackhawk says:

    Position paper has been written.
    Annotated Bib will contain 15 sources (A11)
    Start to put together the portfolio!

    Visual Rhetoric:
    Details! Share every possible conclusion that can be made of each frame. We are the transmitters of all information throughout the exercise.

    Deadline for portfolio: Tuesday May 2nd

    Self-Reflective Statement:
    An argument like all other work
    Applying core values throughout our writing courses
    1)Multi-stage, recursive, and social process
    2)Understand that close and critical reading/analysis allows writers to understand how and why texts create meaning
    3)Understand that writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context
    4)Understand the role of information literacy in the practice of writing
    5)Understand the ethical dimensions of writing
    Check template
    Link our work to reflective statement as evidence

    How to build a portfolio:
    Check the box next to the “username portfolio” subsection
    Do it 6 times for every item in the portfolio

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