Agenda THU APR 27

  • Quick Tutorial
    • Hyperlinking sources to text in essays
  • Portfolio Double-check
    • We scan your six ingredient documents for completion and compliance
  • Grade Conference Appointment
    • When your Portfolio is validated complete, I will confirm your appointment for TUE MAY 02 or THU MAY 04.
    • Find your Name Confirmed on the Grade Conference Chart
      • The link above will permit comments only, not editing.
      • You no longer have permission to change the Grade Chart.
      • Leave a comment if you need to add or change an appointment

14 Responses to Agenda THU APR 27

  1. chancetoremember says:

    -learned how to hyperlink in text
    -open post in edit
    -copy the hyperlink onto your clipboard
    -select link, copy, and paste
    -choose text inside paragraph to anchor the link
    -find the insert/edit link icon
    -open link in a new window or tab and then add link
    -delete other link
    -make sure in annotated bibliography to have not only citations but links to all of your sources

  2. thecommonblackhawk says:

    Last class! What a ride this has been. I had a great time and learned a ton! I look forward to applying everything I’ve learned throughout all of my future endeavors.

    Quick lesson how to link our work.

    Portfolio Check

  3. therealjohnsanchez says:

    Go to edit, highlight link, add url to clipboard, highlight text, click the linked chain/ 2 paper clips icon, check the box “open in new tab”, it’s really annoying to have to click ctrl to open a new tab or click and not get a new tab.
    Add hyperlinks to work cited and bibliography.
    Fix papers, add work cited, finish research paper

  4. greeneggsandham234 says:

    hyperlink tutorial
    -open the post in edit
    -copy the hyperlink onto the clipboard
    -then copy the world you want to edit, and click the link key at the top of the page
    -check the open link in new window or tab box

  5. therealmoana says:

    hyperlinking- annotated bib
    go back and link articles to work cited and essays
    double check here are 6 items in portfolio folder
    conference thursday may 4

  6. starbucks732 says:

    -linking reflective argument text to the documents that support it
    -all 6 components of portfolio must be complete

  7. chippy1313 says:

    -learned how to hyperlink
    -make sure to do that in the annotated bibliography and reflective paper
    -have your portfolio complete and ready for conference on Tuesday

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