Agenda THU FEB 02

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  1. torthey says:

    Reviewing draft proposal
    – your thesis should be: specific, arguable, verifiable, researchable
    – racism is too broad of a topic
    – moral claim/proposal
    – not trying to make a quantifiable case; something should/should not be
    – allowed to take an ethical stance
    – move more toward science
    – counterintuitive because if everyone genetically is similar, racism is a moot stance
    The DNA Journey
    – ask people about their bias’ about other countrymen
    – reveal to them their true genetic profiles
    Is There Such a Thing as Race in Humans?
    – race is a social construct created to give power to one group while restricting the power of another based off of phenotypical traits

    – Can we every escape race if we keep revisiting the issue of racism?

    Draft Proposals
    basketball experiment; on the floor during free throw, facing the seats, odd intervals conduct move the sticks.

    – informal parenthetical citations
    – need 5 sources in works cited
    – bibliography is everything researches
    – works cited are specifically mentioned within the paper
    – will need an annotated bibliography for paper

  2. chancetoremember says:

    -when writing a thesis try to not be too broad. The more concise your thesis is the better it will be
    -provide sources with facts for your paper, not sources with opinions
    -topics on newer information might be harder to write about because there has not been research done on it yet
    -A works cited page is smaller than a bibliography
    -anything found in your works cited page should also be found in the body of your essay. There should be material and citations listed the essay.
    -one can paraphrase or use facts from the works that they have cited
    -Italicize titles of sources when using them in your essay
    -“et al” means “and others” when something is being cited and there is more than one author
    -make sure sentences used right from articles are put in quotation marks
    -informal citations will be used

  3. kingoflizards says:

    -Make a conference with the professor.
    -Turn in A04 by next week.
    -Revise old drafts from past assignments.
    -Make the thesis specific, arguable, researchable, and verifiable.
    -Basically make sure that the thesis is not too broad, or too obvious. Make an argument that someone can disagree with, that is where compelling papers come from.
    -Do not use opinion pieces as sources, use sources with actual facts and proof.
    -It was demonstrated in this class how talking about a topic, can improve the thesis. We spent the whole class talking about topics from my classmates, and it was shown how easily that can improve a topic. Asking questions and making suggestions is a great way to form a topic.
    -Works cited is a subset of a bibliography.
    -Try not to use MLA Citation (Example 1). Use Informal In-Text Citations. Mention the author or the publication in the sentence. It flows better.

  4. romanhsantiago says:

    -I was reminded that I need to schedule a professor conference before spring break in order to avoid a failing midterm grade.
    -Our proposal should be Specific, Researchable, Verifiable, and Arguable.
    -I also learned that my proposal has to be more specific, maybe leaning toward a science based argument to argue race. I must do more research to come to this conclusion.
    -Professor Dale has lots of resources to help me reach that conclusion.
    -Avoid the citation method that involves the use of “(lastname page#)” at the end of the sentence.
    -When finding sources for my papers summarize the sources to place them as a part of my annotated bibliography.
    -Citations should be included in the body of the essay with reference.
    -Must use informal citations instead of formal citation.

  5. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Today we discussed draft proposals and had an open discussion on RomanHSantiagos topic. We also watched a video on the DNA lineage of a group of people who thought they where 100% something but it showed that it was not the case. We also discussed informal citations and how to properly do them and use them in an essay. This includes bibliographies and works cited, and the difference between the two. And that difference is bibliographies are a collection of all the data you’ve read into and gathered info on and then when in your essay, your works cited is what you actually use to make a compelling Argument or something like that. So you cite the information prelevant to your essay.

  6. starbucks732 says:

    -A thesis should be specific, arguable, verifiable, and researchable
    -Research papers make recommendations how we can prove or impact what should or should not happen
    -We watched a video called, “The DNA Journey.” It was a bunch of people who got their DNA results back and found out that they were different nationalities they never even knew they were and people that they never even knew, they were actually related to.
    -A Works Cited and Bibliography are different; a bibliography is bigger, it lists all of the material you consulted to come to conclusions, a works cited is only a list referring to anything that you actually cited in your paper.

  7. therealjohnsanchez says:

    thesis should be specific, verifiable, researchable, arguable
    race has been thought to be biological but has been shown to be a social construct without any biological base
    It was strange how much the people in The DNA Journey cared about their race and how it was a part of them. I’ve never seen my ancestry part of my identity.
    Survey paper, I think this because of these examples, bad.
    Use informal citations. Introduce author and title.

  8. aeks123 says:

    Research topics should be specific, arguable, verifiable, and counterintuitive.

    The research topic about racism in America we discussed is a good start but it is broad. It could become more specific by going into more detail about the mix of races and DNA. This topic is arguable because it’s a big issue in America, and in the world. It can be counterintuitive because most people who are racist don’t realize how many races are in their DNA.
    Try not to pick a topic that’s already highly controversial and just pick a side. Develop your own ideas based off of arguable topics.

    Make MLA citations informal for this class. Incorporate the author and article title into your writing, instead of using parenthetical citations. “Works Cited” is a subset of a bibliography because it is smaller. Anything included in works cited should be included in the body of your essay.

  9. chippy1313 says:

    -thesis statement must be specific, arguable, verifiable, and researchable
    -thesis also needs to be counterintuitive
    -we watched a short video on people from all over the world who got their DNA traced and were shocked with the results that they were part of many different ethnicities that they would have never guessed. This is really interesting how a simple test can trace back to your ancestors and where they came from. It intrigues me to maybe one day to get a DNA test for myself so I can learn more about my family’s history
    -must find a way to get academic sources to get a notion and get research that is not opinion based and don’t make it into a survey-paper
    -informal academic citations are recommended instead of citing an author directly after a sentence
    -a bibliography is a larger version of a works cited and the works cited is a component of the bibliography
    -anything that is included in your works cited should be in the body of your essay, while a bibliography is multiple sources that might not be directly in your essay

  10. therealmoana says:

    When finding a topic the hypothesis you propose must be specific, arguable, researchable, verifiable. Consider the counterintuitive dilemma.
    Information Citation
    Name author or publication in sentence
    Difference between bibliography and work citied
    bibliography all sites used for paper
    work citied what you cite in paper itself

  11. kedudnaimad says:

    -Make a conference before break
    -Proposal draft due February 6
    -Thesis should be specific, arguable, researchable, verifiable
    -Important to make topic specific
    -Do not put (authors name, page) for citation
    -Use informal academic citing method (add authors name and title of publication in sentences)
    -Bibliography and works cited are different
    -Works cited are works that you cited in your paper (bibliography is larger)
    -et al. (and others)

  12. thecommonblackhawk says:

    Class started with a visual representation of music. It is pretty relaxing/satisfying to watch.
    Don’t forget to setup a conference. Must be before spring break but the sooner the better. Advice is priceless!
    Thesis should be…

    Counterintuitive is a requirement.

    Class discussion provided very interesting ideas, thoughts and a perspective that I had not yet thought of.

    MLA Citation!
    We already know how to do formal citations.
    Perfecting the informal way is the way to go.
    It’ll be a learning experience for us and may come off as a smoother transition.

    Works citied is everything named in the written paper. A works cited is smaller than a bibliography in that it only lists what was a directly referenced in the essay while a bibliography lists everything single thing referenced throughout the process of writing the work.

    For informal citing, just add the source within the essay with a smooth transition into what is being discussed.

    Assignment~Rephrase formal citation with informal citation throughout the paragraph.
    Complete Types assignment
    Complete Rephrase Assignment
    List the Thesis plus 5 before Monday
    Reminder for Professor: I will not be in class the week of 6-10 February due to activation by the National Guard to attend a military training school. A memorandum will be provided to prove the reason of absence.

  13. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Draft Proposal
    -the draft needs to be specific, researchable, and counterintuitive
    -we discussed if romanhsantiago’s draft proposal hit all the necessary points in order to be used as the final research essay.
    -His topic is racism and DNA
    -we watched a video on people getting their dan tested, and finding that they are many ethnicities (most thought they were only one). It was really fascinating
    -for the essay, fluency is necessary
    -Also making a survey essay is exactly what not to do, and to avoid that is vital

    Informal Citations
    -Dont’t ise the mla citation in this class
    -works cited is not the same as bibliography
    -bibliography is everything used and researched in the paper
    -works cited is only the sources that is cited in the paper
    -to cite the sources in the informal method, one needs to list the author, the publisher, the survey is not necessary
    ex:Sugary Drinks and Childhood Obesity. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2009;163(4):400. doi:10.1001/archpediatrics.2009.16
    -for this class, informal citations i necessary
    ex:(publisher and title):
    According to a Center for Disease Control study titled Consumption of sugar drinks in the United States, 2005-2008, “Sugary drinks consist of fruit drinks, soda, energy drinks, sport drinks, and sweetened waters.”
    use the, article title, author’s name,publisher

  14. blue7797 says:

    Thesis; arguable researchable, verifiable, arguable

    Survey paper (do not)thesis + examples

    Works cited not bibliography

  15. dunkindonuts10 says:

    Schedule a Professor Conference before Spring Break.
    One conference after Spring Break and one more for our final grades.

    Topic-needs to be Specific, Arguable , Researchable, and Verifiable.
    Make sure to have a topic that will have an argument.

    MLA Citation format- no “(Harris, 2)” in writing
    -name author and title or study
    -have the Works Cited page with each source
    Bibliography vs Works Cited-one is a subset of the other
    Bibliography-everything that I consulted to put paper together
    Works Cited- use the authors by name, citing things
    use both in class-Annotated Bibliography (final portfolio)
    Informal in-text citations-name publisher and study (find back into your works cited for the author, article, etc.)

  16. studentwriter1212 says:

    It is important to get the preliminary work done early so there is more time to work on the paper.
    If the meeting with the professor is done early there is less rush towards spring break
    Research position papers should have recommendations on what should or should not happen for example an ethical argument.
    Bibliography are longer with all sources that influence the paper in any capacity while the works cited are only the specific sources being talked about in the paper.

  17. nobinaryneeded says:

    Thesis for research papers need to be able to be researched and need to be solid and backed up with viable facts
    Bibliographies are much longer than Works Cited, with annotations and such to influence the essay. Works Cited just cite sources used
    We tend to go with “should” in our papers which leads to conflict because it’s opinion based when facts need to be used.
    In-text citations should be done with the name of the article and/or the author in the sentence, not in parentheses at the end of the sentence.
    (I did take notes in class, but closed my browser before posting them, that’s why they are late)

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