Agenda THU JAN 26

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  1. chancetoremember says:

    -The Westboro Baptist Church is a group of people who are extremely hateful towards anything they consider to go against their church. This refers to homosexual individuals, war veterans, etc.
    -They like to protest with hateful signs at important events so they can draw attention to themselves
    -They will even go as far to display horrible and hateful signs at soldiers’ funerals who were homosexual

    What to do if you can’t find sources:
    -talk to someone about your thesis.
    -try to look at it from other points of view
    -try to find sources regarding the same argument but in different situations
    -look at your thesis in its whole meaning not just the subject you are mainly speaking of. It is ok to have examples from different articles supporting the same thesis
    -you do not want to find someone who says exactly what you have in mind already.
    -search something other then your topic as not to parrot someone else’s words
    -try searching in google scholar
    -use Rowan university library online to access resources
    -apply evidence from outside your primary topic to help specify your thesis

  2. therealjohnsanchez says:

    Fusion’s new style guide has stopped using black and white as nouns referring to people. Word choice can influence the reader’s opinion.
    Not finding sources with the same view means the thesis is something new. Need to find a source that is indirectly related to the paper.
    Can get through paywalls with Rowan.

  3. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Watched and discussed the “Words Matter” video.
    Words Matter: Fusion has decided to stop writing “the blacks” and “the whites” because it distances from accurate news. So they are refraining from using that and adding words like “voters” or people”
    Learned how to use Google Scholar for researching.
    If I were to reach a research barrier, I should find a common phrase in my research so far and investigate that and see where it branches.

  4. kingoflizards says:

    Words carry power. Choosing the wrong terms to use, especially in an academic setting, can be detrimental to not only a paper, but to the reputation of the author.
    Most of my notes about the sources, are on the page for it, but here is a summary.
    Sometimes sources are difficult to find. If this is the case, try looking at the thesis through a critical eye. By dissecting the thesis into a problem, or a question, or even an idea, researching for sources can become much easier. The sources used can address the issue, even if not the topic by name. With the WBC, the issue was disassociating from an idea, the sources that were shown did not even mention the WBC, however they addressed the issue of disassociating.

    Use the academic resources. The Rowan Library Database is a great place to find reliable sources. Thousands of sources can be found easily using this database. By simply typing the name of a book, or even typing an issue in quotes, such as “head trauma,” useful sources can be found with minimal effort.

  5. dunkindonuts10 says:

    Academic sources-do not find on google, will look at different methods so we can use them
    A03-find our own academic source
    Words Matter-editorial policies, for example, fusion, are important. Editors told to follow a “style guide”, look out for violations, tried to get the writings to stop saying “The Whites, The Blacks” as nouns. Will do “The black people, The white people…”-divides and objectifies
    ANOTHER STYLE CHOICE- the homeless, the poor, the handicapped-talks about a persons living situation, “Immigrants” not “Illegals” when coming to America, called “New Canadians” in Canada
    language-deceive, humanize
    “accurate words encourage accurate thinking”
    Gather resources-google, look up on rowan library/databases
    thesis paper-find the “smallest” topic
    Westboro Baptist Church-creates sympathy to the homosexual community by being at military events that draws attention to the issue and having overall respect for funerals so their sympathy is with the people for the person who has lost a loved one, when these people are interrupting a sentimental event.
    Can’t find any sources for ones argument-good-but still need to prove the point
    —have I chosen the wrong topic?-talk about it, think of other examples where the same thing happens, become the first person to say something
    Google scholar-use first, use Rowan Library database
    Process-think and talk about your topic, think of other topics, use the databases
    if use Wikipedia find references to start looking up those articles
    Blow to the Head assignment: first read article given then do original research
    decide the argument and figure out if it is convincing that money is being wasted building housing and creating jobs
    use rowan library database-add quotations to the words you want then a plus sign before hand for me
    use RefWorks for citations
    Due Monday Jan 30. MIDNIGHT

  6. nobinaryneeded says:

    Editors of websites impose a style on their authors
    The “whites” could be rewritten as, “white people, white communities, white neighborhoods,” rather than just using a noun to describe a group of people. This could go for many groups such as: homeless people, gay people, illegal immigrants, and mentally disabled people.
    Language is all we’ve got in a college composition class like this.
    We have to be concise about what topic we’re researching to help the readers understand the topic. Direct sources, corollary sources, and our own understanding can be used to make a contribution to the topic.
    If we can’t find sources to prove our argument for the counterintuitive thesis we contribute ourselves, to “swell their numbers by one”, but it still has to be proven somehow.
    After no results, ask yourself “Have I chosen the wrong topic?” Talk to a friend, roommate, professor about your thesis and get their opinion. Think of examples, such as a celebrity endorsement (depending on your thesis.) If enough evidence is found, the point can be proven. All it takes is a five minute conversation.
    Do not echo someone to support yourself.
    Apply info for an analogy for your thesis.
    Wikipedia can be used to find additional sources

  7. chippy1313 says:

    -To find the most sources about your topic you need to search specifically to your thesis statement, instead of a broad search about the basics of your paper.
    -If you can’t find sources that support your argument, that is okay, you just need to prove it yourself by thinking of examples that might not be directly related to your topic, but goes along with the same thesis and point that you are trying to make.
    -You shouldn’t find someone who agrees with your thesis or has written about the idea before you did because those are fails. Instead try Google Scholar to find examples of things that will relate to your topic indirectly which will give you better things to write about instead of echoing someone else’s idea. These links that come up are documents that you would have never even thought to look up, but they will work with your thesis.
    -Make sure to talk about your topic and to listen for research topics that might not be directly related to yours, but could make the same point.
    -Use the Rowan Library to get online sources that you can’t get to directly from a website without having to login or pay.
    -adding and subtracting words and phrases in the search field can help limit the results you get, which makes it easier to find links

  8. romanhsantiago says:

    Always thrive to create something new. A new pint of view that people can follow because trying to find a new idea is what sparks creativity and thought.

    It is all about point of view.

    The idea is to build my own ideas off of ideas and information provided by others.

    Google scholar outlines all kinds of documents to aid in the writing of my paper.

    The Campbell library database is a great tool for finding sources to use in writing. It allows you to use key words to narrow or broaden your search from thousands of sources to use.

    The sources given by wikipedia are good ones, wikipedia itself is not a good source however their sources are.

  9. starbucks732 says:

    In class today we watched a video called, “Why We Don’t Call People Blacks and Whites.” The video describes how we should not categorize people. Calling people blacks or whites do not inform or empower anyone. Other examples would include, illegals, the retarded, the homeless, etc. Not only does this offend these people but it offends others as well. We need to learn how to speak more accurately so that people feel more respected. We should describe people by their race or living conditions rather than defining them by it.

    Research tips
    -Use the library database directly
    -think about my thesis
    -use the search engine of Rowan’s Campbell Library
    -think and talk about your topic
    -use Library databases for your research

  10. studentwriter1212 says:

    Editors make style choice suggestions in order to maintain consistency.
    It is important to not look for research that is too narrow in nature so that source that was picked can be manipulated to assist an original claim.
    Think of topics that are not immediately named in your thesis.
    Rowan libraries offered many sources that would not be reached other and it is an important resource to use.
    When searching using Rowan Library it is important to look for specific sources.

  11. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Words Matter
    Words matter in writing, and one simple word can alter an essay. Editors at Fusion have banned the words blacks and white as nouns when referring to people. They will only allow the term blacks, or whites as adjectives to describe people. Words have the power to create false information and propaganda. Adding “the” to white, or blacks, makes the word creates a grammatical era and a defines people by their race. People shouldn’t be defined by their race solely. exterminating the before blacks and whites makes people’s thinking more clearly and opinions more factual. this goes for outing the in many different adjectives.However it is wise to be caution, because sometimes its necessary and acceptable. For example, the homeless is derogatory, but homeowners is acceptable.

    Research Tips
    It is common to narrow down a thesis so much that it is difficult to find research materials. However this is not a bad thing. For a quality paper, it is necessary to narrow down the topic, so its not broad and only intrudes a topic. Rather its gets into detail a specific realm of that broad topic. For example, a student wrote about the West borough Baptist Church. This church does not approve of homosexuality, and often goes to military funerals with anti gay signs. The students argument was that doing this actually brings sympathy for homosexuals. This is because funerals are sacred, and people want to be associated with groups that agitate funerals. This student, however found it difficult to find research. he student couldn’t find sources that backed up his argument. Instead he found negative effects of celebratory endorsements. For example, Tiger Wood’s brand materials, make people run away from that respective product. The student used this argument. on negative endowments can make people run away from viewpoints. So the best thing to do when it is difficult to find resources on a topic, use different topics and research to help that argument. The best resources may have nothing to with the said topic, but everything to do with the argument of the essay. If google dozen’t have many quality resources, google scholar may be more beneficial. f google scholar docent work, use the campbell library resource database.Through all these steps, information to back up an argument should be existent.

    Blow to the Head
    For this assignment, use the three sources used for the prior assignment. Use the given source and for step four, use the library database. a good method to uses to find reliable sources is, to put the search items in quotation marks.Also put a plus sign in between the word topics,to narrow down the results even more.

  12. therealmoana says:

    Words matter in writing, any one word can change the essay. The words black and white have been banned by editors when referring to people. Words have great power, adjectives are the best when describing people. It makes us think more critically and talk correctly when using the correct meaning to us theses words to describe race not people.

    Narrow down thesis for a good paper. When finding good sources broaden your search and narrow down from there. When writing your thesis, think about questions you can ask yourself that you can research. Use Google Scholar! If you don’t find sources you like, the Campbell Library is very helpful.

  13. aeks123 says:

    Words matter when describing things. Instead of referring to black and white people as “the blacks and the whites,” editorials have decided to make a pledge to always use black and white as an adjective and always use “person” or “people” after describing someone so that no one feels objectified.

    When we read sources, we aren’t just summarizing. We have to make a contribution by expressing our own opinions thoroughly. When you can’t find any sources that don’t support your argument, it’s not always a bad thing. It means you’re creating a new argument, and not just jumping on the bandwagon. When you can’t find any sources, you have to think about your topic specifically instead of just generally searching the topic name over and over. The best way to do that is by thinking and talking to people and raising questions that will support your thesis. Lastly, follow up on the specific questions you raised. Google Scholar and the Rowan library databases are good academic sources. To narrow the amount of sources the database produces, you can put words or phrases in quotation marks and connected the phrases with plus signs. This will eliminate the need to search through thousands of sources that probably aren’t related to your topic. Wikipedia cannot be used as a source itself, but it can be used as a site to find other sources. If a source is blocked when you open it, try copying the source and plugging it into the Rowan database.

  14. thecommonblackhawk says:

    There is a new “sharing category” that can be used to share interesting stories that we encounter.

    -Academic sources are the primary focus for the research conducted in this class.
    -Words Matter:
    -Editors of websites impose a style on their authors to maintain consistency.
    -Fusion recently decided to stop using the terms “the blacks” or “the whites.” Black and white will now only be used as adjectives to describe a person.
    -Accurate words encourages accurate thinking.
    -It’s not about being polite or politically correct, it’s about critical thinking.
    -An example: “The homeless”
    -Instead of immigrant, Canada says “New Canadian”
    -A mix of academic and nonacademic sources will be used throughout the semester.
    -Being broad will prevent the ability to get in-depth and instead, our research would only show an introduction to a broad topic.
    -If all you do is summarize, you’re not contributing much. Just forwarding the message others have given.
    -If sources cannot be found for my exact thesis, it’s actually a good thing.
    -Use the sources around the thesis instead of sources for your actual thesis.
    -Finding someone who agrees does not prove a thesis!
    -For those who like google, google scholar is a great option
    -Rowan Library can also assist in seeking our sources.
    -A 5 minute conversation can go a long way!
    -Take the time to talk about the topic at hand.
    -Pay walls may be overcome by entering the URL into the library database
    -Wikipedia can lead to sources! I never would have thought!
    -Westboro Baptist Church protested at military funerals brought the opposite result that the church was looking for.
    -If the church is looking for support, being disrespectful should not be the priority.
    -Instead of searching for sources on the Westboro Baptist Church getting the opposite of their message across, search for sources about a celebrity who people want nothing to do with.
    *A Blow to the Head
    *Due Monday before midnight
    *Two articles that have been posted that need to be read.
    *Research is required that relates to the same topic

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