Agenda THU MAR 09

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  1. chancetoremember says:

    -delete irrelevancies in summaries (to whatever is relevant to your argument)
    -make an argument in summaries, and always summarize with a purpose
    -imposing a narrative structure is a quality of a really strong summary
    -start with a factual basis for making your point, then strategically come up with a sequence to support your argument

    Purpose of camouflage:
    -to blend into your background so successfully so that no one can see you are there
    -it is so that a person who does not want to be seen is not seen
    -must be different for different types of environments. Is not universal for all locations. For instance, if you are trying to blend in while in a snow storm you should wear white; whereas if you’re in the jungle you would wear green
    -original camouflage drew too much attention
    -many of the original ships had stripe patterns that looked like prison uniforms. They stood out and some had bright colors
    -original camouflage affected depth perception. When it came to camouflaging ships they tried to use such crazy patterns to confuse others as to if these big camouflaged objects were actually ships
    -made it hard to define between normal ships and military vessels

    -what we think something’s definition is might not always be accurate. There are many different ways of messing with individuals preconceived notions. Topics can be looked at in different ways if the observer’s mind can be tricked or made to look at something differently

    -there are a lot of untrustworthy sources for information currently.
    -some information such as the immigration information we discussed today seems to be untrue
    -this is worrisome because it is information coming from the United States border patrol.
    -when information seems unrealistic no matter what source it is coming from, it is very easy to second guess the information
    -to me, it is very unrealistic that the illegal immigration rate is going down by 40%. I feel this way mostly because of how much President Trump has stated that he does not think we should have immigrants in the country at all
    -trump voicing his personal opinion so strongly makes it seem very likely that this information could be made up to make him look better
    -we can look at data in many different ways and determine it to what we want it to be
    -just because something is recorded does not mean it is actually as true as stated. It is very likely that illegal immigrants have become smarter about getting into the United States to cope with the stricter immigration policies

    • davidbdale says:

      These are extraordinary Notes, Chance. You do far more than merely record what you hear. You process the material, pass it through your own filters, and synthesize your own opinions. That’s the essence of a thinking course (I’m sorry, I meant a writing course.).

  2. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Started class out with some amazing bridges that we had to determine if real or not. Then proceeded to take a quick quiz about the things we learned last class such as the opposite of a black sneaker and the essentials of summaries. Also discussed old school camouflage and how it wasn’t really used to hide WWI boats, but confuse the enemy’s depth perception.

  3. studentwriter1212 says:

    Ships use camouflage to act like they are not warships so they can escape from being seen

    both sides of an argument can use the same statistics to prove a completely different conclusion.
    The doctors let their own individual ego get in the way of providing the best care for their patients.

    Information that gives sensory aid helps an argument be tighter than abstract concepts
    Animated language gives your writing a memorable quality

  4. nobinaryneeded says:

    The opposite of a black sneaker is anything but a white sneaker
    Essentials of a summary are to delete irrelevancies and to make an argument
    Camouflages’ purpose is to blend in with the environment so no one can look in your direction and see that you are there.
    The purpose of the lines on the ship messes with depth perception so you can’t pinpoint it. Nutty colors are hard to chose the vessel that they need to sink. They wanted to look less like military vessels.
    What we think we knew to be the definition of camouflage is not always accurate. It means evading being recognized for what you are.
    Illegal crossings are down by 40%
    Nothing makes your essay more lively than throwing an animal or food in there. Helps to articulate and make it more able to stick into your head
    Animated language helps reader visualize abstract concepts

  5. dunkindonuts10 says:

    No group work for one to do half the work and somebody does the other, 1 will overpower the other affecting the person who did well
    camouflage-blend into your background so no one knows/sees you there
    -really hard to notice you are there
    mess with peoples pre conceived notions of what a terms means-what you should do in your essay, look at the topic in a different way
    Immigration rate went down 40%-true or not?\
    make what you write more engaging and remembering so reader will remember it later on
    -Monday march 20 final midnight

  6. thecommonblackhawk says:

    Thank you for preventing the student problem. I am suffering through this in my business class as we speak.
    Animal crossing are a very interesting. Id be scared to walk through the water tunnel.
    Real genius is following through
    Sidewalk capturing solar energy? Craziness
    Crabs crossing are kind of terrifying
    All three are real. Wow
    Remove irrelevancies
    Make an Argument
    The best summaries combine a fact with a consequence to make an ethical judgement
    Become hard to notice within the environment
    WWI style camouflage looks funny
    Distorts contour lines and confuses depth perception
    Means evading being recognized as what you are.
    Both sides will use the numbers to prove entirely different conclusions.
    Watch out for the 40% number to start appearing.
    Cows and chips provide sensory context
    Cows are surprising
    People ride cows into battle
    Actually just in competition but its a similar concept

  7. starbucks732 says:

    -we took a quick quiz based on what we did in class on Tuesday
    -opposite of a black sneaker: anything other than a white sneaker

    -we got into groups to talk about and observe the points that people got from the readings and research that we did

    • davidbdale says:

      You’re such a bright student, Starbucks. I observe your intelligence every time we speak. Why you don’t put more effort into these notes, I can’t understand. I think you’d find them useful if you started to employ them.

  8. therealjohnsanchez says:

    When summarizing, only keep what is relevant to your argument.
    Camouflage can mean not being recognized instead of just not being seen at all.
    Fewer illegal border crossings could mean that immigration laws have become more lax, customs officials are not doing their jobs, people are now better at illegally immigrating, or more qualified people are crossing the borders.
    Strong sensory details make more memorable papers.
    Value is based on worth or the product not effort.

  9. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Student Problem
    -The reason for not having group project is, its counterproductive
    -one person can do a great portion, and the other could do a poor job, making an unequal and unfair assignment

    Quick Quiz
    -essentials of summaries are, deleting irrelevancies, make an argument, impose a narrative structure,

    Definition of Camouflage
    -purpose is to blend in with the environment, so no-one can look in our direction so they don’t we are there
    -when it was first designed, it was used on boats, this was because if a ship is all one color, the shape is easily decidable, but with the different colors, it is difficult to detect the shape
    -our definition should do something like this, prove our preconceived notions wrong

    New Border Data
    -illegal immigration has been down 40% per claim
    -is this number true, and if so why
    -this number can mean all sorts of things
    -it can be because of stricter laws, people aren’t getting caught coming over, or many other reasons
    -because elf this both sides of the immigration opinion can use this number to aid their case

    Cows and Chips
    -getting information in bite sized memorable chunks makes an essay effective
    – a good essay effects how we thinks of things, the stone money essay we question the three worth of the dollar we also question the value of different tasks and items

    to improve the stone money essay grade. spend some time with the cows and chips decide if there are enough support to help understand the abstract ideas

  10. therealmoana says:

    make argument, delete irreverent information
    purpose of camouflage to blend in with surrounding so people don’t notice you
    boats used camouflage in war
    immigration rate down 40%
    march 20 final paper of stone money due

  11. kingoflizards says:

    My takeaway from todays class is that the paper needs to be memorable. As was demonstrated with the stone money, readers are far more likely to remember a lesson if it is conveyed in an approachable way. By painting mental images, and using astonishing facts, we were able to recall a lot of information from the stone money lessons. This is not an easy feat with college students. Another thing that I learned today was that bison can jump over a 6 foot enclosure. Thats pretty impressive.

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