Agenda TUE APR 04


Reminder for THU

Ao9: Rebuttal Argument is due before class THU APR 06.

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  1. torthey says:

    Stop writing meaningless sentences or wasting words
    You’re supposed to keep the conversation going
    use words to convince the reader of your point of view
    wasting words=wasting the readers time
    delaying information is waste of time/asking the reader to wait

  2. chippy1313 says:

    -breakfast doesn’t cause lunch
    -do not waste words or write meaningless sentences
    -you will lose the argument by wasting the reader’s time with meaningless words
    -keep the conversation going

  3. chancetoremember says:

    -your claims should be bold, decisive, and structured
    -do not waste words on meaningless sentences. It is a waste and you could put content that has a purpose where you put those wasted sentences
    -purpose of sentence one is to get the reader to read the second sentence, and so on. Do not want the reader to get distracted or not think your argument is pertinent
    -want what you are saying to be clear and distinct
    -have to establish a path for your reader
    -your argument is lost if the reader loses interest and stops reading
    -want to persuade the reader to be open to your argument
    -if you use the word “how” to actually describe the nature of “how” than you are successful. Basically don’t just use the word, you must describe the how. Substitute descriptions for the word.
    -sometimes a few more meaningful words can make a world of difference
    -don’t make your reader guess

  4. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Today we discussed what it means to write a meaningful sentence. Sometimes authors can structure a sentence in a way that makes it weak. When you want to try and say something you need to make it meaningful, not just slap something together to try and illicit emotions. In my causual argument I discussed how after 9/11 there was a huge rise in anti-terrorist shows that painted seemingly peace Middle Easterners in the country as secret villains. That says a lot about about America painting innocent civilians as these untrustworthy monsters.

  5. therealmoana says:

    -rebuttal argument due Wed 11:59 pm
    -logicians speak in latin

    Try to Say Something
    – good writers don’t waste words or write meaningless sentences
    – wasting words readers feel like there wasting time
    – want each sentence to compel the reader to read on
    – example
    meaningless: the author of this article has a lot to say about the nature f the current economy and how it is affected by international competition.
    meaningful: author kennedy believes our current wear economy and high unemployment are the direct increased international competition.
    -if you use the word “how” to describe the nature in which something does something it is acceptable

  6. nobinaryneeded says:

    Correlation and Causation, commonly mistaken for the same thing. It’s a fallacy.
    Example: “It rains because you’re sad.”
    Good writers don’t waste words or write meaningless sentences !!!
    Sentence 1: Get them to read sentence two
    Sentence 2: Get them to read sentence three
    And so on…
    There’s always something better to do than read your thing unless you demand the reader stick with you. Do it with your words.
    Establish where the path is, and the diversion might pay off in the long run. Just make it clear where it is you’re taking the reader.
    We’re trying to convince them of something we believe
    Every time you delay the delivery of the information, you’re asking the reader to carry something else

  7. starbucks732 says:

    -good writers don’t waste words or write meaningless sentences
    -when we write, we want the person to read sentence 2
    -goal of sentence 1: get them to read sentence 2
    -goal of sentence 2: keep the reader hooked-get them to read sentence 3
    goal of sentence 3: follow goals of sentences 1 and 2 for the rest of the essay
    -you want your readers to stick with you
    -try to convince them of something they do not yet believe
    -we chose a paragraph from either our Definition or Casual Argument essays and reviewed them with the class to see how strong the paragraph is and what can be fixed

  8. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Try Not To Say Something
    -good writers do not waste words, and they don’t write meaningless sentences
    -flabby sentences are tiring to readers
    -good writers keep the interest going into sentence 2
    -goal of sentence 2 is to keep the readers going
    -goal of sentence 3 is to get them to read sentence 4
    -because there is always something better to do then read your paper, unless the essay is interesting
    -readers get reluctant to read if the the writing is not interest
    -to have someone stick with you to throw away their pre conceived notions, they lose interest
    -search for how in the essay, and check if it is actually useful. it can make for a boring sentence.

    -if the reader can’t tell the author’s point of view, there is a problem
    -be specific with examples to get the point across

  9. aeks123 says:

    Good writers don’t waste words or write meaningless sentences. Good writers keep the conversation and get the readers to keep reading. The goal of each sentence is get the reader to read the next sentence. If a novel doesn’t grab the reader’s attention early, then the reader will most likely not finish the novel.

    When making arguments, it’s important to express the main point as clearly as possible. Simple terms that are essential to an argument should be explained in detail, but can still be expressed as clear and brief as possible.

  10. thecommonblackhawk says:

    I want to get ahead with some of my feedback. I’ve received some valuable feedback on a number of my assignments so my next step is to prioritize them.
    Don’t waste words!
    Keep the conversation going is rule 1
    Keep the reader hooked and get them to read the next sentence
    Keep them away from Men in Black videos
    Clearly establish a path and let the reader know where you are taking them
    We don’t owe the author anything!
    Compare the following:
    “The author of this article has a lot to say about the nature of the current economy and how it was affected by international competition.”

    “Author Kennedy believes our current weak economy and high unemployment are the direct result of increased international competition.”

    The difference is clear.

    Tip: Search “how” in each piece of work. Will assist in deciding what should be edited

    Moral:Don’t make your reader guess
    Peer Review

  11. kingoflizards says:

    Don’t waste words

    Keep the reader interested by making clear points.

    (I had more but i closed the page before it submitted)

  12. dunkindonuts10 says:

    I was not able to make it to class today but went on the agenda and saw what you discussed in class.

    Our Rebuttal Argument is due Thursday before class, April 6

    when writing you should not waste words, make the sentences readers are going to see worth while
    when writing you want the reader to want to continue to read the next sentence, not “force” them to get through it all
    -needs to be appealing and meaningful
    -have to get the point through
    -there are ways to fix a bad sentence into a good one
    do not waste a readers time

  13. therealjohnsanchez says:

    The first thing doesn’t necessarily cause the next thing.
    People are busy. Don’t waste their time with extra words. If no one reads your words, then you lose.
    Show where you are bringing the reader early.
    If you can substitute that for how, then do. Then how is not actually explaining anything.
    Forgot to submit this.

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