Agenda TUE APR 11

  • Reply to Feedback
    • If MINE is the last comment in any Reply exchange on your posts, respond to me during class today.
  • Make outstanding corrections
    • If you’ve been told to add a title, or a Works Cited, or to correct pronouns, eliminate the 2nd person, or synchronize your tenses, and ESPECIALLY if I have made highlights or comment IN YOUR POST, make those corrections during class today.
    • Either add missing citations, delete your illegal MLA-style citations, or convert your citations to the Informal In-Text style we use in this class.
    • Model/Informal Citation
    • Locate and provide a strong academic source to represent the counterargument you will refute in your Rebuttal Argument. Add it to your Works Cited, then Quote and Cite it in your Argument.
    • “Switch Sides” in your Rebuttal Argument. You have either argued in favor of the counterargument, or you have not made clear which argument you favor.

2 Responses to Agenda TUE APR 11

  1. thecommonblackhawk says:

    No lecture today!
    Worked on our work and looked into our assign index card color

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