Agenda TUE APR 25


  • Feedback Please. Regrade Please.
  • Portfolio Building
  • Schedule Last Class Day / Grade Conferences

Seeking Sources

In Class Exercises / Proofing and Polishing

21 Responses to Agenda TUE APR 25

  1. chippy1313 says:

    -Last official day of class is this Thursday. Have portfolios complete
    -try to avoid advocacy websites because then you are promoting someone else’s point of view
    -we used MADD and the topic of drunk driving fatalities to figure out what were good valuable sources and claims to use in your argument
    -the first site that you are attracted to is probably not the most credible
    -we then took some quizzes to help us fix grammar mistakes and learned when to use certain words and phrases in your sentences

  2. therealjohnsanchez says:

    Works cited is for sources cited in the paper.
    Don’t use conclusions drawn by other people. Use the data to form your own conclusions.
    Grammar is tedious.

  3. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Make a conference schedule by end of class
    Be sure that the only works that are i the works cited are cited in the essay
    For statistical material, there will be sources to back up any claim
    Every statical measure can also back up multiple claims, even though the statistic don’t necessarily have any correlation
    For example madd can claim since they started in 1980, drunk driving deaths have been cut in half
    This can also be due to other many reasons, such as better seat belt use or better airbags- not necessarily due to the formation of madd

    Copy Quiz: Fixing grammar mistakes of New York Times writers

  4. thecommonblackhawk says:

    We scheduled our end of semester conferences!
    Help with our sources:
    Activist sites are not the most reliable of sources.
    Provides conclusions, not data
    The first site you are attracted to is probably not a great source but could easily lead you to a great source.

    He is who
    Him is whom

    We did better than 93% of times readers !

  5. kingoflizards says:

    -Enter things into Portfolios by Thursday.
    -Don’t quote the conclusions in an article, quote the data.
    -Self reflective is due before the portfolio is due. So write it…
    -BRO REVISE AND SUBMIT STUFF (you keep procrastinating)

  6. dunkindonuts10 says:

    Make conference time
    -Tuesday or Thursday
    have portfolio ready for Thursday
    -make sure have everything that is needed in the portfolio folder
    -check if anything needs work, portfolio double check
    Edit Quizzes-find grammar mistakes

  7. starbucks732 says:

    -non-primary sources to primary sources
    -promoting someone’s opinion does not reflect good research
    -copy edit quiz 1

  8. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Began class with a discussion on proper sourcing techniques and how to distinguish what really makes a good acedemic source, and what doesn’t. If a site seems like a good legitamate source, but you still seem unsure, you can reverse search some of the topics on the source and go down a rabbit hole. Usually, this leads to much better sources and more accurate facts. We then spent the majority of the class doing a Times Magazine editorial quiz.

  9. romanhsantiago says:

    I took the quizes and what i got out of that is that it is very easy to make grammatical errors and they are extremely easy to overlook. I also read the reports on drunk driving and saw some very interesting new facts about it dangers and the demographic of people who commit offenses and consume alcohol.

  10. therealmoana says:

    -last class Thursday
    -conference may 2 at 12:10
    -portfolio due may 2nd
    Seeking Sources
    – the websites that we are attracted to might not be the most resourceful

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