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  1. studentwriter1212 says:

    My impressions of the class so far are mostly positive except for the focus on grammar because I have been known to make mistakes in that area.

    • studentwriter1212 says:

      Using the second person is banned because its not known who exactly is reading the paper and instruction for the reader has no place in an academic essay.
      The focus on an academic essay should instead what must be done in the universal form.
      The problem with using you is that it assumes something about the reader which is not possible
      Assumptions about the reader can distract from the point trying to be made by the essay
      One is also banned because of the unneeded formality it creates the preferred pronoun are we, our, and ours.

    • davidbdale says:

      I’m a stickler for grammar, studentwriter, but I’ll be instructing you in all the small grammar and punctuation rules that could fail your essays, and for the first half of the course at least, I’ll give you a chance to correct them.

      That’s a lot of notes about the 2nd person, but you lost your momentum after that.

  2. kingoflizards says:

    My impressions of the class are mostly positive, except the class is more in depth than I was expecting. The workload seems like a lot to keep track of, at least at first.

    – Realizing now that I may have used second person. Do not do it in the future. DON’T USE SECOND PERSON.
    – Use passive language. ”We,” and “ourselves.”
    – People don’t want to be lectured to. Always me mutual with the readers.
    – “You, your, yours.”
    – Don’t make the reader feel alienated or inferior

    • davidbdale says:

      I can’t be certain of this, King, but my intention is to start the semester with a bit of shock therapy: lots of assignments, engagement, and interaction until we get to know one another, followed by relative calm. (For those who never engage though, the turmoil continues.)

      By all means return to your post and excise all those 2nd-person errors at any time. The BEST part of blogging compared to submitting paper essays is that the blog versions are improvable after posting.

      That’s a lot of notes about the 2nd person, but you lost your momentum after that.

  3. starbucks732 says:

    -My impressions of the class so far are mostly positive, except I am still not fully comfortable with using the blog.
    -We talked about how the last man to walk on the moon just died on January 16th.
    -Fails for grammar: avoid you, your, and yours.
    -Instead of you we substitute a class noun.
    -humans before us did not share our notion of gravity
    -so it is a coincidence that the 7 billion of us share the same gravity at the same time

    • davidbdale says:

      If there’s any particular feature of blogging I can help you understand, I’m more than willing, starbucks.

      “Talks about” is a habit you should learn to break for this class. The fact that a moonwalker died is merely the TOPIC of our discussion. We used it to demonstrate a syntax lesson, not to discuss space travel, but your note doesn’t tell us anything about what you might want to remember.

      Almost: it’s a coincidence that we understand gravity as we do and explain it as we do. The characteristic of free objects to travel toward the earth is not a coincidence. There’s clearly some scientific principle at work.

      Meanwhile, competition for better Class Note grades has increased.

  4. nickalodeansallthat says:

    My impression of the class so far is mostly positive, the only exception is WordPress can be a little confusing,but other than that it is pretty good so far.
    We discussed the last man on the moon has died, and we were trying to figure out what exactly it means, and it turns out it was the past, or most recent man, to have landed on the moon.
    It is up to the essay writer to inform the people with our putting it on to them, or using the second person. Essay writers write as if it is a big circlular table on hope that readers can have a group discussion with the work that’s written.
    We were given the task for a semester long thinking. We are to challenge an almost unconscious belief, like gravity.
    By Wednesday’s night at 11:59, summarize the first three articles in the A02 section.

    • davidbdale says:

      If there’s any particular feature of blogging I can help you understand, I’m more than willing, Nick.

      I like your Notes. They don’t just name topics. They grapple with the lessons that could be learned from the discussions.

      However the competition for better Class Notes has increased.

  5. therealjohnsanchez says:

    My impressions of the class so far are mostly positive, except I might not be able to give the time it needs because of other classes.
    The last man to walk on the moon has died
    all moon walkers dead
    most recent moon walker dead
    No second person. Essay writers don’t tell people what to do. They say what should/must be done. Don’t patronize reader.
    Do a search for “you” before submitting to find problems.
    No “one” as a pronoun
    Get rid of rhetorical questions
    Not sure how different the theory of gravity will be. We understand it better and have more details but we seem to have it pretty good. It is very unlikely to be thrown out due to some new discovery. Findings in quantum mechanics will add information because it is still such an unexplored field.
    It is is very hard to become successful while being homeless

    • davidbdale says:

      I understand you have to prioritize your time, John. I don’t expect to be everybody’s first priority. Lucky for you, grades are determined on the quality of the work produced, not the amount effort expended, so all you have to do is submit exemplary work on which you spent very little time. 🙂

      About gravity: Chuck Klosterman isn’t enough of a scientist to make a persuasive argument that we will radically rethink our theory of gravity (and I’m not either). I won’t pretend to be able to convince you. What I do believe, and want you to consider, is that our understanding of virtually everything in the physical world has morphed radically in a few generations. 100 years ago, everybody believed protons, neutrons, and electrons were the primary elements of the entire physical universe. Our understanding accelerates very quickly now. Theories that would have taken thousands of years to disprove get tossed away every generation. Don’t resist the possibility that we don’t understand gravity at all. Embrace the uncertainty for a few weeks. Play with the inconceivable.


  6. kedudnaimad says:

    My impressions of the class so far are mostly positive, except I am a little confused with some of the assignments and what they are actually asking. I am also confused in what I should be taking notes about during class.

    -The last man on the moon passed away
    -Writing is not just one on one
    -Do not use “you”
    -Use we, our, ours, this must be done
    -Ideal writer does not want to be lectured to
    -Academic essays are arguments
    -When summarizing an article prove the point don’t waste words
    -purposeful summaries

    • davidbdale says:

      Don’t be confused, Ked. Ask. You’ll find me more than willing to clarify.

      Read your classmates’ notes. The best are those that avoid “We talked about” language and instead focus on lessons learned.

      An example: “The last man on the moon passed away.”

      The point of the post was certainly not that we had lost an astronaut.
      The point of the post and discussion was that the syntax of the sentence, “The last man to walk on the moon has died” is ambiguous. It can mean “The final survivor of the 12 men who have walked on the moon has died,” or it can mean, “The man who was the last to walk on the moon has died.”


  7. chippy1313 says:

    -My impressions of the class are mostly positive, except I am still having a hard time using and navigating the blog and had a difficult time writing the first essay.
    -Do not use 2nd person in your academic writing essays in this class, you will automatically fail for grammar. Ex: (you, your, yours, we) Instead just make a general claim without making it to a particular person or telling your audience something they already know.
    -The inevitable coincidence: how if someone were to jump out the window, everyone would look down and nobody would look up, which is a coincidence because of our concept of gravity.
    -Purposeful Summaries: don’t recount the entire subject matter of an article, instead, don’t spend time wasting background material, just make your point briefly without using extra words that are not important to the point you are trying to make.
    -For Summary assignment: begin with the phrase “It seems counterintuitive that…” and do not begin by citing the article you are summarizing.

    • davidbdale says:

      You take mostly practical notes, which is fine, chippy. If they remind you how to perform writing tasks, and you’re not interested in the conceptual distractions, I’m completely comfortable with that.

      What I don’t like is that you’re having trouble navigating the blog and working on your essays without reaching out for help. I checked the blog repeatedly FRI, SAT, and SUN in anticipation that my students might reach out for help (same with my email; same with my phone). You’ll find me very responsive.


  8. nobinaryneeded says:

    My impressions of the class so far are mostly positive, except I’m having a little trouble navigating the blog, though I can most likely figure it out, it will just take a little more time.
    Sometimes things aren’t as they seem, things can be interpreted in different ways
    Writing in public gives students the feeling of intimidation, though it’s good to get that out there to break students out of that box, and get them to write their very best first draft
    2nd Person isn’t something to be used in writing essays.
    Example: You are far more likely to get pulled over for speeding if you are a teenager – Incorrect
    Teenagers are far more likely to be pulled over for speeding – Correct
    “Easier to ban the second person all together”
    Search for “you” before posting
    There are different claims: Neutral and Inclusive
    Avoid patronizing reader when possible
    Avoid ONE as a pronoun.
    Preferred pronouns are WE, OUR, and OURS
    Are coincidences really coincidences?
    Anything can be questioned. Gravity can be questioned.
    Summarization can be hard to do, though all you’re doing is proving a point.

    • davidbdale says:

      Good Notes, NBN. They’re an interesting blend of concept and practice.

      Hey, I know they’re just notes, but all writing is a good excuse to practice for elegance.

      INSTEAD OF: Writing in public gives students the feeling of intimidation,
      THE DIRECT, ROBUST VERB: Writing in public INTIMIDATES students.

      INSTEAD OF: 2nd Person isn’t something to be used in writing essays.
      BOLD, POSITIVE VERB: AVOID the 2nd person in essays.

      3/3 (but they’ll have to improve to maintain)

  9. chancetoremember says:

    So far I like the class and I am finding the subject matter that we have to write about to be interesting. I enjoyed writing the stone Money paper. The amount of homework is a bit much but I think it is manageable.
    -never use “you” but it is allowed to use “we” and “ourselves”
    – using “you” or forms of it is a fail for grammar
    – do not use the second person
    – always refer to the fails for grammar list

    • davidbdale says:

      Good enough to prove attendance. I’m glad you’re satisfied with the subject matter so far, Chance. Lost your notetaking momentum after the Banned 2nd Person there?


  10. thecommonblackhawk says:

    -My impressions of the class so far are mostly positive except for the fear of failure. It seems it will be a major challenge to get an A in the class but I am prepared to put in the work to do it.
    -Meeting deadlines is crucial in this class!
    -“The last man to walk on the moon has died.”
    -What does this exactly mean?
    -The wording of that statement could mean several different things.
    -Gene Cernan was who actually died and was one of the last people to step foot on the moon.
    -He put his daughters initials in the sand on the moon.
    -Fails for grammer !! We will do one a day to avoid spending an entire day on grammar.
    -Todays is “The Banned 2nd Person”
    -Stay away from you, your, yours
    -Instead go with his, hers, we
    -The ideal writer does not want to be lectured to.
    -We do not want to treat our reader as an other!
    -Implies a God complex in a way
    -Keep the author and the reader on the same team! Include ourselves in the reminder
    -Bad example: What you need to remember is that we have never had a women president.
    *We will practice removing second person on the fails for grammar page under “The Banned 2nd Person” by copy and pasting in the reply area.
    -Some coincidences happen so often, they are not even considered coincidences.
    -Add very specific details into your writing including the textile of the pants being worn.
    -The concept of gravity that we have today is a huge coincidence.
    -We say this because the view of gravity was totally different 1000 years ago and will most likely be different 500 years from now.
    -“Things keep going in the same direction but are explations keep changing.”
    -I myself found it very difficult to summarize several sources in only 1000 words.
    -Summarize with a purpose is a major skill.
    -Get to the point! Drop excess detail!
    -Don’t waste any words that don’t prove my point.
    -KEY: Telling whats needed to know to get the authors point
    *Read a second summary of purposeful summarizing
    *Create own summaries of three articles from the “A Blow to the Head” due 25 Jan at 11:59
    1)Common Ground
    2)Housing First
    3)Make Homelessness History
    *Begin summary with the phrase “It seems counterintuitive that…”
    *Do not name article or author.
    *Be convincing!!!

    (-) denotes key point/lesson learned
    (*) denotes assignment/something to do/task

    • davidbdale says:

      Gene Cernan was, at least to date, the very last person to leave his footprints on the moon.

      Those coincidences that happen so often they are not even considered coincidences? We call those laws of science. 🙂

      Good notes, Blackhawk. I love the Legend.

  11. therealmoana says:

    My impressions of the class are mostly positive except I’m still getting use to the blog.
    The last man who walked on the moon has more than one meaning.
    Core Values: writing is a recursive social process.
    Those who fear being criticized in full view take comfort in several facts they quickly learn.
    Avoid you, your, yours. Banned 2nd person.
    We can talk about others but not you because we are writing to multiple people. Ideal writer hopes to be engaged in mutual search for universal truth.
    Fails for Grammar: using you, your, or yours, in academic essays for this class. “Fails For Grammar” offense.
    Academic essays are arguments, but they are persuasive. Don’t lecture, Preach to readers. Every use of the 2nd person creates a regrettable distance between Author and Reader. It doesn’t mean to, but it makes Readers “the others.”
    The only reason we accept the notion of gravity is that we share the planet at this time. Humans before us did not share our notion of gravity. Humans who follow us will not share our notion of gravity.
    A purposeful summary doesn’t bother to recount the entire subject matter of an article.It may in fact share very little of the content of the original source.Illustrations are always superior to explanations.
    Begin your summaries with the phrase “It seems counterintuitive that….”

    • davidbdale says:

      Very fine Notes, Moana. This one, though, is lacking:
      Those who fear being criticized in full view take comfort in several facts they quickly learn.
      Without naming those facts, the point you make is lost.
      —Everybody in the class gets WAY TOO MUCH criticism.
      —Most of your classmates have very little interest in reading your stuff or the feedback you receive.
      —If they DO read your stuff, it’s not to critique you, it’s to find something useful.


  12. dunkindonuts10 says:

    My impressions of the class so far are mostly positive, except the struggles I expect to come across while writing each essay. These challenges will only help me become a better write but know there will be troubles along the way.
    “The Last Man Who Walked on the Moon has died” can be interpreted in more than one way.
    Grades will always be posted on blackboard.
    The feedback we receive is apart of the social process, not just you and your professor.
    Make sure there is no plagiarism since we have the availability of everyone else’s posts, need to maintain our integrity.
    Everyone has the opportunity to read others but most likely will not. Will likely receive a lot of criticism.
    GRAMMAR-2nd Person
    do not use you, your, you’re
    Essay writers should not say what people should do but can say “we.” use the passive- he knows that this should be done.
    After seeing this I realized I might have done this in my first draft for Stone Money, Need to find another way to eliminate those words and use something else from now on.
    Preferred pronouns “We, our, ours, and ourselves”
    Coincidence? depends on the factors involved (less or more)
    Going out the window and looking down because we know you are supposed to go down instead of going up-counterintuitive
    global coincidence- GRAVITY-not a coincidence when everything falls the same way but is a coincidence when everyone shares the same theory about it.
    4 sources-difficult to summarizes by adding the important points from all of them in one essay-just have a point to prove-enough information to prove the authors point
    **Purposeful Summarizing-due tomorrow at midnight-under A02 set of articles to choose from-the second set of 3 seizing gear from the homeless, the street level solutions, and trump shelters?
    Begin each summary with “It seems counterintuitive that…..”
    do not name the article/author
    2nd essay due a week today-A03

  13. romanhsantiago says:

    My impression of the class so far has been mostly positive. It has taken a little getting used to the blog however I believe that it is getting easier.
    Since our writing is public, if we are the last to post that our writing is not over influenced by another classmates post.
    2nd person is banned, we cannot use you, your, yours..etc
    Search for “you” when I am reviewing my writing and delete it.
    Eliminate “one” as a pronoun it is out dated and overly formal.

    Taxpayers wonder whether the amount spent on students makes a difference. If you really think about it, yes it does. Ask any parent whose child goes to an expensive school.

    There are different types of injuries that happen in each sport. Would you object if you knew that a surgery performed before any injury occurs could make an athlete stronger?

    Imagine your body being consumed by a drug. You would do anything to get this drug and you don’t worry about the consequences that come with it.

    By inviting Syrians in, problems will be caused rather than solved.

    Does the idea of not actually having your money on-hand sounds trivial?

    That little green piece of paper in your pocket holds no actual value other than the cost it took to produce it, and yet you will work your whole life just to acquire more of those little green pieces of paper just so you can take them and stick them in a bank.

    So just remember the next time you read a bank statement or look at dollar bill that you’re holding an made up value that someone decided to make up. Without it, you might still be having to trade with goods like livestock and produce.

    I now understand that a dollar is only worth what is received in exchange for it.

    Being able to walk around with money without holding the money in your hand brings me back around to the idea of the stone because, just like stone currency, you don’t need to be in physical possession of these Bitcoins to own them.

    We hear people talk about the American Dream, which requires that you have enough of these pieces of paper to be financially stable. If you think about it deeply you will realize, that you receive these pieces of paper called money and base your whole life on them.

    Money is an adroit concept and its pursuit lasts a lifetime. Your goal from the moment you start school is to join the game of making enough of these pieces of paper to make your life more fun and acceptable.

    Sharing a theory about gravity between other people is a coincidence.
    Never explain in detail the source, summarize the story.
    Sources are only used to prove a point.
    Do The last three in A02: A blow to the Head
    Begin every summary with “It seems counterintuitive”

    • davidbdale says:

      Not bad, Roman. This looks more substantial than it actually is because you’ve pasted in the 11-example Banned 2nd Person exercise. You should complete that work as a Reply to the Agenda for TUES JAN 24.


  14. aeks123 says:

    My impressions of the class so far are mostly positive, except getting used to submitting essays on the blog instead of printing them out and getting feedback written on them.

    Today we discussed that “The Last Man Who Walked on the Moon Has Died” could have several different meanings. It’s all about how it is interpreted. It ended up actually meaning that the last person who set foot on the moon has died.

    We briefly went over the advantages and mechanics of using an online blog.

    We completed one grammar lesson that included “The Banned 2nd Person.” We don’t used the 2nd person because the reader doesn’t want to be “lectured” to. Work should be addressed to everyone. If “you” is in our writing, it will be considered a fail for grammar. To rephrase writing so that it doesn’t include “you” we can use the preferred pronouns (We, our, ours) as a replacement. Sometimes the pronoun doesn’t need to be changed, but a different approach is needed.

    We discussed what classifies a strong and weak coincidence.
    Physical details are important when writing because they engage the reader more.
    The way people thought about gravity was thought about differently years ago. The way we think about gravity will be different in the future. We are the only humans that think about gravity the same right now. The point is that anything can be questioned and looked at from a different angle.

    It’s important to make a purposeful summary. Instead of wasting words that don’t prove your point, you can take the most important points from your sources and include them. It is not necessary to make sure that your reader knows the entire story. To support your argument, list the objections and make sure the reader knows what side you are supporting.

  15. greeneggsandham234 says:

    My impressions of the class are mostly positive, except I am still getting the hang of using the blog.

    The last man to walk on the moon has died. Is it that he was the last moon walker survey or was the he the last man to leave a foot print on the moon. Gene Cerman’s death has cited this question pondered by many now listing to the report. It was the latter in fact, he was the last man to leave his footprint on the moon, and he has died.
    according to core values, writing is a recursive social process, which is why the blog comes useful. For the blog it is essential, if your the last person to publish, that you don’t have similar posts that your classmates has written.
    The banned second person is not to be used in writing. Second person is the use of the pronouns, you and you’re in essays. If you need to use it then, with it to we,our,ourselves.This is because you are not writing to just on person, you are writing to multiple persons. If you use the second person, it is an automatic failure.
    Writers never use an neutral claim, an example is “We have never had a women President.” Instead, use “It is important to remember we have never had a women President.”This is a form of an inclusive claim.
    Jumping out of a window, there are so many options, but we assume the person will go sown. this was an coincidence. Its not really that its just that improbable because its going to happen.However when we examine these coincidences, then that is when things get interesting.The improablitlit of the odds we fall down when we jump is actually incredible.However we know its going to happen so its not an coincidence.
    Global coincidence, it is coincidence that every body living on this planet accept that fact gravity exist, and things fall down.
    Purposeful Summary is necessary to get the point of across to the readers. What someone has to talk about it is jut the summary, what is the most purposeful point of the claim is essential for a purposeful summary. Summarize the second three of the article for the assignment due midnight tomorrow. Each summary, begin the phrase”It seems counterintuitive that…” example, to get the homeless out of the that fate, first put them into apartments, they become more productive more quickly and they transition out of that apartment. Pretend that the article was written y you and you need to write a summary on that.

    • davidbdale says:

      Possibly the practice of taking quick notes in class contributes to the peculiar grammar here, GreenEggs, but there are similar structures in your Stone Money essay too. Did you acquire English as a second or additional language?
      This sentence in particular has ESL resonances:
      So these stones would in essence were made up, only on relied on belief.
      If you need help, I’m available. You’re obviously very conscientious in your effort to record what you hear. But maybe shorter, more fluent notes would serve your purpose better.

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