Agenda TUE JAN 31

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  1. wentzwagon11 says:

    The distribution of money between the top 10% of income and bottom 90% is split about 48% to 52%. This is a tragedy to most Americans, however it shouldn’t be. After watching a video that was very biased I feel the same way I felt before. The narrator of the video wanted everything to be fair, but everything is not fair. As long as people have minds and their own biases, along with people having their own races and life situations, the world can’t be fair. The world wont be fair and it’s naive to think it ever will be. Life is about making the most of ones personal situation, and taking advantage of the opportunities that one is presented with.

    Grouping people in to categories on the basis of one characteristic is not an effective way to get a point across.

    Don’t try to add language to increase clarity because its almost always going to make it less clear

    • davidbdale says:

      You draw more conclusions than I would from the evidence presented, Wentzwagon, but I’m glad you’re drawing conclusions, interacting with the material, paying attention. Good to have you back.

    • davidbdale says:

      Thank you for challenging my premises in class, Wentzwagon. I hope I can count on you to speak your mind and guide me toward a shared, earned consensus on all matters, grammatical, social, pedagogical. Good to have you back.

  2. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Today we started class by discussing the economic wealth distribution of America. We went to an info graphic site that first, asked how we think the wealth should be distributed, then guess how it really was, and finally saw what it really was. Following that, we watched a video that went into more detail about the wealth, and it turns out the the 1% owns about half the nations wealth, which is very unbalanced. After that we discussed the grammar exercise of “the kind of” writing. We are to edit the ten sentences we were assigned and to try and remove things like “kind of”. And we started to discuss A04, the writing assignment that is up to us to pick a topic that seems counterintuitive.

    • davidbdale says:

      Nick, this is fine as far as it goes, but it’s a report on what was covered instead of notes to remind you what you learned.

      Suppose a newspaper assigned me to cover a football game and I gave them this: “Two teams in different uniforms faced off in a battle to move a ball across a rectangular field. The point of the game appears to be to advance the ball past the opposing team’s players. For the most part, ball-carriers tried to run through the opposition, but sometimes one player threw the ball to someone wearing the same color uniform.”

      Surely you want to remember more than that about the game.


  3. kingoflizards says:

    -Americans are shockingly misinformed with the wealth distribution in the United States. People think that the wealth is much more evenly distributed than it is.
    -The truth is that Americans do think that the system is unfair towards the people on the bottom, and that is true, but it is far more unfair than people even realize.
    -Nobody believes that the wealth should be distributed evenly, however nobody thinks that it should be as uneven as it is.
    -Using terms like “that kind of person,” or “those sorts of people,” can be dangerous. While not inherently wrong, it can be complicated and make writing sound clunky.
    -Try to eliminate this language when its possible, even if it might not be grammatically incorrect, eliminating it can make the sentence less confusing. Less is more when it comes to language.
    -By next week, have a topic chosen for the paper. Look at the “counterintuitivities” to find some inspiration.

  4. romanhsantiago says:

    In class we discussed income inequality in America. I learned that 10% of the population holds 48% of the countries money. While I am a strong believer that people’s wages should be determined by their hard work the nations wealth is highly skewed toward the rich.
    For our grammar lesson we learned about unnecessary language in our writing because it only makes it more confusing. We later did an exercise to help us learn to eliminate “kind words”
    We talked about our proposal I must now begin thinking about a topic with a counterintuitive angle to write about, speak about how it is true and how i will prove it. must be researchable.

    • davidbdale says:

      “the nation’s wealth”
      “the country’s money”
      Fine so far, Roman. Notes are getting better, so grades will be tougher. 2/3 today might slip to a 1/3 in a week or two.

  5. chippy1313 says:

    -try to not use the words “sort, type, and kind of” in your work, unless it is necessary to make your claim but make sure that the proper form of the word is being used. Using these phrases might confuse your reader, so try to avoid them
    -The top one percent of the population has over 100x more money than the poorest in the economic distribution chart. We were able to see what people think it should be, what people’s ideal would be, and the actual thing.
    -It is mind blowing to actually see how little the bottom 40% are receiving and the large amount that the top 10% are receiving
    -start thinking of a counterintuitive topic for your next paper… cant be a topic that has a for/agaisnt debate
    -have a claimed thesis by this time next week

    • davidbdale says:

      It’s the top 1% that blows my mind, chippy.
      And the bottom few.
      Has it occurred to you, in the occasional debates over the minimum wage, that the people who argue against it haven’t a clue just how little minimum-wage workers are living on? The whole chart argues vehemently that justice lies in moving money from the right to the left. But middle-class people would deny those at the far end of the left—those who cost the system NOTHING—any sort of advantage. How much easier would it be to move a few percentage points from the FAR RIGHT OF THE CHART than to keep a couple of coins from trickling to the left? Unconscionable.
      Your Notes are fine for now, but the quality of Notes in increasing. What earns a 2/3 now might slip to 1/3 in a week or two.

  6. studentwriter1212 says:

    The economic inequality in this country is unbelievable with the top one percent holding forty percent of the of the wealth in this country.
    The scale is so far from reality and wealth is skewed towards the top 20 percent of this country. It is important to remember there is no difference between: that sort of person,that type of person, and that kind of person.
    this language is not helpful because it explains categorization by one thats opposite of the trait that is being explained.
    In all instances this way of description can be deleted.
    It is important to not confuse the singular and plural forms when dealing with the “kinds” and make the correct usage evident. “As the manager, he was asked to decide whether the refreshments should come from the operating budget or the entertainment budget although this kind of decision was usually made by the finance committee.
    only one decision was made.
    During his time as manager, he had to approve wages, draft an annual budget, and negotiate the terms of a mortgage although these kinds of decisions were usually made by the finance committee.”
    many decisions were made.
    when writing the research paper think of the topic like a marriage to understand the commitment you will have to make in the next ten weeks.
    Remember to keep the thesis specific in order to provide new insight to the topic selected.

    • davidbdale says:

      That’s good work, Studentwriter. For now, you can think of your relationship to your topic as an engagement (It’s called a Proposal, after all.); after about five weeks, you’re pretty much married.

  7. therealmoana says:

    Economic Inequality is real
    the richest 1% take home a quarter of the wealth in America
    We use the words sort, type, and kind to identify categories of entities
    The words are interchangeable
    The common trouble with the singulars of these words is misapplying them to individuals of an unimportant, nonexistent, non-exclusive, or irrelevant category
    don’t add language that makes the sentence unclear
    Before class next Wednesday, need a proposal with sources
    AVOID: Naming a topic instead of a hypothesis
    AVOID: Survey proposals
    AVOID: Too Broad an argument.
    AVOID: Too Vague an argument.
    CHOOSE: Hypotheses that can be quantified
    CREATE: Controversial premise.
    CREATE: A narrow framework for argument
    CHOOSE: Researchable evidence

    • davidbdale says:

      I’m impressed with these notes, Moana. They find a nice balance between general rules and specific cases. If you look back at these in 10 weeks, I think you’ll be able to refresh your understanding of some important ideas.

  8. nobinaryneeded says:

    In the US economy, there is a large gap between the poor and the wealthiest man in the country, so much of a gap that the poorest of the poor aren’t even on the map.
    Interchangeable terms is a “landmine for errors” and should be avoided
    People belong to a category — name the type, throw them together. Sometimes they aren’t always in the same category. It’s more proper and simple to describe someone with a simple characteristic. “Sort of, kind of, type of,” serves no purpose and should be eliminated when it can be
    However, a combination of characteristics can distinguish the person also making him a “type.” This could be eliminated and rewritten still.
    Do not group people together into a “type”.
    Decisions can be different types though, therefore kind, type, and sort are appropriate grammar.
    “These types of…” is incorrect ,only if one type of difference is being described. It would be okay if there were two descriptions.
    Add language to make things clearer, but not vice versa

    • davidbdale says:

      These notes will be helpful for a day or two, NoBinary. After that, if you read them straight through, I think you’ll be more confused than enlightened about how and when to use “type” and “kind” language.

  9. therealjohnsanchez says:

    Richest one percent makes quarter of total income and have half of investments
    Sort of person that is always on time has no other characteristics other than being on time. Get rid of sort of person.
    People believe they have different learning styles and learn better using their style. Might be wrong. People might just think they are learning better.

  10. greeneggsandham234 says:

    Economic Inequality
    -The top 10% is equal to 48% of the income wealth of the US.1% of americana has 4o percent of the wealth. The distribution is disproportional that an average worker needs to work a month to earn an hour of the CEO’s salary.
    Sort,Type,Kind Exercise
    Be careful of word usage. If someone is prompt, they are not a promo person. The word usage and grammar can make that mistake. To fix this mistake, they are interchangeable words. It is often common to confuse singular and plural terms. Word usage is crucial to get right, to not make an incorrect phrase. They are often with the word, kind and kinds and difference and differences. It is crucial to make it a point to have different difference and differences if necessary. Such as the baseball example. Do not add language to add clarity though, that is often a common mistake.
    For this assignment, a topic for the counterintuitive essay is necessary. A hypothesis is going need to be developed, and the beginning of the research needs to commence. Make sure the topic is interesting, because the later a change is needed, the harder it will be to start from scratch. avoid naming a topic instead of a hypothesis.avoid:survey proposals. Create controversial premise. These are all necessary to make sure the hypothesis is specific. Make it imperative that the hypothesis is verifiable, researchable, and make sure the hypothesis is arguable. Don’t juts make lists, have sufficient evidence to back up you argument in order to make the assignment a success.

    • davidbdale says:

      Much of your language would not refresh my memory at all, greeneggs, but you’re thorough in naming so many of the essential details of the day that I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe these Notes really would help you ten weeks from now.

  11. aeks123 says:

    Income distribution in America is way more unequal than Americans think.
    The top 10% of people have 48% on the nation’s money

    It’s not always necessary to use the words sort, type, and kind. They are not always accurate, since the comparison doesn’t always make sense. This creates confusion that isn’t needed. If these words need to be used, then we have to be careful about our wording. We also have to be careful with singulars and plurals. It’s best to try to avoid using “sort” “type” and “kind.”

    To get more feedback for your posts, make changes based on the feedback you received already, and keep updating to the feedback please category. There is no limit to how many times you can ask for feedback, but there will eventually be a deadline.

    Make sure your research thesis is not simply just a topic, but an argument that can be disputed on both sides. Make sure it isn’t vague, or attacks people’s opinions or beliefs.

    • davidbdale says:

      These are good, Aeks, but I want to caution you about one rule you wrote for yourself. It’s perfectly fine to attack people’s opinions. Controversial thesis statements by nature piss people off, or at the very least deeply discomfort them. My command was to avoid a thesis that simply pits one opinion against another. You’re looking for quantifiable, verifiable research to support an thesis that will very much challenge people’s beliefs.

  12. thecommonblackhawk says:

    The class began with statistics about how the wealth in the country and how it is distributed throughout the the upper and lower class. Throughout the country, the perception as to how wealth is distributed is completely overlooked. The issue is so out of control that the average American cannot even estimate the level of disproportion that is occurring.
    “Dylan is the type of person that always arrives on time.” This statement does not say much other than the fact that he shows up on time.

    Drop excess words that can only lead to confusion.

    “These kind of decisions” only applies when there is more than one kind of decision.

    “this type,” “these types,” wasting words without increasing clarity is a No Go

    I working on “the 60’s” for the practice of “kind”

    Not under fails for grammar; found under grammar segment (1st item)
    _______________________________________________________________________________Make sure at least one piece of work is added to “Feedback Please!”

    Feedback will be provided in segments. With the edits to the work, more feedback will be granted until the assignment has been declared too old for feedback.
    There are several examples of counterintuitive topics listed throughout the blog to help get the mind thinking about what the plan should be.
    This is a research proposal plus 5 sources
    Picking a topic for this 10 week project is crucial. Pick one that is enjoyed!
    Changing of the mind is okay but at some point, it can come back to haunt.
    Hypothesis much be:Specific. Arguable. Researchable. Verifiable.
    By this time next week, a thesis should be presented.

    Avoid naming a topic as opposed to a hypothesis.
    Avoid survey proposals
    Create:Controversial Premise
    Avoid being too broad or vague.
    Create Researchable evidence
    Try to have an estimate by thursday

    End Game: total of 15 sources, 10 being scholarly

  13. chancetoremember says:

    -The majority of wealth in the United States is distributed throughout a small group of people. In a survey that was done most Americans thought that wealth was very equally distributed, when in fact it is the opposite.
    -40% of Americans have such little wealth compared to the top 1% of Americans who hold more money among them than everyone else combined
    -Ideal distribution of wealth is not nearly what 92% of Americans think that it should be

    -Do not use phrases like “that kind of person” because grouping people together to be called a certain type can be offensive
    -try not to use words like sort, type, and kind of.

    • davidbdale says:

      That’s odd, chance. I certainly didn’t mean to object to “type” language to spare anyone’s sensibilities. My point was that “sort of” language often fails to create anything like an actual “sort.”

      If I say, “Chancetoremember is the sort of girl who likes the color red,” I haven’t begun to create an actual “sort of girl.” Are there sorts who like blue and sorts who like yellow? No. There are just people with color preferences.

      On the other hand, if I say, “Chancetoremember is the kind of boy who wears red lipstick to church to scandalize the choir,” I’ve brought to mind an actual category of person, the flamboyant sort who go out of their way to shock easily offended people.

      I hope I’ve made that clearer to you than I apparently did in class.

      Your reaction, please? I do appreciate interaction.

  14. dunkindonuts10 says:

    How to distribute income between the top 10% and other 90% – 75-25 (ours) 
    What it is really like-bottom 90 get 52% and top 10 get 48%
    Idea Think Reality 
    Grammar-interchangeable words (sorts, types, messing up singular and plural)
    Sort of-meaning he/she is…find other characteristics but can’t 
    Type of- describes a type of person with more than one characteristics 
    Make sure the word choice you use goes along with the rest of the sentence and what you are trying to say 
    Do first 10 of the activity 
    Add an assignment into the feedback category 
    Counterintuitivities- many topics to read about
    Facebook revolution 
    Research proposal due in 1 week (next Tuesday)-Choose a topic you like 
    Hypothesis-prove it as it is true 
    Claim a thesis by next week

    • davidbdale says:

      Good enough, Dunkin. I’m a little worried, though, that you might think there’s a difference between sort of and type of, based on these two lines:

      Sort of-meaning he/she is…find other characteristics but can’t
      Type of- describes a type of person with more than one characteristics

      They don’t make much sense to me, but for the record, “sort of” and “type of” are interchangeable, meaning the same thing.

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