Agenda TUE MAR 07

  1. People In Boxes
  2. The Missing Dollar Paradox
  3. Lecture: The Opposite of a Black Sneaker
  4. Summary is Argument
  5. Reading Assignment for THU MAR 09
    1. Advertising Failure the reading
    2. Advertising Failure the assignment
  6. Alternate Assignment for THU MAR 09
    1. Help me with my Research Project
    2. How many Syrian Refugees have entered the US since the beginning of the Syrian civil strife?
    3. How many of those refugees have been charged/tried/convicted of serious crimes?
    4. How do those numbers relate to similar numbers for the general US population?
    5. Do the numbers support a permanent ban on immigration from Syria?
  7. Select either Reading Assignment 5, or Research Assignment 6 in your Notes below before the end of class.

26 Responses to Agenda TUE MAR 07

  1. kedudnaimad says:

    – the goal of an argument is not to join a black-or-white debate, but to create a color
    – find yourself a fresh perspective
    – start with a gray argument it will only become more gray
    – offer readers a look of something starling and provocative early to make them interested

    – problems arise when we try to divide opinions

    – every time we summarize someone else’s article we are making an argument
    – when condensing someone’s work you decide what is important and what is not
    – we make choices and edit out what we feel is unimportant
    – it is a waste of time when summaries fail to take a position on the material provided
    – the best summaries combine a fact with a consequence to make an ethical judgement

    Research Assignment 6

  2. torthey says:

    The opposite of a black sneaker is not a white sneaker because the opposite of a sneaker can’t be a sneaker.
    So what is the opposite?

    Summaries are arguments; don’t just quote from sources, process them. You lose when you use quotes to “prove” your point. You don’t uncover any new information. Summaries should combine facts and consequence to make an ethical judgement. “Trying to see things both ways is the enemy of clarity and judgement.”

    ***I’m committing to research assignment 6

  3. studentwriter1212 says:

    it is important for an argument to bring out new ideas with a mix of different perspectives rather than obvious conclusions.
    put important information in the first paragraph holding information doesn’t provide interesting suspense.
    Do not use a quote that completely proves the point because it does not further the point of the writer.
    Start a summary by discarding useless information.
    impose a narrative structure
    The best summaries combine a fact with a consequence to make an ethical judgement.

    I am committing to research assignment 6.

  4. greeneggsandham234 says:

    The Opposite of a Black Sneaker
    -the goal of all our arguments a writers, it to not join black or white argument, but to make a new color
    -Winding up with compromises no more compelling than our starting premises wastes our readers times, for example gray satisfies nobody
    -a black sneaker is not the opposite of a white sneaker, there both sneakers
    -If one would say broccoli is the opposite of a black sneaker, al least its a challenge
    -the worst thing we can do is to start compromising at gray, then we end up with more gray
    -the author needs to describe what they mean by black or white, or happy and content
    -end up with something, the readers can’t predict without reading the first paragraph

    Summaries are Arguments
    -Every time we summarize another person’s article, we are making an argument, whether we like it or not
    -when making an argument, we needs to discard everything irreverent
    -we need to make choices as to what is important
    -“They make go to a doctor and the doctor many tell them they don’t have it when they really do or the doctor may tell them they have it when they really don’t which are understandable and forgivable”–> this is an sentence the confuses the readers and has poor judgment, and it is not clear. The sentence before opened with women with breast cancer, then this sentence talked about both, which does not get the point across

    -The stone money assignment expires the Tuesday after spring break

    Im committing to research Assignment 6

  5. nobinaryneeded says:

    Force readers into a garment they’re not familiar with. Pull them in and make it feel like they chose to read it in the first place.
    Is = defines
    Happiness is contentment would be better said as Happiness defines contentment. Meanwhile happiness doesn’t mean happiness, but sometimes it could mean contentment.
    “Happiness is nothing more than the satisfaction of one’s current standpoint.”
    End up with something readers will not be able to predict until you tell them. Don’t hold the surprise till the end. Offer readers a glimpse of the surprise
    I’m committing to Research Assignment 6

  6. therealjohnsanchez says:

    The opposite of the a black sneaker cannot be a white sneaker. They are still sneakers and only have one thing different.
    Don’t confuse reader. Don’t lose their trust.
    reading assignment

  7. romanhsantiago says:

    Nothing we write should be black and white we should strive to look at situations and find a different angle to observe it and creat a new idea
    Find the facts that’s definition
    Find the consequence
    Find the ethical objections

  8. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Began class with the “outside the box” campaign from Denmarks TV2, it was a very nice and comforting add about human nature. Then we moved on to the missing dollar paradox, and tried to figure out where a dollar went. Afterwards we discussed the black sneaker argument, which really discussed how nothing is black or white or gray. Things should be challenged and seen in different lights or even shapes.

  9. starbucks732 says:

    -In class today we talked about opposites
    -for example, most people would think that the opposite of a black sneaker would be a white sneaker but that would not be true because they are both sneakers
    -after that, some people would assume that a different type of shoe, like a sandal, would be the opposite but that is also not true because they are both shoes

  10. thecommonblackhawk says:

    Step outside the box. We relate to each other more than we give credit.
    The paradox is internal pain.
    Find the fourth dimension of the argument. Don’t pick a side or compromise.
    The opposite of a sneaker cannot be a sneaker.
    It could possibly be a forklift though.
    Avoid straight lines
    Lack of clarity can give headaches
    Find the broccoli! don’t withhold it to build suspense! let it out! Provoke the reader from the beginning.
    Impose narrative and remove irrelevant information.
    Find fact, Indicate consequences, make an ethical judgement
    Don’t tire the reader out with extraneous material
    Start clear and provocative.
    Do not flip flop
    Make choices to avoid the grey sneaker.
    Breast cancer article seems very interesting. Posting scores pushed better results. This bold and out of the box idea saved lives.
    Reply to page
    Take notes that point out counterintuitivity
    Alternate assignment is to assist in the assist in the research project of Syrian research.

    I will be choosing reading assignment 5

  11. kingoflizards says:

    -In our papers, we are supposed to guide the reader down an unfamiliar line of thinking. I want my readers to agree with me by the end, so I should allow them a long time to think it over. I want my conclusion to be the logical one in their mind.
    -The opposite of a black sneaker cannot be a white sneaker, due to the fact that they are still both sneakers.
    -There is no missing dollar bill. (There is no spoon)
    -Don’t hold your information until the end. Your paper is not a Sherlock Holmes novel, it does not need a twist ending.
    -Startle readers as soon as possible, as early as the first sentence if it’s possible.
    -Do the homework in about 1 hour
    -Do re-writes ASAP!

  12. aeks123 says:

    As essay writers, our job isn’t to just simply pick a side on an issue. We should enter a conversation with a fresh perspective. It makes us come up with our own conclusions about an issue. More problems occur when we look at issues as polar, instead of finding our own angle. We don’t want to be in the middle of an argument either because then our conclusions will be ambiguous.
    In the first paragraph, offer readers a look at the perspective that will be taken in the essay. Don’t wait until the end, because we will lose our readers. It’s also very important to make our first paragraph as clear as we possibly can.

    Summaries are arguments. We shorten the information down to things we think is important. We get rid of information we think is irrelevant. This is creating an argument, even if we don’t know it.

    Research Assignment 6

    • davidbdale says:

      Very good work, Aeks.
      Your Notes, BlackHawk’s, KingofLizards’, and sometimes others’, exercise the craft of purposeful summary in real time. You process what you’re hearing and synthesize it with your own observations to form an argument. Maybe you were aware of that?

      To participate in Research Assignment 6
      follow the link

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