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  1. thecommonblackhawk says:

    Causal Argument, not casual. Someone will still make the mistake.

    Poor Charles. Cannot form lasting relationships due to early childhood trauma. Yet his wives would not blame his parents for divorcing when he was 10.

    A small detail kept a huge compromise from being finalized. Excuses are excuses no matter the context.

    Find the root. The cough or the illness?

    Focus attention on sweeping through the complexities of finding a cause.
    Dig deeper
    Resultant causes and immediate causes.
    We went in the bay not because the brakes failed, but because gravity took control.
    Contributing cause: Mismatch in skills causes a loss
    No way to prove cause and effect due to how many causes and effects exist
    This led to that which led to that which led to hookers instead of valentine’s day gifts
    The more times a memory is tapped into, the less accurate it is.
    Choosing the proper formula is a major step
    Single cause with single effect
    Single cause with several effects
    Several causes with single effect
    A causal chain
    Causation Fallacy
    Example of bullet point 1 – 5 above completed on our white paper.

  2. aeks123 says:

    It’s almost impossible to make a scale of the solar system. Almost every scale or picture doesn’t show how far apart the planets are from each other.
    We only see things from our perspective. The things we see can’t be seen from anywhere else in the solar system.

    Naming an accurate cause for the effect you plan to describe in your causal argument is a difficult task to do. Most of the time, there isn’t just one specific cause, so it’s hard to prove a cause/effect argument. Try to explain the different types of causes (Immediate, Remote, Precipitating, contributing) that could potentially lead to the effect.

  3. greeneggsandham234 says:

    every scale model of the solar system is wrong

    -if one turns them self into something non social, will people actually help them when they fall?

    Causal Argument

    -due monday march 27th at midnight

    -if this is done well, some, if not all of it can bet used in the final research paper

    -we make causation arguments all the time without even realizing it

    for example, “The sixers lost because Joel Embid was limited to 24 minutes of floor time”

    absence of team’ best player cost the team a win

    -we use excuse to explain why an entire system breaks down

    -one thing docent always lead to another thing, but we still use that as a cause, it is quite complex to explain the cause for something occurring

    Types of Causation Statement

    Immediate cause
    -deep philosophical differences between democrats and republicans cause the U.S. congress to have difficulty passing a budget last week

    -due to not liking each other, they can’t work together to pass the budget

    2. Remote Cause

    -“IT has been decades since Charles’ parents divorce, but lingerie effects of that childhood trauma do bedevil his relationships with women to this day.”

    -the immediate cause isn’t his parents, it his visit to the hookers

    3. Precipating Cause

    -very similar to immediate cause

    -the precipitating cause that allows underlying cause effect a

    4. contributing cause

    -due to not having players to equally match up with the orlando magic, the Sixers were not able to win

    Correlation as false causation

    -things that go together don’t always cause each other

    -tv, books at home, bringing lunch were not cause of academic success, a full 9 month gestation does however, causes academic success

    single cause with a single a single effect

    -he posted something on Facebook, the he lost his job

    -something happens which leads to another thing happening

    single cause with several effects

    –prohibition can cause a undergoing maker which the cause a criminal enterprise to sprout up

    finding whats relevant an irrelevant is vital in the causation argument
    -we have to avoid all the irrelevancies

    -all cute needed to be identified, foe example “children with no father are less likely to join a gang”, that has a lot of irrelevancy in that stamen, the cause is not identified

    Homework due Thursday

    look at own evolving thesis, and write a single cause with single effect

    single cause with multiple effects

    several cause for a single effect

    a causal change

    casual fallacy

  4. nobinaryneeded says:

    Camoflague meant looking as much like your background as possible
    Can be used to confuse or throw off the observer
    If you turned yourself into something so asocial, would people help you in a time of need?
    Make the argument fit into a longer paper that features arguments and rebuttals as well
    We analyze almost everything with cause and affect.
    Types of Causation Statements:
    1. Immediate Cause
    2. Remote Cause
    3. Precipitating Cause
    4. Contributing Cause
    Because there are so many causes which have so many affects, there’s no way to solve a cause and affect relationship
    Causation as Correlation
    Something might not seem as causing of the other, but it is the most causing effect
    Single Cause with Several Effects is possible for example: the war on drugs can lead to multiple effects

  5. chippy1313 says:

    -all of the scale models of the solar system do not accurately show their size
    -the video we watched on it was very interesting to see how really big our solar system is and it was fascinating that the people in the video were able to go to a wide open desert and draw the solar system to scale and then show that the fake sun thy made and the real sun were the same size
    -if you camouflage your face using makeup, things like security cameras or your iPhone will not recognize your face as human. Also if you wore those camouflage outfits that were all metallic grey black or infrared blue, a drone would not recognize you as human either.
    -make sure you write causal not casual
    -the different types of causal arguments are immediate cause, remote cause, precipitating cause, and contributing cause

  6. dunkindonuts10 says:

    We are marble in the solar system, yet make up everything
    -cannot see the scale of an actual solar system in real life, too large
    Can distort your facial reconstructing so you will not be recognized by the systems
    Casual argument
    2nd part of paper due Monday March 27-1000 words Casual Argument
    -find the actual causes, not just an “excuse” for it
    -bigger reasoning for something to happen than just a simple/plain statement
    Homework for THURSDAY
    -make 5 brief casual arguments from our own thesis
    -reply it as White Paper

  7. nickalodeansallthat says:

    Couldn’t take notes, I was in class however

  8. therealmoana says:

    – tricks the eye of the observer
    – if you are different from what society calls “normal” would you be treated the same as someone who is “normal” when you fall

    Casual Argument
    – short argument due monday march 27
    – cause and effort things happen because of past situations
    – we make causation statements without realizing that were engaged in argument and proof
    – types of causation
    – complex webs of interconnected activities all with consequences. identify the most important causes for one effect
    1. immediate cause= immediate cause and persistent conflict combine to create an episodic effect
    2. remote cause= immediate cause but blames the remote cause
    3. precipitating cause= underlying cause has its way with objects or events
    4. contributing cause= mismatch in skill caused loss
    – defend against oversimplification and false causation they occur together, correlations mimic causations

    Correlation as False Causation
    – demonstrate correlation not causation
    – things that are together not always have a cause and effect

    Single Cause with a Single Effect (X causes Y)
    – personal but causes problems in professional life
    – example: principles of a grammar school’s social media if inappropriate will be fired

    homework exercise for thursday march 23

  9. therealjohnsanchez says:

    Causal not casual
    the solar system is really big. It mostly empty. An atom is also mostly empty. The universe if very empty. Any matter is the exception.
    Face camouflage disguises people from face recognition software.
    Correlation != causation

  10. starbucks732 says:

    was in class but couldn’t take notes

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