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It seems counterintuitive that America’s education system is based off of earning grades rather than learning. In the A-F letter grade system used in most schools in America, the focus of most students is to earn a high grade. Memorizing … Continue reading

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The Biggest Priority for the Homeless: Support P1. We often make the mistake of putting the homeless population into one category, and do not look at the individual. People are homeless for different reasons, and treating them all the same … Continue reading

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Seizing Homeless People’s Gear It seems counterintuitive that law officials are taking away possessions from homeless people, considering they have very few possessions to begin with. It may be surprising to find out that tents, blankets, and other crucial items … Continue reading

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Determining the Value of Money P1. In every society, material needs to have value in order to trade for more possessions. After all, we don’t carry our possessions with us at all times. This is why money was created by the inhabitants … Continue reading

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Kit-Kats for Nerds My first reaction to the money used by the Yap was that they were out of their minds. This is the second paragraph. This is the third and final.

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