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Purposeful Summaries – nayr79

How Mom’s Death Changed My Thinking About End-of-Life Care It seems counterintuitive that people would spend a good chunk of money on end-of-life care when all seems hopeless. Yes, miracles can happen, but it seems counterintuitive to spend all this … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – nayr79

Food can make more food Soup is made of other foods The changes in the way humans perceive soup Soup is made up of other foods to create a popular side dish Soup, being made up of many scrumptious foods, … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft – nayr79

            Currency, at least in my mind, is a system of balance. Growing up in the twenty-first century, my perception of wealth has always been based on the pieces of paper within one’s pocket. Life without currency seems like chaos … Continue reading

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Practice Post – nayr79

p o s t # 1

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