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Definition – Rose

Defining a Perfect Childhood Everyone one is raised differently. Not even siblings share the same experiences and standards their parents put them through. The definition of an ideal upbringing is interchanging between families, and continues to change with time. Most … Continue reading

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Proposal+5 – Rose1029

For my research essay, I will be discussing the idea of a child’s upbringing and how it affects their adult lives. Moreover, I will be examining how having a challenging childhood can make an individual a more well rounded person. … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims – Rose1029

“Brannan Vines has never been to war” A woman named Brannan Vines has never been to a state of armed conflict between two nations. This would be considered a Factual claim, it can be proven that she has never been … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries – Rose1029

Cute Animals  It seems counterintuitive that in the stock market system, people choose what we think other people will like instead of going for the thing that we actually like. The people who are making this decision still make up … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – Rose1029

How an individuals are affected by their childhoods Someone’s childhood defining them in adulthood Psychological affects someone’s childhood has on them The lessons learned during childhood that individuals carry throughout their life Perfect childhood’s don’t challenge an individual Children who … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft – Rose1029

The Illusion of Money p1: In today’s world, we buy things almost effortlessly. What used to be a hand to hand exchange of paper and coins became a swipe of a plastic card, and even that is somewhat outdated. Spending … Continue reading

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First Post

this is my first practice post 🙂

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