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Purposeful Summaries – ShaquilleOatmeal

Clean Girls Get Sicker It seems counter intuitive that girls who are generally more clean than other girls end up being sicker than those who face more germs and just aren’t generally as clean. It would make sense to all … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – ShaquilleOatmeal

1. School Lunches 2. School lunches effects 3. School lunches affect on student education 4. School lunches affect on student education vs homemade lunches affect on student education. 5. Kids who bring their own lunches majority of the time are … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft – ShaquilleOatmeal

Faith In Society? Nowadays, money is not a real thing, it’s just a concept. Google up a Honus Wagner baseball card and see where you end up. You’ll find yourself staring at a page that has the numbers 2,100,000 on … Continue reading

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Practice Post – Shaquilleoatmeal


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