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Casual Argument-sixers103

Speeding Through Neighborhoods Speeding can be one of the most dangerous things a person can do while behind the wheel. One in every six drivers gets pulled over for speeding and receives a ticket which accumulates to over 41 million … Continue reading

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The Evolution of “sport” through the ages When you think of the word “sport,” usually people think of something that involves multiple people competing against each other in a physical activity. Sports first began in 776 BC with Olympic games … Continue reading

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For my research paper I will be taking a further look into speeding throughout neighborhoods. I want to get in-depth about the short term and long term affects of speeding and the possible outcomes that could be possible. I will … Continue reading

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PTSD claims-sixers103

PTSD is one of the many severe effects of coming back from the military. It is such a brutal thing to go through as a person and the fact that it can be “spread” to other people around a person … Continue reading

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Belgium Senate approves measure allowing doctors to euthanize children  It seems counterintuitive to start off with how the Belgian Senate voted to allow euthanasia against disabled kids only . According to (, 6% of newborns are born with a disability … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-sixers103

speeding in residential areas speed throughout residential areas and speed limits lower speed limits that will be able to control speeding having police officers stationed throughout residential areas to keep watch on drivers not only having police officers but having … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft-sixers103

The concept of money is comparable to a wide variety of items in the world. Growing up Pokémon cards were a huge hit and each card basically had its own type of rarity. You could exchange these cards or make … Continue reading

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