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Fame-Seeking School Shooters: Who Are They? It’s 2020, and the rate of school shootings has never shown any sign of slowing down. But over recent years, the idea that media sensationalism has become a cause of school shootings has gained … Continue reading

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Proposal +5 — Tenere84

For my research paper I will delve into the discussion of the media’s negative contribution to the concerning phenomenon of school shootings. I intend to prove that media sensationalism has not only caused the desire for notoriety among the youth … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims–Tenere84

“You can’t see Caleb’s other wound, either.” Factual claim. It asserts that Caleb’s “other wound” cannot be seen, as it is an internal wound. We’re also being given a categorical claim. In the context, Caleb’s traumatic brain injury is being … Continue reading

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Men Define Rape It seems counterintuitive that, despite centuries of progression of the feminist movement and women’s rights, men have continued to decide what is and what isn’t rape. In fact, some male lawmakers hold centuries-old beliefs about the definition … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis–Tenere84

School shootings School shootings and media influence The influence of the media and a disturbed person’s likelihood to commit mass shootings Media sensationalism is partly to blame for today’s mass shootings School shootings happen in part because the media and … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft – Tenere84

Money: Humanity’s Greatest Collaborative Illusion While civilization has grown and become more advanced over the years, many thinkers have begun to question the reality of everyday concepts we hold dear to us such as beauty, morality, truth, etc. What if … Continue reading

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Practice Post–Tenere84

My First Post yes

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