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Core Value I. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development. I met this first core value throughout the semester in all of my papers … Continue reading

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Affolter, Zach. “SeaWorld Doesn’t ‘Educate’ Students.” The Dodo. N.p., 21 Oct. 2014. Web. 26 Mar. 2017. Background: In this article the author talks about how SeaWorld is not educational for students and that schools should no longer take the students here … Continue reading

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Research Argument- Chippy

SeaWorld Does Not Educate P.1. Going to SeaWorld serves no educational value, it is simply a place for entertainment. Why else would they train the animals to perform tricks and do flips during the shows? Many people think it is … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- Chippy (Updated)

SeaWorld Provides False Information P.1 SeaWorld claims that their main mission is to educate their audience about marine life in a way they could never experience. One of their main target audiences is children. Many people think SeaWorld is a … Continue reading

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Causal Argument—Chippy

SeaWorld Does Not Educate P1. Going to SeaWorld does not serve any educational value, it is simply a place of entertainment. Why else would the whales and dolphins perform tricks and do flips in front of the audiences? These marine … Continue reading

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Definition Argument- Chippy (Updated)

Captive vs. Wild Orcas P.1. Imagine living your whole life without your family in a tiny area where you are forced to perform tricks for an audience. That is the life of the orcas at SeaWorld. Orcas, also known as … Continue reading

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White Paper- Chippy

Content Descriptions Places like SeaWorld have no educational value People are forced into thinking that SeaWorld is beneficial to children Watching whales perform tricks in a small pool does not teach you anything about how they live out in the … Continue reading

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Polio Notes- Chippy

A white paper is a preliminary paper that is a repository for your sources and your thinking. It is a practice or sample paper. It is a place to try out ideas and the collection of purposeful summaries. It is … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric—Chippy

0-01: There is a decent sized house with a car that has four doors and three of them are open and then they close shut by the people inside. There is also a basketball net in the driveway so a … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that as a society we promote bringing children to aquariums to teach them about different animals and how they live, but what we don’t tell them is how poorly they are being treated in these tiny tanks. … Continue reading

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