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Open Strong—kedudnaimad

A new proposal for combating gerrymandering has appeared and it is not what one would expect. A Tufts University professor has come up with the idea to put more geometry experts in court. At first glance it seems unreasonable to … Continue reading

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Should Have Been A Reply to My Post, Not a New Post

Homelessness is a huge problem in our country, but not many people truly understand what it is. The thought of a homeless person is in most cases a negative one and many people never think twice about the homeless. The homeless are … Continue reading

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Stone Money—kedudnaimad

What is Money? P1. Does money really have a value? It is a question that has many different answers and no one is really right or wrong. All throughout the cultures of the world money has different meaning and different … Continue reading

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First Post-kedudnaimad

This is my first post. This is the second paragraph. This is my third and final paragraph.

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