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Annotated Bib -egyqueen

References Fritz, C., Ellis, A. M., Demsky, C. A., Lin, B. C., & Guros, F. (2013). Embracing work breaks. Organizational Dynamics, 42(4), 274-280. Background: This study provided some rebuttal arguments and overall how to recover from work stress by taking … Continue reading

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1. Human Brain Development Does Not Stop At Adolescence: Research Background: This source explains that the human brain does not stop developing at adolescence, but it instead keeps on developing well into our 20’s. Research conducted at  the Faculty … Continue reading

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Bibliography- StripedSweater

Proposal +5 Source 1: High School Depression and Suicide Prevention Program Background: This source talks about a mental health course that was implemented in high school with the goal of raising awareness of teenage depression and provide resource information … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography-Dupreeh

1. Magill, B., & @bobbymagill, F. (2014, August 28). Coal Plants Lock in 300 Billion Tons ofCO2 Emissions. Background: This article analyzes coal-based power plants. The author spends most of the text to describe the dangers of coal power plants and … Continue reading

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1. Is playing at home really an advantage? Research says… Background: This article talks about how home field advantage in professional sports and college sports has been a topic that has been researched for quite some time. Some people … Continue reading

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Bibliography 2 – ShaquilleOatmeal

Farris, A. R. (n.d.). Nutritional Comparison of Packed and School Lunches in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Children Following the Implementation of the 2012–2013 National School Lunch Program Standards. Background: This study focuses on the nutritional quality of home packed lunches compared … Continue reading

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Bibliography – OmgMafia

1. Miller, K., Danner, F., & Staten, R. (2008). Relationship of Work Hours With Selected Health Behaviors and Academic Progress Among a College Student Cohert. OR Background: Authors Miller, Danner, and Staten have gathered statistics from their experiment of … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography-Walmaarts

1. Amanda Capritto “Can herd immunity help stop coronavirus?” Online Research 10. April 2020  Web. 20. April 2020  Background: This article discusses a different strategy in the battle against the coronavirus. Instead of isolating and social distancing countries like Sweden … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography-Dancestar10

URL: Background: This article talks about about the four major interventions involved with music and explain what the benefits of those interventions and how it helps patience deal with mental health issues How I Used it: I used this … Continue reading

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Bibliography – Tenere84

Definition Argument Sources (may change depending on how the rewrite goes): 1. Langman, Peter. Why Kids Kill: inside the Minds of School Shooters. Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. Background: The author, Peter Langman, delves into the touchy discussion of why children commit … Continue reading

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