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Definition Rewrite-Dancestar10

The Power of music When you think of music you think about different sounds working together simultaneously to make a beat with lyrics. Music has been around for a long time. Though there is no known source of when music … Continue reading

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Definition Rewrite – bmdpiano

Education vs. Learning: The Difference and Why One Isn’t Enough For Preparedness Nothing in the education system is more obsolete, and does less to prepare students for adulthood, than the classic high school schedule of four core classes and a … Continue reading

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Definition Rewrite- StripedSweater

Bringing Attention to Mental Illness Mental health is a crucial aspect of everyone’s life. If mental health is not properly maintained, it can negatively affect one’s relationships, self esteem and quality of life. But society seems to overlook its impact … Continue reading

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Definition Rewrite – Tenere84

School Shooters Aren’t Who You Think They Are In the effort to combat school shootings, researchers, legislators, and politicians alike have tried to point to any circumstances, or “red flags,” that mold someone into a potential offender. They have pointed … Continue reading

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Definition Rewrite – nayr79

I am a person who loves to consume all sorts of media. A movie here, a TV show there, a night of meticulously constructing a playlist every now and then. However often I may jump from one thing to another, … Continue reading

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Definition Rewrite-sixers103

The Evolution of “sport” through the ages When you think of the word “sport,” usually people think of something that involves multiple people competing against each other in a physical activity. Sports first began in 776 BC with Olympic games … Continue reading

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Definition Rewrite-Harp03

MLB Luxury Tax: Not so Luxurious for Small Market Teams Major League Baseball actively enforces a luxury tax, rather than a salary cap, making it the only league of the four major American professional sports leagues: National Basketball Association (NBA), … Continue reading

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Definition Rewrite – OmgMafia

When Employed College Students Become Too Busy for Sleep Students who work and attend college at the same time suffer from mental health issues, yet are never given enough recognition. While they are trying their best to fit in every … Continue reading

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Definition Revised-Walmaarts

The date is December 31, 2019 and the coronavirus (COVID19) was identified at a local wet market in Wuhan, China. Wuhan is home to over 11 million people making it the one of the worst spots for the virus to … Continue reading

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Definition Revised- Gossipgirl3801

Learning vs Reflexes In the Womb Learning begins in the womb for a baby, and by this I don’t mean that they’re just developing things such as reflexes. They learn to recognize the sound of their mother’s voice, they learn … Continue reading

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