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Research Paper -egyqueen

Rest Breaks in Increasing Productivity Many employees struggle with putting up their best performance at work. A study conducted by the World Economic Forum indicates that over two-thirds of American workers have experienced work-related stress at some point in their … Continue reading

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research paper

Trip Sitters Everyone has wondered what psychedelic drugs can do to their mind.   If they were legal, thousands of people would travel just to try psychedelics in a legal and safe environment. That is what I intend on doing.  … Continue reading

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Raising the Legal Drinking Age  The brain is the most complex organ in the body, research and tests always unveil something new regarding functionality, especially in terms of which parts of the brain control what. Development is an important factor … Continue reading

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Research—Striped Sweater

Approaching Students Who Show Warning Signs of Depression Mental health is a crucial aspect of everyone’s life. If mental health is not properly maintained, it can negatively affect one’s relationships, self esteem and quality of life. But society seems to … Continue reading

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Honey, Please Don’t Play Sports For many years now I have questioned the effects that sports have on the human body, not just when you are playing them but also the effects they cause as your body gets older as … Continue reading

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Research paper- Dancestar10

Music Therapy can Help Mental Illness Patients Many people use music as a form of distraction.It’s something many people listen to because it makes them feel happy or because they relate to what the artist is saying . It helps … Continue reading

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Research – Tenere84

It’s Time to Address the Media’s Role in School Shootings “Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger,” said President Donald Trump last year about school shootings. “I want guns to be in the hands of people that are mentally stable. … Continue reading

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Adding a Hard Salary Cap in MLB Would Improve League Parity, Increasing Fan Attendance and TV Ratings Major League Baseball has struggled to achieve parity ever since the implementation of the luxury tax in 2002. The hard cap for equality … Continue reading

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Research- gossipgirl3801

Learning Begins in the Womb Babies begin to learn in the mother’s womb, and by that I mean more than merely developing reflexes. They learn to recognize the sound of their mother’s voice and learn food preferences as well. No … Continue reading

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College Degrees in the NBA College degrees are a gift that not everyone gets the chance to have. In Jaleesa Bustamante’s article, “Percentage of High School Graduates That Go to College,” Bustamante claims that “nearly 25% of high school students … Continue reading

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