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Visual Rhetoric—torthey

Assignment A05 has nothing to do with your research project, torthey. It’s a standalone requirement of the Writing Arts department. Demonstrate that your literacy skills extend beyond the merely verbal and incorporate visual literacy to keep pace with contemporary communications.

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The assignment for A12: Reflective Statement contains everything you’ll need to do a good job with this post, torthey, including a cut-and-paste section to assure formatting compliance. Make a compelling argument that you learned and follow the Core Values of … Continue reading

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Your classmates have done very creditable Bibliographies, torthey, which you can use as models if you need them. 15 Sources, including many academic sources, identified in traditional bibliographic form, but with additions, including the essential “How I Used It” notations.

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rebuttal argument- torthey

One of the major arguments against my thesis is that children from different environments, gender and genetic backgrounds reach neurobiological milestones at different times. Therefore, whats to say that one 13 year old has the mental capabilities to be held … Continue reading

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Definition Argument-torthey

What it means to be an “adult” can have two definitions; one regarding someone’s chronological age and another in respect to maturity. Within the Supreme Court, a person is generally considered to be an adult when they reach the age … Continue reading

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Research Argument—torthey

On June 29, 20015, Jarrell Milton, Jamar Milton and Shauntayvious Primes-Willis (aged 12, 17, and 15, respectively) were involved in a gang-related shooting over a drug deal where Jamymell Ray, 31, was killed in Omaha, Nebraska. Jamar and Shauntayvious were … Continue reading

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