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My Hypothesis-Killerbeanforever

1. Are psychedelic drugs good for you 2. Should psychedelic drugs be legal for recreational use 3. are there benefits to psychedelic drugs 4. are there any health benefits to psychedelic drugs 5. Can psychedelic help or even cure anxiety … Continue reading

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Hypothesis 2 – ShaquilleOatmeal

1. School Lunches 2. School Lunches effects 3. School lunches effect on student education 4. School lunches effect on student education vs homemade lunches effect on student education 5. School lunches effect student education more positively then assumed while homemade … Continue reading

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my hypothesis-egyqueen

1.)work breaks 2.) work breaks can help you work better 3.) breaks increase productivity 4.) the importance of taking a break on your emotional, physical, and mental health 5.) taking a break can give you a fresh new perspective on … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-Walmaarts

Link It seems counterintuitive that we label some peoples lives as “poor quality” but physician-assisted suicide isn’t legal in every state. Physicians-assisted suicide is “when a physician facilitates a patient’s death by providing the necessary means and/or information to enable the patient … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis–Tenere84

School shootings School shootings and media influence The influence of the media and a disturbed person’s likelihood to commit mass shootings Media sensationalism is partly to blame for today’s mass shootings School shootings happen in part because the media and … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-j6128

1. Liberal arts degree from an undergraduate university2. Liberal arts degree economic value at an undergraduate university3. The impact on earnings of a liberal arts degree, compared to alternative forms of higher education4. A liberal arts education is focused on … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- Alyse816

Doing sports at a young age The effects of doing sports at a young age How sports affect your body when you get older How the injuries from sports affect your body as you get older The long lasting effects … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – OmgMafia

Mental Health Issues 2. Mental Health Issues of College Students 3. College Students Suffering from Stress 4. No one realizes how much stress a person can suffer from until they experience the college life. 5. You would think that college … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis

Homeless people in America. Homeless people and social safety nets. The effectiveness of social safety nets on homeless people. Current welfare systems in the U.S have not been shown effective in assisting the homeless. All social safety nets should be … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – Samtheman1448

1. Longer seasons in football 2. Longer regular seasons in NFL football 3. The positive effect the NFL would receive by expanding its regular season 4. NFL players will not experience more injuries by adding more games to the regular … Continue reading

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