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Stone Money Draft – Tenere84

Money: Humanity’s Greatest Collaborative Illusion While civilization has grown and become more advanced over the years, many thinkers have begun to question the reality of everyday concepts we hold dear to us such as beauty, morality, truth, etc. What if … Continue reading

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Stone Money Revised Draft-J6128

                                    The Essential Role of Trust in the Global Economy  Trust is, and has always been at the foundation of the global economy. That trust has been tested, strengthened and weakened for hundreds of years and its importance prevails amongst societies … Continue reading

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The Value of a Dollar

                      Most parents place a lot of effort trying to teach their kids the value of a dollar. It is an extremely difficult concept to grasp for children, and the concept does not get easier as you grow. Truth is, the … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft – OmgMafia

Different Money, Different Value Money is made in all different types of values, shapes, sizes and has all types of different perspectives on it from the people who use it every day. In the United States, a majority of the … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft-TaxManMaxwell

A Valueless Commodity The currency we use holds no value. A dollar bill itself is not useful or something to be wanted. The only reason people seek out dollar bills is due to the expectation that they will be able … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft—KrustyKrabPizza

The Value of Money It is human nature to make things easier for ourselves. We are different from every other animal in that we do not only make things easier for ourselves, but more sophisticated as well. We began as … Continue reading

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stone money draft-dancestar10

The concept of Money Money is very important in our world and everyone has the same concept for it. They use it to buy things or trade it for others things or to show people how rich they are. Even … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft-Harp03

Evolution of Money Money, the manifestation that often dictates quality of life, social status, and mental health, is used each day by millions of people around the world. The most typical thought that arises when one mentions money involves using … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft – Rose1029

The Illusion of Money p1: In today’s world, we buy things almost effortlessly. What used to be a hand to hand exchange of paper and coins became a swipe of a plastic card, and even that is somewhat outdated. Spending … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft–bloomingmystery

Money Needs Faith The idea of money is drastically different under varying viewpoints. For children, trading snacks at lunchtime for better goodies is the same as adult men trading services that more or less even out to an equal exchange. … Continue reading

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