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Reflective – wentzwagon11

Core Value I. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development. I met this goal through the use of consistent research combined with a general … Continue reading

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Bibliography – wentzwagon11

Birnbaum, Phil. “A Guide to Sabermetric Research.” A Guide to Sabermetric Research | Society for American Baseball Research. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017. Background: Phil Birnbaum is a certified expert in all things Saber metrics. In this article he dives … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric – wentzwagon11

0:00-0:01 The Ad starts of in an ambulance with two injured men inside along with a male and a female EMT. One of the men is more seriously hurt and is being attended to by the EMT’s. The camera then … Continue reading

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Definition Argument – wentzwagon11

Wins Above Replacement in baseball is a statistic that is meant to represent a player’s true value to his team. In reality it means much more than that. WAR represents a revolution in the way that players in the MLB … Continue reading

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Rebuttal – wentzwagon11

Baseball players should be evaluated and signed based off of either the eye test or the Saber metric approach and there is no in between. Both methods have been proven to work on their own in separate situations. While the … Continue reading

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Research Argument – wentzwagon11

Hybrid General Managers: A New Era P1. In an era where technology is constantly evolving there is always going to be a new young model of some previously existing thing. However these new young models will time and time again … Continue reading

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White Paper – wentzwagon11

  WAR is a statistic in baseball that was introduced in 1983. It hasn’t provided any mainstream use until very recently however around 2014. It stands for Wins Above Replacement, or how many more wins you provide when you’re on … Continue reading

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Polio Notes – wentzwagon11

The Polio virus will never be completely eradicated from this world as long as the world is still full of idiots. People who didn’t graduated from a college with a degree in medicine aren’t qualified to decide that vaccines aren’t … Continue reading

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Proposal+5 – wentzwagon11

It seems counterintuitive that baseball players have been evaluated by the eye test for over a century and now teams are abandoning that approach all together. The eye test is the layman’s term for evaluating a players talent strictly on … Continue reading

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Stone Money – wentzwagon11

Not Valuable, Not Worthless P1. If something has value it has a certain level of importance to someone, so how is it that we can place value in something that serves virtually no purpose (Difference Between, 2011). Money is something … Continue reading

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