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Should Have Been A Reply to My Post, Not a New Post

Homelessness is a huge problem in our country, but not many people truly understand what it is. The thought of a homeless person is in most cases a negative one and many people never think twice about the homeless. The homeless are … Continue reading

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A Blow to the Head—nickalodeansallthat

Housing the Homeless p1. Being Homeless is a title given to those that have struggled to the point that living on the street is the only place they feel they can go. Many obstacles come with being homeless, the biggest … Continue reading

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Got ’em, Need ’em, Blow to the Head

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Blow to the Head-therealmoana

Ending Homelessness P1. We pass people on the streets of New York or Los Angles and do not give them a second look. We are afraid to talk or look at them, knowing that there is a chance they will … Continue reading

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A Blow to the Head—romanhsantiago

Needs a Title P1. Homelessness is one of those underlying issues in our country that not many people understand. Homeless people are usually overlooked by most people and viewed very negatively by others. Something that people tend to forget is … Continue reading

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A Blow to the Head – therealjohnsanchez

The Homeless Problem   P1 Sometimes the solution to a problem is to work smarter, not harder. It is easy to believe that the solution to homelessness is simple. If we build houses for homeless people, then they won’t be … Continue reading

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Blow to the Head- green eggs and ham

Mentally Ill Homeless P1.Many of the homeless living on the street suffer from severe mental illness caused by blows to the head. Giving these mentally ill homeless only housing will not solve the large homeless problem. These individuals need help for their … Continue reading

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Blow to the Head—studentwriter

Misconceptions Surrounding the Homeless P1. There are many misconceptions people hold when it comes to the homeless population in the United States. Many are unforgiving and treat homeless people as though they are less than human and undeserving of compassion. … Continue reading

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A Blow to the Head—starbucks

Putting Homelessness to an End P1. What if someone close to our hearts, a family member or a friend was homeless? We should ask ourselves: Would I let them stay on the streets or would I take them into my … Continue reading

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A Blow to the Head -Kingoflizards

Housing First: Homelessness P1. Human beings have been attempting to solve the homelessness problem the same way for years. The current strategy, is to first make the homeless clean from drugs and alcohol, and then find them a job and somewhere … Continue reading

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