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Proposal+5- starbucks

In our everyday lives we rely so much one our iPhones, tablets, and the internet in general. Most people in the world today would not even be able to make it a full day without the use of any technology. … Continue reading

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5 sources and summaries-chancetoremember This article discussed how planned parenthood is actually funded. It turns out that the government does not actually write a check to planned parenthood to pay for things like abortions and birth control, Planned Parenthood is a form of … Continue reading

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Proposal and Purposeful Summaries- green eggs and ham

America deems itself the land of the free, but in actuality that is not quite so. Throughout history, America has been the land of the free when convenient. Throughout American history people have been oppressed for their race, religion, gender, … Continue reading

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5 proposal sources+Summaries Article was a surmise of five polls that shed light on how both sides view Immigration. The Republican Caucus party that participated in a poll showed that those who voted wanted action to be taken against those who migrate … Continue reading

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5 Sources & Summaries – nobinaryneeded

Stigma: Alive and Well – Sadie F. Dingfelder  With the stigma surrounding mental health it allows for people to diminish their illnesses without any recognition from their loved ones. The reason most of them do not get help is due … Continue reading

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Proposal- torthey

Considering what we know about the developing brain, as well as the recent literature on behavior theory, it appears to be counterintuitive to hold children who have been charged with crimes to be held to the same caliber of culpability … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that so many people look down upon the legalization of marijuana. Although it does have negative factors, it also has positive ones that many people do not know about. A positive aspect would include safety control. If … Continue reading

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It seems counter intuitive how America claims to be the land of the free, but when immigrants come they have to be Americanized or else they become a complete pest. With that it is counter intuitive that they need to … Continue reading

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Proposal- therealjohnsanchez

Proposal It seems counterintuitive that a group of people is less likely to help a person in distress than a single person. A group of people has the potential to do more than just a single person but groups often … Continue reading

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Proposal+5 – wentzwagon11

It seems counterintuitive that baseball players have been evaluated by the eye test for over a century and now teams are abandoning that approach all together. The eye test is the layman’s term for evaluating a players talent strictly on … Continue reading

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