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White Paper- Romanhsantiago

Racism in America Should Not Exist. Racism in America should not exist and expanding on the main topic of this class i find it to be very counterintuitive. It is counterintuitive because we are all a mix from different parts … Continue reading

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white paper-chancetoremember

White Paper Content Descriptions: -the purpose of planned parenthood/how planned parenthood is funded -untrue reputation planned parenthood has -services provided by planned parenthood -the defunding of planned parenthood Working hypothesis 1: Healthcare is a very important service, no matter where … Continue reading

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White Paper -Studentwriter

Content Description America professes to be a country that allows all faiths equal voice when it does not. Legal bias to christian values Historically america has had a bias toward christian white males in terms of black christians gay americans women … Continue reading

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White Paper-therealmoana

Content Descriptions Social media networking sites are dangerous to children and teenagers. Facebook is the number one social media networking site in the world. Facebook is also were child offenders look for prey and try to take advantage of those … Continue reading

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White Paper- Greeneggsandham

Content Descriptions -America has become the land of the rich -America is deemed the land of the free, however it is not quite so -There is oppression on multiple racial groups, gender, and cultures -The first Amendment is under attack, … Continue reading

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White Paper- therealjohnsanchez

Content Description Factors Surrounding the Murder of Kitty Genovese -Number of Witnesses -Uncertainty -Police relations -Sleep Deprivation The Bystander Effect Homecoming Gang Rape in California   Working Hypothesis 1 The murder of Kitty Genovese is well known in the field … Continue reading

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White Paper- dunkindonuts

Animal Rights vs Medical Research When it comes to research for medicine, researchers have found the need to use animals in order to find out how the chemicals would affect humans. Now, when it comes to medical research, laboratory animals … Continue reading

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White Paper-starbucks

Content Descriptions • Computer-ated learning • Information abundantly available • The digital age simplifies research methods • Contribution of information can come from all over the world quickly • Having so much information at hand can diminish requisite thinking • … Continue reading

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White Paper- Chippy

Content Descriptions Places like SeaWorld have no educational value People are forced into thinking that SeaWorld is beneficial to children Watching whales perform tricks in a small pool does not teach you anything about how they live out in the … Continue reading

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White Paper-Nickalodeansallthat

Contents Description -The Public’s opinion of Immigrants and how it affects behavior of both parties -Hate crimes and racism percentages and details against immigrants overall -Racism and hate crime percentages against Americanized  immigrants -Exploring and comparing the percentages to those … Continue reading

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