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Definition Argument – wentzwagon11

Wins Above Replacement in baseball is a statistic that is meant to represent a player’s true value to his team. In reality it means much more than that. WAR represents a revolution in the way that players in the MLB … Continue reading

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Definition Argument-torthey

What it means to be an “adult” can have two definitions; one regarding someone’s chronological age and another in respect to maturity. Within the Supreme Court, a person is generally considered to be an adult when they reach the age … Continue reading

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Definition Argument- RomanhSantiago

What classifies as a hate crime P1. Criminals all have different motives for committing crimes. They commit crimes out of necessity, greed, revenge, or even mental illness. In 1968 a Statue was created that made it a crime to use … Continue reading

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Definition argument (UPDATED)-starbucks

Is Technology Impeding Social Skill Development In our world today, it is not unusual for people to have their initial introduction via some avenue that is supported by technology. In the business world, technology clearly offers many benefits as communication … Continue reading

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Definitive Paper-Nickalodeansallthat

It seems counterintuitive intuitive that the “Land of the free” is not really free, especially for those who come to this country expecting a better life,but are instead berated, battered, and beaten just for being themselves. It is not always … Continue reading

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Say No to Animal Testing P1. How come when it comes to helping humans, animals are harmed in the process? When medicine is being created, researchers test it on animals in order to see the potential effects it has on … Continue reading

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Christian Hegemony P1: The eternal competition for power is a familiar challenge present throughout history and in simple day to day social interactions. In todays society we feel the weight of certain sects of people identified by race, religion, or gender … Continue reading

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Definition Argument All across the world people have different views on what quality really is.  To the richest man in Japan, quality could be the finest and most expensive sushi available to him; or to an average man in Mexico, … Continue reading

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Definition Argument -Kingoflizards

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a stain on the Earth. While it is not the only garbage patch, or “trash vortex” in the world, it is the largest. Being twice the size of Texas,  it is a massive danger … Continue reading

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Definition—green eggs and ham

Modern-Day Slavery Slavery has been ruling American society since its inception. For 300 years, over ten million African Americans forced into brutal labor from birth till death.  Manual slavery ended over 150 years ago; however a form of modern slavery has become … Continue reading

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