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rebuttal argument- torthey

One of the major arguments against my thesis is that children from different environments, gender and genetic backgrounds reach neurobiological milestones at different times. Therefore, whats to say that one 13 year old has the mental capabilities to be held … Continue reading

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Rebuttal – wentzwagon11

Baseball players should be evaluated and signed based off of either the eye test or the Saber metric approach and there is no in between. Both methods have been proven to work on their own in separate situations. While the … Continue reading

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Rebuttal-starbucks (UPDATED)

Can Technology Help with Social Skills With the statistics recorded showing that teenagers typically average anywhere from four hours or more per day on the internet, it really isn’t surprising that it is not uncommon for them to meet people … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- Romanhsantiago

P1. In the Declaration of Independence it says, “All men are created equal,” but how true does that hold today? . As the last presidential election advanced the American people began to see many clear divides within the American people. … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Revision – nobinaryneeded

All in Your Head “It’s all in your head,” isn’t as false as a statement as some people make it out to be. There’s an unprecedented number of people in this world who have been made to believe that mental … Continue reading

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The Bravery of Fear Tactics Prioritization of individuals in the United States has become a very controversial issue. Since the inception of the united states there has been an unbalanced system that does not provide for the rights of all … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Argument The debate of defunding Planned Parenthood has become a very controversial issue in the United States, recently. Although there are a plentitude of individuals who believe that taking away government funding for this institution would be a grave … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- therealjohnsanchez

Needs a Title Although I admit that the murder of Kitty Genovese is a poor real life example of the bystander effect, I still believe that the bystander effect is a real phenomenon. People with a more radical view reject … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- Chippy (Updated)

SeaWorld Provides False Information P.1 SeaWorld claims that their main mission is to educate their audience about marine life in a way they could never experience. One of their main target audiences is children. Many people think SeaWorld is a … Continue reading

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Technology’s Benefits in Society Although technology is causing negative factors on certain things in society today, there are definitely benefits that it has as well. Thanks to technology and the internet, we are able to have information from all over … Continue reading

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