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Research Argument- torthey

In 2005 the Supreme Court decided that executing children younger than 18 years old was unconstitutional due to their neurobiological immaturity. Executing someone for a crime based upon their biological age is considered unconstitutional and yet an 11 year old … Continue reading

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Research Argument—torthey

On June 29, 20015, Jarrell Milton, Jamar Milton and Shauntayvious Primes-Willis (aged 12, 17, and 15, respectively) were involved in a gang-related shooting over a drug deal where Jamymell Ray, 31, was killed in Omaha, Nebraska. Jamar and Shauntayvious were … Continue reading

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Research Argument – wentzwagon11

Hybrid General Managers: A New Era P1. In an era where technology is constantly evolving there is always going to be a new young model of some previously existing thing. However these new young models will time and time again … Continue reading

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Research—green eggs and ham

The Land Of The (Not So) Free Slavery has been ruling American society since its inception. For 300 years, over ten million African Americans forced into brutal labor from birth till death.  Manual slavery ended over 150 years ago; however a … Continue reading

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Research argument-starbucks

Is Technology Impeding Social Skill Development In our world today it is not unusual for people to have their initial introduction via some avenue that is supported by technology. In the business world, technology clearly offers many benefits as communication … Continue reading

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Research Argument- therealjohnsanchez

P1. Good people often fail to act. Although people like to think that they think for themselves, most are greatly influenced by the effects of group dynamics. When people are in a group, they feel a pressure to conform to … Continue reading

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Research Argument—nickalodeansallthat

Color Blind America: The Issue of Race and Immigration p1. When the name America is mentioned, many different phrases can come to mind, but the phrase “the land of the free” is the most apparent. The freedom of speech, freedom … Continue reading

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Research Argument-aeks123

From Earning to Learning The purposes of grades in education systems is to measure how well students are learning by creating motivation for students. If we take a closer look, grades can have the opposite effect on both of their … Continue reading

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Research Argument-therealmoana

How Much Information Is Too Much           Facebook and all technology is a luxury and entertainment item in our lives. Our society revolves around internet and technology. If we like it or not our world is evolving … Continue reading

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Research Argument- Kingoflizards

There is an island of garbage in the Pacific Ocean that is nearly twice the size of Texas. While it is not the only garbage patch, or trash vortex in the world, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest … Continue reading

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