Class 09: WED FEB 19

Lecture/Demo: Tips for Better Research

Lecture/Demo: Tips for Better Proposals

Task: Proposal+5

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  1. j6128 says:

    What happened
    Tips for better research
    Tips for better proposals
    Homework: proposal+5 due feb 25 (tuesday)

    What I learned
    We are not trying to prove our hypothesis, we are instead reading, studying and drawing conclusions
    Don’t find sources that say want you believe to be true
    You form a hypothesis because you have a question
    It would be a fail if all your sources agree with your hypothesis
    Use google scholar to find resources for paper
    When using google scholar put what you want to find in quotations marks because the website will find those keywords in the quotation marks- helps narrow specific information need for paper
    You can also find articles using the Rowan Library website
    When you can’t access a article(because it costs money), copy the title and paste it in the rowan library search engine and it should pop up for free
    Wikipedia is also a great resource to find information- you will find a references list that is a “search shortcut”
    Apply evidence from outside your primary topic- to your very specific thesis
    Need to make a narrow arguable hypothesis
    Narrow the topic
    Approach a very narrow topic from several angles
    Hypothesis needs to be Specific, arguable, researchable and variable

  2. bloomingmystery says:

    Feb 19th Notes

    -Discussed better research tips and sources that are credible as well as ones that don’t just support your hypothesis.
    -Once again: you are not proving your hypothesis, you are researching and learning and then drawing conclusions from the research you have done.
    -Talking about your hypothesis with someone can help shift your perspective to something else, something much better.
    -Google scholar is a great site to use to find sources for research. Using quotation marks will make sure the phrase you’re looking for is coming up together in your search and not just one word over the other. Placing a minus before a word deletes searches with that word or name in it, which minimizes the sources you may be looking for in terms of your research topic.
    -If you face a pay wall, you can copy the title of the article and paste it into the Rowan Library Database, and there it is, all without spending any money to read something without knowing if it is even going to help in your research.
    -Wikipedia isn’t a credible source, however it can be used to find a list of sources that may help to strengthen your argument and research.
    -Make sure to read about both sides, the positive and the negative.
    -Be aware to not take a perfect quote and apply it to your paper, this then results in a failure as your hypothesis has already been proved by someone else and you are only parroting what this person has said.
    -For the topic, it needs to be narrowed and once it is narrowed down enough, it then needs to be approached from different angles.
    -The Proposal +5 assignment involves a proposal (2 paragraphs) as well as five sources and why they are being used and how they add to the research.
    -There are many things to consider regarding your hypothesis: Is it specific? Arguable? Researchable? Verifiable? These questions will help to shape and mold a hypothesis into something worthy of research.
    -On Tuesday February 25th at 11:59pm the Proposal +5 is due.

  3. sixers103 says:

    Professor started by telling us how research is what we use to make an argument through our hypothesis. Used a former students paper who had problems finding sources as an example to tell us that sometimes you need to rephrase what you want to search in order to find out what exactly you are looking for. He showed us how the campbell library is an easy away to avoid pay-wall websites. You just need to copy the title of the article and go to the campbell library than paste in search tab. Wikipedia may not give you anything to quote directly but scrolling all the way down to the bottom you can find a good amount of references that you can follow to possible better sources. There are four different types of angles that you can choose to base your argument around (proposal, comparative, evaluative, and categorical.) When making a hypothesis you must avoid naming a topic instead of hypothesis, survey proposals, and controversial premise. By avoiding those certain things your hypothesis will come out strong and with a full purpose.

  4. stripedsweater21 says:

    We talked about how to better our research; finding sources that don’t support our hypothesis doesn’t fully disprove that hypothesis; it supports a different thesis. We were shown an example; the Westboro baptist church claims to go against gays, yet an idea occurs: they are supporting the gays instead. By showing their negative views, most people don’t want to publicly agree with them even if they disagree with homosexuality, so they either keep silent or go against the church. However, no evidence was found to support this hypothesis. If you find supporting evidence, the topic has been researched, leaving your thesis as an echo. We also talked about our next assignment, which is due next wednesday. It’s best for us to choose a topic that we are interested in. We also talked about making a hypothesis specific and talked about what to avoid, such as naming a topic, survey proposals, too broad and vague arguments and feelings or biased arguments. Instead, we should create a controversial premise, a narrow framework for an argument, researchable evidence and hypotheses that can be quantified.

  5. alyse816 says:

    Instead of proving our hypothesis, we should be making an argument instead
    You need to find sources, other than what you already know is true
    Proving your own thesis is a win, if you are parroting someone else’s thesis thats when its a fail
    Use google scholar and Rowans Campbell Library when researching your topic
    Avoid naming the topic, instead name the hypothesis and elaborate on that
    Avoid to broad of an argument and to vague of an argument, instead find a narrow framework for an argument

  6. harp03 says:

    Class Notes 02/19/2020

    Instead of trying to prove a hypothesis: Read, Study, Learn, and Draw Conclusions
    -If you can’t find sources, you are most likely trying to find info about something you BELIEVE to be true (also may be proving someone else’s thesis in the process)

    Tips for Better Research:
    -Rather than searching for “Westboro Baptist Church”, shift your mindset and ask yourself questions about the purpose that you are trying to achieve
    -The questions you raise should be researchable
    -Student was able to completely change their thesis to “how celebrity indorsement opinions affect others’ opinions”
    -Apply evidence from outside your primary topic to your very specific thesis

    Use Google Scholar: AND Rowan’s Campbell Library
    -Free information, full articles
    -Quotations around the input will search for the combination of both words and eliminate useless information
    -Copy and paste title of paywall article into Rowan’s database

    Better Proposals:
    -Narrow topic
    -Approach that very narrow topic from several angles
    -Create a proposal argument, as that will provide a very valuable paper with plenty of substance within a 3000-word limit

    Homework by next Wednesday: Proposal+5
    -Specific. Arguable. Researchable. Verifiable.
    -Prepare sources for use in White Paper (which will be configured in weeks from now)
    -2 paragraph research proposal

    Is The Hypothesis Specific…Arguable?
    -Naming a topic vs naming a hypothesis
    -Survey proposals
    -Too broad an argument

    Instead, create a narrow framework for argument and a controversial premise.
    (example: DO NOT = “Convicts are jailed because of problems with no evidence, DO = “Prosecutors unmask their true intentions when they attempt to suppress new exculpatory evidence)

    For homework assignment:
    -Write a 2 paragraph proposal
    -Collect 5 sources (and link them) and write a 1-paragraph background of the source + 1-paragraph about how you intend to use it

  7. gossipgirl3801 says:

    2/19/20- Today in class we went over tips for better research, professor showed us examples of times when a student couldn’t find sources for their research topic, the Westboro Baptist Church. Discussed how you need to talk to someone when you have this problem and the process before he talked to the professor. We talked about the worst possible outcome and what the student should do instead. Professor introduced Google Scholar, I had never used it before, to show us how to properly look up research for our topic. Professor looked up the link that the previous student used on Google Scholar to show us that if we run up against a pay wall, we copy the title of the article and then we paste the title in Rowans library search and it will pop up free to us. We were told to stop thinking and talking about our topic and just start researching it at the library, google scholar, and “even Wikipedia is a terrific source”. Professor advises us to read articles both positive and negative about celebrity endorsement. We then started to learn about tips for better proposals, we read a previous students first proposal. Professor Hodges discussed with us how to narrow our broad topic, and how to approach it from different angles such as categorical, evaluative, comparative, and proposal arguments. We then got our task, to flush out our 2 paragraph research proposal and 5 sources. For our sources we need to state the background and how we intend to use it. “Specific. Arguable. Researchable. Verifiable.”

  8. bmdpiano says:


    Tips for Better Research:
    – A thesis is not meant to be proven. There is reading, analyzing and drawing conclusions.
    – Just finding “that perfect quote” does not matter because at that point that person’s quote already said the student’s hypothesis. We do not want to find validation in our research.
    – Use Google Scholar to eliminate useless articles about what we want to search.
    – Putting phrases into quotes in Google Scholar will help find that exact phrase instead of having the search engine get thousands of hits on each individual word.
    – If there is a paywall, use the Campbell Library database so that the article can be reached.
    – Talk about your topic.

    Tips for Better Proposals:
    – Avoid being too broad. The more specific, the better.
    – Approach the topic from many different angles. 1. Categorical argument, 2. evaluate argument, 3. comparative argument, and 4. proposal argument.

  9. a1175 says:

    -suppose to read, study, learn and draw conclusions when finding sources for research
    -should not look for the perfect quote because it has already been said, leading to you not contributing to the topic
    -google scholar is a good tool to find resources
    -if websites on google scholar require you to pay, copy and paste the title into Rowan’s database and the article will be free
    -hypothesis should be specific, arguable, researchable, and verifiable

  10. walmaarts says:

    We looked over an article about the Westboro Baptist church. God Hates Fags would be protested in front of the Westboro Baptist Church.
    The writing of the article was looking for the perfect article for this piece. He couldn’t find any on Westboro Baptist Church. No authoritative source that shows directly talks about how the Westboro Baptist Church opens more opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community.
    Instead, the author decided to look up “The effects of negative information transference in the celebrity endorsement relationship”
    The author used Rowan Universities Library. They have many sources and articles for “free” with your tuition.
    The author found academic insight to offer a solution to the topic “The Westboro Baptist Church creates gay rights.
    A plethora of sources can be found at the bottom of Wikipedia pages. For example, when talking about Tiger Woods and celebrity branding you could search his name in the document and find sources pertaining to Tiger Woods. Sources that are “paid” can be bypassed by going through the Rowan University Library page.
    The author starts out with the claim “Supplements purport to improve our lives but often make things worse.”
    There are different approaches to take one example: “Categorical argument” “The FDA does not classify dietary supplements as drugs”
    Narrowing exercise can show different points of view/arguments that you can take the topic too.
    For Homework, Write a formal version of your research proposal, The proposal can be brief, provided it is clear, Identify and link to your best 5 sources, Post your Research Proposal and Sources in two categories.

  11. dancestar10 says:

    tips on how to do better research
    tips on better proposals
    due proposal task plus 5 sources due next Wednesday

  12. rose1029 says:

    2/19 comp class notes
    What happened:
    Gave tips for better research
    Discussed what exactly happened with the Westboro baptist church and what they did
    Talked about a particular students research and how they related their life to it and how they found their resources
    Explained how to more efficiently search for resources through google scholar, using quotation marks and minus signs.
    Discussed How to find sources for free
    Spoke about what search engines are the most efficient to use in our research
    Talked about what type of approach to have when defining exactly what you’re researching
    Students were assigned the Proposal +5 task due next Wednesday
    We were congratulated on the effort put into our last task

    What I learned:
    Some past students have had issues trying to find their sources for their research papers
    If you can’t find any sources, it means that you are looking for the wrong thing
    You might be looking for something that is proving your thesis rather than help support the ideas of your thesis
    He was a baptist that believed that homosexuality to the military and IED s, and would take his followers to funerals of fallen soldiers with offensive signs and messages
    Gay hate groups actually help the gay population because some gay hate groups are just so unjust that the average person doesn’t want to associate themselves with those types of people
    Instead of looking for your exact idea and a source that perfectly agrees with you and your standpoint you should instead look for something that adds on to your original idea and have it help prove your claims
    Have your own events in your life help your research even if it may not seem like the two things relate at that time
    In order to access resources for free that may not be otherwise, students can use the Rowan Campbell Library Database because they have full access due to paying their tuition fees.
    To contrary belief, Wikipedia is a valuable source, it may not be able to be quoted directly from the text but it can be a source to learn from and it lists all of the sources it uses at the bottom of the article
    Students must be able to make their research topic less broad and focus on the few main aspects of it: making the hypothesis as specific as possible
    The many things to avoid and then create when working with your hypothesis
    My specifying what sources you want to use you will be able to shape your paper and make an outline of your argument

  13. taxmanmaxwell says:

    Today in class we crafted a text message for evan. We then went over our research and how to better hash out our hypothesis studying. The professor told us that if somebody has written exactly what we want that it makes our topic redundant. We were instructed to use google scholar for our research to narrow down extraneous results.
    We then moved on to instructions on how to write a better proposal and the proposal task. The class revisited the importance of narrowing down our topic to ensure we can focus on the substance of our writing

    We learned that proving our hypothesis is not the objective of our hypothesis paper. Instead it is that we need to learn from what we find in our research and not focus on vindicating our topic. Finding a source that says everything we want would be a failure, as our topic becomes more of a redux. Specifically, it means that when we don’t find the results we want then we have the chance to make our own voice heard.

  14. tenere84 says:

    Notes 2/19

    Tips for Better Research
    – We are researching to test, not to prove. The main approach to researching is studying, testing, analyzing data and drawing conclusions.
    – If you are having trouble finding sources that bolster your research, look out for researchable topics not immediately named in your hypothesis. If you hypothesize that the negative attributes of the Westboro Baptist Church are responsible for increasing support for the LGBT community, you could expand the scope of your evidence to celebrity endorsement in general.
    – Talking with others, particularly Mister David, is a very underrated way of getting help with research.
    – Using sources that parrot your opinion or agree with you would imply that your research has failed. The idea of writing essays is to spread new ideas, not regurgitate those of other writers.
    – Thinking and talking about my thesis until I start to raise questions that can be researched is a much better approach.
    – Google Scholar is a great platform to do some scholarly research. Rowan’s Campbell Library is a great website to find sources that would usually have a paywall.

    Tips for Better Proposals
    – Narrow the topic of your hypothesis. It may be too broad for meaningful research.
    – Approach a very narrow topic from several angles.
    – Angle 1. Categorical argument.
    – Angle 2. Evaluative argument.
    – Angle 3. Comparative Argument.
    – Angle 4. Proposal argument.


    Is the Hypothesis Specific?
    – AVOID: Naming a topic instead of a hypothesis.
    – AVOID: Survey proposals. Promises the reader with surveys, which have no argument value.
    – CREATE: Controversial premise. A valid argument that is also controversial; appeals to the idea of counterintuitivity.

    Is the Hypothesis Arguable?
    – AVOID: Too broad an argument.
    – AVOID: Too vague an argument.
    – CREATE: A narrow framework for argument.

    Is the Hypothesis Researchable?
    – AVOID: Arguments about people’s feelings or beliefs.
    – AVOID: Arguments that won’t be settled in your lifetime.
    – CHOOSE: Researchable evidence.

    Is the Hypothesis Verifiable?
    – AVOID: Hypotheses with vague terms.
    – AVOID: Hypotheses with unverifiable conclusions.
    – CHOOSE: Hypotheses that can be quantified.

    – Main task: Write a formal version of your research proposal, identifying what you expect to find, or hope to find, or are open to finding, in as much detail as you can manage.
    – Can be brief, provided it is clear. You don’t have to remain faithful to your original proposal.
    – Link to your best 5 sources, academic if possible. For every source, give details such as the background and how you intend to use it.

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