Fails for Grammar (FFG)

The Dreaded FFG

With any luck, you’ll never see the dreaded FFG note in your Feedback for Mechanics. But if you violate the inviolable Rules of Absolutely Essential Grammar and Punctuation, you can always check here to see where it is you went wrong.

Hidden in the Curriculum

We probably shouldn’t have to study grammar in College Composition II, but the fact is not everybody who gets this far into college is comfortable with grammar basics. We’ll review grammar basics in class only if necessary, but I will enforce strict standards for minimally correct writing in your Portfolios.

Fails for Grammar

Papers that violate these very basic rules will fail, at least temporarily, but you’ll have every opportunity to revise your work until your writing is error-free and worthy of a grade.

If your paper fails for basic grammar, I’ll refer you back to this post for advice on how to correct mistakes. I’ll add to this list of basic rules if other errors show up in papers often enough to warrant a new rule.

The Rules of Absolutely Essential Grammar and Punctuation are organized in the Grammar Menu at the top of the blog.