Peer Review My Hypothesis

For this simple Non-Portfolio Task, review the My Hypothesis posts of your classmates and analyze them. Leave feedback for your classmates to assist them in thinking critically and imaginatively about their own Hypotheses.

Some questions to consider while leaving your feedback:

  1. Is this Hypothesis actually counterintuitive?
  2. Is this Hypothesis specific enough for just 3000 words?
  3. Can this Hypothesis be researched?
  4. Is the Hypothesis quantifiable, or merely an opinion that can be countered by another equally valid opinion?
  5. Is the question worth spending a semester to investigate?
  6. Can I provide guidance on how to narrow or reshape the Hypothesis?
  7. Do I have sources to share that might be helpful?

Date Assigned: MON FEB 10
Due Date: WED FEB 12
If Late: Do anyway.