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Visual Rhetoric-thecommonblackhawk

00:01 The advertisement begins in black and white with a view from above, presumably from a helicopter but could possibly be from a tall building. The lack of color seems to exemplify the drama of the scene. What seems to … Continue reading

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Proposal + 5-thecommonblackhawk

Respect for Results The United States Military is arguably the most lethal and effective organization in the world, capable of completing a wide variety of tasks. Those who serve require unique skills that can only be forged through complete mental and physical breakdown … Continue reading

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A Blow to the Head-thecommonblackhawk

Helping the Helpless P1. Our country faces an epidemic of chronic homelessness and our attempts to solve it have failed. Although our government streams about 1.18 billion dollars to Continuum of Care, the governments solution to help the homeless, approximately 170,000 people … Continue reading

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94-Year-old Graduates College Online with Bachelor’s and 4.0 GPA-thecommonblackhawk

I found this story to be very inspiring! I would love to see a time where inspiring and happy news more sought after than negative stories!

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Common Ground P1. It seems counterintuitive that the wealthiest country in the world happens to be plagued with an epidemic of homelessness. Luckily, people like Rosanne Haggerty, the founder of the nonprofit Common Ground, take on this battle for a living. … Continue reading

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Stone Money-thecommonblackhawk

Acceptance of Money P1. It is said that money does not grow on trees, yet after reading Milton Friedman’s paper “The Island of Stone Money,” I no longer know what to believe. In his paper, Friedman spoke of an island in Micronesia … Continue reading

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First Post-thecommonblackhawk

Kit-Kats for Nerds This is a test This is a second paragraph.  

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