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Opening for Gerrymandering -Studentwriter

Gerrymandering is a problem that does not allow the fair nature of democracy to allow the most fair leader to be in charge. Certain electoral districts are shaped in way that do reflect the clearest united vote coming from a … Continue reading

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Open Strong-aeks123

We tend to think of gerrymandering as a problem that can only be solved in courts by politicians, but using geometry as way to combat it is an innovative possible solution. It’s easy to wonder how gerrymandering—the practice of carving … Continue reading

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Strong Opening-starbucks

Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating the shape of electoral district to benefit a specific party. At Tufts University, a professor has made a proposal to reduce it. Moon Duchin is a professor, and she noticed that a bit of … Continue reading

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Open Strong- therealjohnsanchez

My vote matters more than yours. Gerrymandering is alive and well in America and it is undermining the foundation of our democracy. Gerrymandering is a way of drawing voting districts that results in an unfair and unrealistic representation of the … Continue reading

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Open Strong—kedudnaimad

A new proposal for combating gerrymandering has appeared and it is not what one would expect. A Tufts University professor has come up with the idea to put more geometry experts in court. At first glance it seems unreasonable to … Continue reading

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Open Strong-green eggs and ham

Tufts university professor, Moon Duchin is tackling the inefficient process of gerrymandering. The undemocratic process, which gives the advantage to the minority party has long been discussed. The Supreme court has tackled the problem, stating that defining  “compactness” is where … Continue reading

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Open strong-dunkindonuts

When it comes to Gerrymandering, it results in one district is overpowering another. Now, becoming an issue, it is found that metric geometry research can be used to help the problems the courts have been presented with. Mathematicians are the one being scouted … Continue reading

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Open Strong- torthey

Gerrymandering; the legal, yet undemocratic practice of redistricting areas in order to give power to an areas minority party should be fought back against in the courts. One Tufts University professor, Moon Dustin, has found a way to do so via … Continue reading

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Gerrymandering Article-therealmoana

Moon Duchin, a Tuft’s University professor, has come up with a way to identify the disadvantages of gerrymandering. Gerrymandering  manipulates the shape of electoral district votes for a particular party. They now are in control of the local legislature and … Continue reading

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Open Strong- Chippy

Tufts University professor of math Moon Duchin has a proposal to combat gerrymandering. She wants to give geometry experts a day in court since they are the key to solving the issue of gerrymandering. Using math to manipulate the shapes … Continue reading

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