Class 25: WED APR 29

Nickname Your Argument

Research Position Paper Due Today.

  1. Distinguish References from the Annotated Bibliography
    • The References section at the bottom of every argument, long or short, offers bibliographic notes in AP format to help readers identify sources you have cited in the argument.
      • Even for the 3000-word Research Argument, it is not a complete list of every source you consulted or read while preparing your semester’s work.
      • Short version: If you quoted, paraphrased, or named the author or the article in your argument, it gets a Reference. If you didn’t, it doesn’t.
    • The Annotated Bibliography is a separate post and a separate piece of work that goes in your Portfolio individually.
      • It provides bibliographic information in AP format for all the important sources you consulted in your research, whether or not you quoted or named them in your arguments.
      • It also contains the two sections “Background” (a Purposeful Summary of the important arguments the material provides) and “How I Used It,” (an explanation of how the work supports your argument or provides counterarguments).
  2. How to Build the Portfolio
    • Consult the Portfolio Checklist for the 7 needed items.
    • Open any item in Edit mode.
    • From the sidebar, under Categories, check the special category that identifies your Portfolio post.
    • The nomenclature is: PORTFOLIO/PortfolioUsername
      • For username Blooming Mystery, the category is Portfolio Blooming Mystery
    • Update your post.
    • Find the results in the sidebar of the home page for our blog.
      .PORTFOLIOS Sidebar.
    • When your listing shows 7 items, your Portfolio is complete.
      • In the example, Blooming Mystery has added just one item to the Portfolio.
      • OmgMafia‘s Portfolio is complete.

7 Responses to Class 25: WED APR 29

  1. harp03 says:

    Class Notes 4/29/2020

    Reflective Statement due Monday May 4!

    -If quoted, paraphrased, or mentioned the author within your argument, it gets a reference
    -It is not a complete list of every reference you used, even in the research paper

    -Construct by going to “edit”
    -Under “portfolio,” select the appropriate category for each of the 7 required assignments

  2. a1175 says:

    -may 4 the complete portfolio is due
    -reference page is the list of sources used in my paper
    -annotated bibliography is sources I’ve considered as well as sources that gave me ideas
    -put all portfolio items into my portfolio category

  3. alyse816 says:

    Simple agenda today, we will just go over the research paper, and look at what else needs to be done
    Check and fix URLs for the annotated Bibliography, the link should be linked back to the article title
    Consult the portfolio checklist to make sure you have all 7 items that are due
    Make sure each item that needs to be in the portfolio is added to that category, your portfolio(username) category

  4. j6128 says:

    -annotated bibliography must contain at least ten sources
    -there are two sections: background and How I used it
    -portfolio checklist contains 7 items
    -make sure posts have title and references

  5. bmdpiano says:


    – References are different than annotated bib
    – If the article is used in the research paper, it is put under the references and bib. If it is not speicifically used in the paper, they are litsted in the bib
    – Start putting together the Portfolio. This can be done by adding the items to the Portfolio with the username. MAY 4.
    – Revisions can still be made up until the Portfolio is due.

  6. rose1029 says:

    COMP Class 4/29/2020
    We discussed that…
    -Nickname Your Argument
    -Distinguish References from the Annotated Bibliography
    -How to Build Portfolio

    I learned that…
    -References are what you directly reference and/or quote in your writing that needs to be created at the end of that paper
    -You can put links into where the reference which particular essay the reference was used in
    -Adding each work into the portfolio tab once completed
    -When your listing says “7 items” your portfolio is basically complete
    -How to properly layout the reference in APA format.

  7. tenere84 says:

    Notes 4/29

    Portfolio Checklist:
    1. Definition Argument, 1000 words
    2. Causal Argument, 1000 words
    3. Rebuttal Argument, 1000 words
    4. Short Argument Rewrite, 1000 words (Definition, Causal, or Rebuttal)
    5. Research Position Paper, 3000 words
    6. Annotated Bibliography (up to 15 sources, minimum 10 sources)
    7. Self-Reflective Statement

    How to make Portfolio:
    – Check Portfolio Checklist for needed items and place them in the category PORTFOLIOS/Portfolio Username.

    Due MON MAY 04

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