Class 22: MON APR 20

  • Portfolio Task: Research Position Paper

  • Rebuttal Essay Feedback

    • Short Arguments Must Be Self-Contained
    • Make Your Own Position Known in the First Paragraph
    • Your Popular Press Source is Not an Academic Source
      • But it will often lead you to the academic source
    • Eliminate the Banned 2nd Person
      • You/your/yours/yourself
      • Unless you’re deliberately addressing a specific person/class
    • Ask for SPECIFIC feedback


11 Responses to Class 22: MON APR 20

  1. a1175 says:

    -each 1,000 paper should be able to stand on its own and not depend on the other arguments
    -eliminate any second person
    -make sure position is known in the first paragraph
    -ask for specific feedback
    -avoid rhetorical questions in the intro paragraph

  2. alyse816 says:

    Each of our thousand word essays stand alone and shouldnt lean on one another
    Do not refer to things in the other essays, instead explain it as new
    Make sure you are using the right sources, the academic sources
    These sources can be edited and passed around so many times that we no longer want to use it
    Do not talk to the audience, no you/yourself/your, unless you are addressing a specific person
    Try to avoid rhetorical questions
    The goal of your paper is to change your readers mind and get them to appreciate your side of the argument
    Essay cannot be an opinion, we need significant research backup

  3. harp03 says:

    Class Notes 04/20/2020

    Rebuttal Essays Feedback:
    -Short essays must be able to stand alone
    -Do not reference information of entire paragraphs from a different essay
    -Primary source is not academic (but it could have a primary source within it)
    -Find the original source if possible!
    -Refrain from using banned 2nd Person (You, Yourself, Yours, Himself, Herself, etc)
    Unless your audience requires addressing them deliberately
    -Make your position known in the first paragraph

    Research Position Paper:
    -Culmination of the semester’s work
    -Persuade your reader to change, or take action
    -3000 words
    Due Wed April 29, 2020

    Ask for feedback for at least 1 essay
    Let Professor know specific questions in feedback as well

  4. j6128 says:

    Each of the thousand word essays must stand alone
    Creates a responsibility for each argument
    Can’t spend a paragraph to write vaguely about other parts of the research paper
    Short arguments must be self-contained
    Your popular press source is not an academic source but it will often lead you to the academic source
    Need to make sure that the sources you use in your paper coincides with the actual source material
    Have to check the validity of the sources you use
    You are the author using other people’s information to make a case/argument
    Find you way back to the source
    Eliminate the Banned 2nd person: you/your/yours/yourself
    Don’t talk directly to your audience-unless you have a specific reason for doing so
    Make your own position known in the first paragraph
    If you have a different plan in mind you can tease your audience but don’t leave any doubt
    Ask for specific feedback
    Rhetorical questions are extremely dangerous because they invite your reader to respond
    Spend three thousands words to present thesis from academic sources
    Defend your argument against persuasive arguments in rebuttal
    Recommend a change or study that needs to be conducted, an action or thinking in a new perspective
    The paper is an argument
    You can’t synthesize a semester’s worth of work in less than 3000 words
    Use only your own work and cite where you used other auhtor’s information- shown in references page

  5. gossipgirl3801 says:

    4/20/20- Today we talked about what we could all do to edit our rebuttal essay with some advice from professor. Things like all of our 3 short essays must be self-contained and not an addition to the last essay we wrote. Make your own position known in the first paragraph, popular press sources are not academic sources but will lead you to academic sources, and finally eliminate the banned 2nd person like using you/your/yours. Be specific when asking for feedback because he doesn’t know what we want from the feedback and it wastes time. We then moved onto the research position paper assignment, the paper is an argument and should not be less than 3,000 words since its a reflection of the whole semester. We still have to submit our annotated bib and reflection statement to our portfolio and this is the last big assignment. The final research paper is due April 29th. Make conferences appointments and ask for feedback if needed.

  6. dancestar10 says:

    Learned about:
    -that each paper should stand own its own
    -Primary source should not be academic
    – how we could edit our rebuttal essay to make it better
    -learned about the Position Paper
    -Must be 3000 words
    -let readers know where you stand in the first paragraph
    -Due April 29,2020
    -Ask professor for feedback on one essay

  7. bmdpiano says:


    Research Position Paper:
    – Use the link to show the requirements as a checklist
    – Usefully use research in 3000 words to make an impact on the topic

    Rebuttal Essay Feedback:
    – short arguments must be self-contained
    – Popular press source is not an academic source but it can lead to an academic source
    – Eliminate 2nd person
    – Make your position known in the first paragraph
    – avoid rhetorical questions. they open the floor for your reader to wander which can be dangerous.

  8. nayr79 says:

    Today’s class started with going over the rebuttal essay and how to wrap things up. We learned that all of our arguments for our papers must be applicable by themselves. The sources for these should also be cited from the original to avoid any misconceptions or confusion. The 2nd person should also be eliminated. After that, we went over the research position paper, which is just what was expected. It’s the culmination of our work so far.

  9. stripedsweater21 says:

    4/20/2020 Notes
    -Each essay should stand alone; it represents a certain part of the whole 3,000 word essay.
    -As for the argument, it should not be less than 3000 words since it is a work throughout the semester.
    -Your position should be made known in the first paragraph; avoid rhetorical questions unless you know what you’re saying and if you answer the question immediately.
    -Popular press sources aren’t academic sources but can lead to one.
    -Check validity of your sources. You are representing someone else’s work to support your views. You are the author of your claim using the works of other authors. Cite correctly and make sure sources are legit.
    -Get rid of 2nd person pronouns(you, your, etc).
    -When asking for feedback, ask for specific advice; the professor doesn’t know what to help you with if you just say “feedback please”. Ask a specific question.
    -Our annotated bibliographies and reflective statements must be completed

  10. rose1029 says:

    Comp Class Notes 4/20/2020
    We discussed…
    – Our Research Position Paper
    – Rebuttal Essay Feedback
    I learned that…
    – Each major essay we have written that goes towards the portfolio, are all independent essays.
    – Each essay cannot rely on the previous essay to be the background information and try to go off of it.
    – Make certain that your sources are academic and not simply just the most popular press source.
    – Using “you, your, yours, yourself”,
    – Make your position on the argument clear in the First Paragraph,
    – Ask for SPECIFIC feedback clarifying what you want the Professor to focus on.
    – A rhetorical question can be useful if used correctly; the next sentence needs to provide the answer for the reader
    – Ask for feedback for at for least one essay

  11. tenere84 says:

    Notes 4/20

    Portfolio Task: Research Position Paper
    – Due before class on WED APR 29.
    – The researched persuasive argument paper is the culmination of your semester’s work and presents the opinionated results of your research into a meaningful topic.
    – It bolsters your position with evidence and powerful rhetoric, defends against rebuttals, and persuades your reader to change her mind or take some kind of action.

    Assignment Specifics
    – The Paper is an Argument.
    – The Paper compiles the work of the entire semester.
    – The Paper shows evidence of significant research.
    – The Paper Meets the minimum 3000-word requirement (without wasting words).
    – The Paper achieves the high standards of academic integrity (with cited sources and a fair interpretation of evidence).
    – The Paper includes a References section.

    Rebuttal Essay Feedback
    – Short arguments must be self-contained
    – Make your own position known in the first paragraph
    – Your popular press source is not an academic source (though it will often lead you to the academic source)
    – Eliminate the banned 2nd person (you/your/yours/yourself) unless you’re deliberately addressing a specific person/class
    – Ask for SPECIFIC feedback

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