Class 19: WED APR 08

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  1. j6128 says:

    Somethings don’t exist until we name them
    The more things we name, the more things we think about
    Nobody wants to go into an argument “anti” something
    Don’t create an angry argument
    Name your own opponents for rebuttal argument
    Visual naming is just as important as verbal naming
    All text is argument
    The signs are a Proposal Argument that persuades its readers on the basis of some authority of law
    The simple rule of only is that it modifies—or limits—the word that follows it (or sometimes the entire phrase that follows it).
    The reader need to understand the language
    Independent clause is a complete sentence, and it happens to be attached to something else
    The most important claim is in the independent clause
    Dependent clauses minimize objections

  2. sixers103 says:

    Professor started off class by talking about giving a nickname to an argument that you support when explaining to peers. Discussed how the earth is amazing but vulnerable and stated that Orion Belt does not exist. Professor went in depth about dependent clauses and talked about minimizing. He than talked about our rebuttal argument assignment, discussed examples, and explained what our rebuttal argument should prove.

  3. a1175 says:

    -some things aren’t things until they are named
    -when Earth was finally photographed, it changed the way that people looked at the world
    -many people use the word “only” in sentences wrong
    -placing “only” in different spots gives the sentences different meanings
    -independent clause is a complete sentence attached to another clause
    -rebuttal argument is the acknowledgement that there is another side

  4. bmdpiano says:


    Invention by Naming:
    – Creating a concept for something that does not exist in words.
    – Showing that you have a new argument by naming new concepts.
    – Until we have a name for something, it will take you many sentences to try and describe this concept.
    – Nickname your argument right away and also the rebuttal as an identity.
    – Signs are a proposal argument. Did they label something that was universally recognized or did they create a new thing by naming?

    Only Matters Only When It Matters:
    – “Only” is often placed in the wrong spot.
    – Placing it incorrectly can cause a lot of confusion.
    – “Only” modifies or limits what follows it.
    – Placing “only” in different spots of a sentence creates many different meanings.

    Magical Dependency:
    – Independence claims emphasize claims.
    – Dependent clauses minimize objections.
    – The placements creates new ideas to enter the foreground of the argument.

    Rebuttal Argument:
    – NOT a chance to argue against yourself.
    – IS the acknowledgement that the argument is controversial.
    – Counterargument to the best prove against the strongest rebuttal to the thesis.

  5. stripedsweater21 says:

    The professor began class with invention by naming. It refers to the idea that sometimes, something doesn’t exist until you give it a name. For example, star constellations are random arrangement of stars; it didn’t exist until we put a name on a random group of stars.
    The professor then went over the word “only”. It matters only when it matters. The word modifies the word that follows it; different positions of the word change the meaning of the sentence.
    Next, we talked about dependent and independent clauses. Independent clauses are complete sentences; it can stand alone and still be a complete sentence. It also emphasizes claims.(“since the program…”).
    Dependent clauses minimize objections. Doesn’t emphasize the claim, but mentions an effect of the argument.
    The magic is that dependent clauses addresses objections and then moves onto the claim.
    The professor then talked about the rebuttal argument. Our argument is controversial. The rebuttal refutes the argument in the strongest way we can find; we must acknowledge both sides of the argument in order to make an effective argument.
    The rebuttal is to detail all the qualifications that makes its claim true.

  6. harp03 says:

    Class Notes 4/8/2020

    Invention by Naming:
    -Naming something without a name effectively creates an image and causes people to remember and recognize your argument
    -Create a nickname for your argument as well as your “opponents” and people who are arguing WITH you
    -Could call the people you are arguing with “advocates” or “pro-___”
    -The visual Orion is considered a constellation only because of our perspective (but it is not actually a group of stars any more significant than another, but it was named so people recognize it)
    -Putting up a “No Fishing Allowed” sign makes people think it was put up by someone with authority…but at the end if the day, it is still just an argument

    Only Matters Only When It Matters:
    -“Only” modifies the word it follows
    -Only when nothing follows it does “only” modify the word before it

    Magical Dependency:
    -Independent clauses can stand alone
    -The most important claim in your sentence belongs in the independent clause
    -Dependent clauses minimize objections

    Rebuttal Argument:
    -Your acknowledgement that the argument is controversial
    -Counter-argument to the very best opposition + then refute it
    -The best rebuttal argument takes on a real opposition, which is much more likely to persuade a reader

    Due Wed 4/15/2020!! (Midnight Tuesday)

  7. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:


    – You can create a name for something if there’s no real name for it and call it your idea
    – All text can be an argument
    – Orion is a real group of stars, but since someone named it and convinced people everyone thinks their a group
    – To make a name you just have to create something yourself then convince people

    – Only can be used in variety of ways
    – example was given during class of all the ways only could be used and the different meanings of it when used in different places
    – Only has a strong influence on your writing
    – Lots of “only” are used in the wrong spot

    – Practice using rebuttal to your advantage
    – Make sure your refute the other side properly in your advantage

  8. alyse816 says:

    If you think about it nothing would exist if we didn’t name them
    Nickname the argument you’re making to make an emotional tie to it, also name the advocates
    Word placement means everything, you can create many different ideas with the movement of one single word.
    A sentence depends on where the independent and dependent clauses are located, if they don’t have equal standing in the sentence, your writing will become stronger.
    Only should go just before the word it modifies
    A rebuttal argument is not arguing against yourself, but instead knowing that you are arguing something controversial and refute the strongest argument against it.
    Rebuttal is your counterargument to the best argument against your paper.

  9. rose1029 says:

    In-Class Notes 4/8/2020
    What we discussed:
    – Invention by Naming
    – Only Matters Only When it Matters
    – Magical Dependency
    – Rebuttal Argument

    I learned that…
    – visual naming is just as important as verbal naming
    – thinking in this manner is a good start when trying to convince others of your argument – starting from the most simplified piece if your argument
    – all text is an argument = signs are proposal arguments
    – how to correctly use the word “only” in a sentence and how It drastically changes the meaning of the sentence
    – A rebuttal argument is not creating an argument against yourself, rather it is the act off acknowledging the other side of your argument that exists and giving them the answers they need.
    – flipping dependent and independent clauses
    – be clear in what you’re trying to say to the audience
    – can post you Rebuttal draft so students can help revise it as well as the professor

  10. tenere84 says:

    Notes 4/8

    Invention By Naming
    – Rain seems so insignificant since none of the individual raindrops are named.
    – The individual stars belonging to Orion may seem like insignificant dust, but up-close they are much more significant.
    – Humans constantly think we, as a race, are so great, but the 1972 Blue Marble shot from space makes us look comparatively insignificant.
    – Where we stand changes our perspective about everything.
    – Identifying/naming our arguments is valuable and undoubtedly a good tactic for persuasion.
    – Signs are proposal arguments. A sign that says “no fishing here” is a proposal made on the basis of authority.

    Only Matters Only When It Matters
    – The simple rule of only is that is modifies—or limits—the word or phrase that follows it.
    – The sentence “She told him that she loved him” can have multiple different meanings depending on the placement of the word only:
    – “Only she told him that she loved him.” She and no one else said that she loved him.
    – “She only told him that she loved him.” She told him that she loved him, but she didn’t necessarily believe or mean it.
    – “She told him that she loved only him,” “She told him that she loved him only.” She loved him and no one else; both sentences have the same meaning.

    Magical Dependency

    – Independent clauses emphasize claims, while dependent clauses minimize objections.
    – Changing the claim: “Since the program lowers the crime rate by giving free heroin to the addicts, it won’t help them end their addiction,” to “While the program doesn’t help addicts end their addiction, it reduces the crime rates in the city” shifts the emphasis from not ending addiction to reducing crime rates.

    Rebuttal Argument
    – The third short argument, the Rebuttal Argument, is due TUE APR 14 at midnight.
    – The goal of this assignment is to acknowledge then refute the argument you feel is the strongest rebuttal to your own thesis.
    – Your thesis is bound to have critics given that it is contrary to common knowledge. Though common knowledge is often wrong, you still must defend your position.
    – The purpose of your Rebuttal Argument is to refute, not advance, the strongest rebuttal to your own thesis.
    – You do not necessarily have to address the “opposite” of your thesis because 1) we can’t always clearly state the opposite of a position, and 2) there are far more than two points of view on a topic.

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