Palindromic Dates

Yesterday’s date, 02/02/2020
reads the same backwards as forward,
the distinguishing feature of palindromes
like radar, and Madam I’m Adam.

Such dates, expressed in the
fashion we favor in the US, are pretty rare.
The most recent was 11/02/2011.

When’s the next one?

7 Responses to Palindromic Dates

  1. davidbdale says:

    This one is even more rare (exceedingly so) in that it works with several date-style sequences. The style favored in America (MM/DD/YYYY) is 02/02/2020. The style favored by England and other countries (DD/MM/YYYY) is ALSO 02/02/2020. Even the less popular YYYY/MM/DD is 2020/02/02. THAT combination of palindromes hasn’t happened since 11/11/1111. And it won’t happen for ROUGHLY another 100 years. Which date is THAT?

  2. samtheman1448 says:


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