Card Hypothesis

FACT: Each card has a number on one side and a letter on the other.
HYPOTHESIS: Every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on its opposite side.

THE TEST: Which card or cards must you turn over in order to test the Hypothesis?

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The 15 possible answers are:

All four cards: Red Green Yellow Blue
Three cards: Red Green Yellow / Red Green Blue / Red Yellow Blue / Green Yellow Blue
Just two cards: Red and Green / Red and Yellow / Red and Blue / Green and Yellow / Green and Blue / Yellow and Blue
Just one card: Red Card only / Green Card only / Yellow Card only / Blue Card only

20 Responses to Card Hypothesis

  1. j6128 says:

    just two (red and blue)

  2. rose1029 says:

    Just two cards: Red and Yellow

  3. taxmanmaxwell says:

    Red Card only

  4. alyse816 says:

    Red and yellow because they are the even and vowel cards that we are worried about. The e=odd and constant cards we don’t need to flip over

  5. walmaarts says:

    Red and Blue

  6. bmdpiano says:

    You could choose either Red and Green or Red and Blue

  7. a1175 says:

    Red and yellow because red is a vowel an yellow is an even number, so if we turn them over we can see is the red has an even number and the yellow is a vowel.

  8. stripedsweater21 says:

    Three cards: Red, Green, Yellow. We would need to see if the red card that has “E” has an even number. Next, we would need to see if the green card with the “G” has an odd number; there’s a chance that the green card could have an even number also. Last, we would need to see if the yellow card has a vowel on the opposite side.

  9. harp03 says:

    Red and Yellow

  10. Cleo says:

    red and yellow cards

  11. nayr79 says:

    Red Green Yellow Blue – I was going to say Red and Yellow. Those two cards fit the criteria of the hypothesis, being a vowel and an even number. However, turning over the other cards will prove the hypothesis true. It is possible that the other cards could prove the hypothesis false.

  12. sixers103 says:

    red and yellow because the yellow card is an even number and the letter e is a vowel

  13. samtheman1448 says:

    Red and Yellow

  14. dupreeh79 says:

    You must flip over 2 cards, red and yellow to prove that the cards both have vowels and even numbers

  15. gossipgirl3801 says:

    Just two red and yellow, red has a vowel and yellow is an even number

  16. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:

    I believe it’s the red and yellow cards because the hypothesis is that all the cards with vowels have to also have an even number. It doesn’t say anything about the other cards and if it is a even number and not a vowel.

  17. omgmafia says:

    Just the red card only

  18. killerbeanforever says:

    red and blue

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