Class 04: MON FEB 03

Agenda WED JAN 29


  • Yesterday was a palindromic date. When’s the next one?


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  • The difference between a Name and a Title for blog posts

Lecture/Demo: My White Paper

  • Follow the link to your Professor’s ongoing exploration of the topic of “The Eradication of Polio.” Today’s lecture/demo explores the difference between a Topic, a Hypothesis, and a Thesis, modeled by Mister David’s vain attempt to narrow down a growing volume of material he has gathered in search of an actual Thesis.

Assignment: Second Task due 11:59pm SUN FEB 09

  • It’s time to select a Topic for your Semester-long research argument.
  • Why Research? Why an Argument?
  • CLICK THIS LINK to launch the “My Hypothesis” task.
  • Wait. I thought you said it was time to choose a TOPIC.
  • How did we go so fast from a Topic to a Hypothesis?
  • Answer at the link.
  • Publish your “My Hypothesis” post to the blog by midnight Sunday so I’ll know before we come to class on Monday who’s published and who hasn’t.

21 Responses to Class 04: MON FEB 03

  1. nayr79 says:

    February 2nd Notes:

    Today, after being welcomed to class by the sounds of Paul Simon’s music, we were reminded to correctly distinguish our titles from our headings. Our title should be within the post, while the heading should be what the assignment correctly is. The example shown was having our Stone Money Draft be just that, while our Stone Money Rewrite should be labeled as such. It is just an organization thing, but it is good to know.

    After some housekeeping, I noticed our next assignment, being a semester-long research argument. I also now know what polio is. It paralyzes kids and can kill them. It has almost been eradicated, but something always gets in the way. Vaccinate your kids, please. My faith in the flu shot has once again been supported. 70,000 people die in this country to the flu. The flu shot is a scam. I don’t care if it is free.

  2. j6128 says:

    What happened:
    Professor was drawing a parking garage on the board- he noticed that the highest floor has always open parking spaces. Professor was going in circles on the same floor
    He gave us a riddle with a palindromes
    The difference between a name and title
    Feedback please category
    My white paper

    What I learned:
    Palindromes are when words, numbers, phrase or sequence that reads the same backward as forwards
    You have to put Stone Money Draft in order for professor to know it is a first draft
    Feedback please- is an request for attention which is a category on the blog. It allows you to receive feedback from the professor on an assignment. Best way to receive feedback from professor is to respond to feedback from professor
    It is our responsibility to provide enough information for readers about the topic in our writing
    Polio is almost eradicated around the world; we still need vaccines for polio; polio paralyzes children (Teddy Roosevelt suffered from polio since childhood)-polio is a child killer and paralyzer; (during war- polio cases start to break out)
    Don’t start with a thesis in a research paper- start with something to test- begin with the idea that you don’t know anything (be counterintuitive)
    White paper is never done- its a place to gather your stuff/information
    We write to find out what we believe- to prove something
    What we need is to start making ideas while typing on the keyboard
    Thinking occurs during writing
    It is essential to collect and read your sources
    Write about your sources as you read them
    Its okay to write an awful first draft
    Endlessly revise essay

    • davidbdale says:

      Beautiful Notes, J.
      This is an excellent example for others to follow of how to write Notes that distill the hour or so of active class time down to memorable and instructive comments.
      3 Participation Points out of 3 Possible Points

  3. stripedsweater21 says:

    02/03/2020 Notes
    -We talked about the format for submitting papers; the draft should be named “Stone Money Draft-[name]”
    -After housekeeping, we went over the eradication of small pox, and how close we are to eradicating polio. But there is an issue: the last bundle of people to be treated is very difficult to teach. Also 70,000 people died from the flu. A lot of people don’t trust vaccinations because of the chemicals involved with them.
    -We also talked about “My White Paper” and how to write it:
    -Think about topic
    -Collect, read, analyze and write about sources
    -Write first, and constantly edit
    -We talked about how “writing is thinking”: collect and read source, write and exceed word count, and edit and cut down the words.
    -Getting the most out of the word count is key. Not just reaching the word count, but reaching the word count by keeping the most important information in.
    -We get information about our assignment for this week.

  4. bloomingmystery says:

    Feb 2nd Notes:
    Professor discussed the difference between a title and a heading for future blog posts.
    Feedback Please allows the professor to give attention to those who would like feedback on their works before they are due.
    The professor likes when students comment back on his feedback.
    Professor provided a model for our own white paper which will help along the way as a sort of guide.
    Begin the white paper starting off as though we know nothing, don’t start trying to prove something right away.
    There’s no value in thinking about the sources because the only thinking happens during writing.
    Starting with a hypothesis is valuable, it’ll help guide everything that will follow.

  5. gossipgirl3801 says:

    2/3/2020- Today in class we first started off with a palindrome riddle and then did some housekeeping to make sure we all posted our Stone Money draft in the correct format and categories. We talked about the draft and things we can improve on them through professor’s feedback. Professor Hodges spoke about his own White Paper and showed it to us, with his 5 years long, hypothesis about polio. He explained to us what polio is since we did not know. Introduced how we will be making our own White Paper and coming up with a hypothesis for our research paper that professor wants to be “counterintuitive”. “Thinking occurs during writing, brainstorm skip it.” Showed us how to come up with a couple of working hypothesis ideas and a practice opening to go along with them. Write during when you’re reading your sources and summarize it and use the information necessary for your research topic. Our next assignment is due on Sunday and it is to come up with a topic for our research/argument project and write a hypothesis. “Never prove something, proving is for math not for research projects”.

  6. sixers103 says:

    Professor discussed the difference between name and title for our blog posts explaining that if it is not done the right way it can be confusing for him to find it and give feedback. Professor went into discussion on his white paper and further informed us about the disease “polio.” He showed us one of his drafts of the paper and talked about our upcoming research paper. Typing out ideas will make everything easier when it comes to finding that perfect idea. Explained that brainstorming is no good and that collecting, reading, and writing about our sources is more effective. Being able to write while creating your paper at the same time allows for you to have an easier time going back through and doing a rewrite. Professor further explained our new assignment and gave us a multitude of examples so that we understand how we should be writing this research/argument paper.

  7. samtheman1448 says:

    Today in class, Professor started off with a little riddle about Palindromic dates and asked us to figure out the next time there would be one. After that, he explained how our drafts should be titled and explained that something that would benefit us as students would be to respond to his feedback that he gives us on our drafts. After this we went over the White Paper assignment. Professor explained to us that it is a work in progress and a place to gather our stuff. It is a long, 12 week process and it is never intended to be polished. We will write this paper to find out what we believe. After this we then began to go over our second task that is due on Feb. 9th and he explained to us that it is important that we begin to work on this as early as possible because it is an assignment that will take quite some time and it should be spread out.

  8. harp03 says:

    Title vs. Name:
    -Make name more specific at top of essay; title should be in the essay, Header 2
    -Use specific name based on the assignment (e.g. use Stone Money DRAFT, not just Stone Money)
    -Use the “feedback please” category when posting to instantly move up in the queue
    -When given feedback, respond/reply and acknowledge the professor’s help (be grateful and actually revise using his comments)

    In class, we learned about White Paper and its importance when writing…we also discussed polio and smallpox

    -Polio is a child-killing and paralyzing disease
    -War begins and diseases that are almost eradicated break out again
    -Smallpox HAS been eradicated
    -70,000 people die from the flu every year

    White Paper:
    -Begin with a hypothesis–in a research paper do not start with something to prove, start with something to test (Be a scientist!)
    -Gather info on the White Paper so the professor can help
    -Don’t sit around brainstorming all day; ideas begin when your hands are on the keyboard

    Ways to Effectively Begin Writing:
    1. Collect Sources
    2. Read Sources
    3. Write as you read
    4. Write a disorganized essays
    5. Revise for organization
    6. Endlessly revise

    DO NOT–Think about topic, brainstorm, think about sources, organize thoughts into patterns, etc
    Working Hypothesis = The world is too fragmented and mistrustful to ever join in a truly global effort, even to eradicate a dreaded disease
    -Narrow down your topic
    -Once you have a working hypothesis, try different openings
    -Purposeful summaries emphasize the claims that can be supported by that article

    You’re going to need evidence that refutes the strongest opposing argument (Counterintuitivity)
    -Begin thinking about what the strongest argument against your claim may be
    -Gather quotes

    This paper will be a RESEARCH ARGUMENT (Both research and argumentative)
    -With a hypothesis, we still cannot yet answer the question
    -The hypothesis turns into a thesis as you research
    -Proof is for math, we are simply stating evidence

    DO NOT PRESENT BOTH SIDES OF AN ARGUMENT–avoid letting the reader decide what is true/false
    -Prove something we do not already know

    • davidbdale says:

      Brilliant Notes, Harp

      Almost every line of these Notes is an example of a tip, an instruction, a rule, a piece of guidance, a specific notation of a lesson delivered.

      The only shred of “talked about” language (which I would like eliminated from all Notes) is this bit here:

      we learned about White Paper and its importance when writing

      which gives no indication why the White Paper is important or how it will help.

      But that’s quibbling. These notes are exceptional.
      4 Participation Points out of 3 Possible Points

  9. a1175 says:

    -the next palindromic date will be 12/02/2021
    -names of the assignments are important to distinguish the difference between a draft and a rewrite
    – respond to feedback to show that you are invested into the writing
    -children are at risk for Polio and it paralyzes them
    -start with a hypothesis for a research paper (start with something to test rather than something to prove)
    -we right to find out what we believe rather than to prove something
    -we start to have ideas when we have to tell others what’s in our heads
    -don’t think just write and things will come to you
    -it’s good to change your hypothesis because that’s how you know you’re thinking
    -narrow a general topic to something more specific that you can look in to
    -prove something we don’t already know

    • davidbdale says:

      Beautiful Notes, A.
      This is an excellent example for others to follow of how to write Notes that distill the hour or so of active class time down to memorable and instructive comments.
      3 Participation Points out of 3 Possible Points

  10. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:

    – First time the date was same as it was if it were backwards yesterday which was 02/02/2020 since 11/11/1111
    – Make sure all posts are in correct categories or else your work can get messy and hard for prof to find it
    – Feedback please category is a great way to get prof’s attention that you want feedback and always remember to respond to his feedback
    – Don’t start your paper with the idea that you are putting out an argument, but rather start from the beginning and prove what your wondering by researching and explaining what your doing
    – Your research paper is not to convince people, but it is to find out what we believe
    – You can always improve a research paper as they are not final and ever perfect
    – Start with a hypothesis not a thesis
    – Never brainstorm or plan what your going to talk about
    – Start by collecting sources and reading them then instantly right down anything you think is good because you will tend to forget the great information out there
    – Don’t try to organize your paper while writing it as it will cause so much confusion
    – Just keep revising your paper and it will all fit in place
    – Cutting not writing is the last step in the process

    • davidbdale says:

      Beautiful Notes, Shaq.
      This is an excellent example for others to follow of how to write Notes that distill the hour or so of active class time down to memorable and instructive comments.
      3 Participation Points out of 3 Possible Points

  11. bmdpiano says:


    – Palindromes are words or numbers that spell the same backwards as they do forwards.
    – Yesterday, 02/02/2020 was a date palindrome.
    – The next date palindrome will be 12/02/2021.

    Lecture: “My White Paper”
    – Paper using a hypothesis. Start an idea with something to test, not something fully known already.
    – It is a Work in Progress and is never meant to be a polished product. The goal is to find out what you believe.
    – The idea making occurs during writing. First collect and read sources because that will provoke reactions. Brainstorming is useless, so just start writing and revise later.
    – Using counterintuitivity notes will help refute those arguments against the built up hypothesis.
    – Do not show more than one side of an argument. There should only be one side of the argument to really push.
    – There needs to be a contribution to the topic. The goal is to prove something we do not already know.

  12. killerbeanforever says:

    i have a few ideas for this next essay. write about your sources while you read them. write a disorganized first draft. some of my ideas are, are psychedelics safe and should they be legal.

  13. alyse816 says:

    We discussed the rarity of palindromic dates and how they usually only happen every few years
    Why it is important to know the difference between the name and the title of a blog, example Stone Money and Stone Money Draft
    Feedback please is a category you can select to try to get feedback sooner than the assignment is due
    The idea of white paper is to collect ideas, create hypothesis, and to find out what we believe
    Learned that Polio is a crippling disease that affects children at a young age, paralyzing them and possibly killing them
    Thinking comes when you are writing. Ideas start flowing when you start typing

  14. omgmafia says:

    A couple things I have learned in class is that 70,000 people died last year from the Flu, but hardly no one has died yet from this “deadly” Corona Virus in the U.S. For the past couple of weeks, I have been cautious around people and their germs, but I have not realized that this disease has not been as deadly as the simple Flu.
    I agree with davidbdale’s imaginary step process because I know will definitely waste my time when I am already the type of person to procrastinate, so this really helps me ahead of time.
    I also learned that a research argument assignment should not start with a thesis, it should start with a hypothesis. We should not start with an answer, but instead, test our opinion. I have never started my writing with a hypothesis before, so I am excited to see what the outcome is going to look like. So far, it seems interesting.

  15. rose1029 says:

    February 02 Class Notes:
    – we were asked to solve a riddle
    – we did some housekeeping
    – discussed what “My White Paper” was
    – discussed what polio is and its effects on the world
    – we related current issues (i.e. the coronavirus)
    – we were assigned our next assignment
    What I learned:
    – the next Palindromic Date is 12/02/2021
    – the difference between a Name and a Title as well as whoever still needed a personalized avatar made one
    – “My White Paper” is several year-long independent projects that my professor is working on as well as something he created that he would like us to use in while we work on our own projects
    – that polio is a deadly disease that affects mainly children and continues to be spread in the world even though people are working hard to try to eradicate it, something that halts their progress always comes up.
    – that the yearly flu has killed an average of 70,000 people a year while the coronavirus is nothing near that which is somewhat reassuring
    – that it is never too late to start your semester project
    – how to create a counterintuitive claim
    – testing one owns hypothesis through research

  16. dancestar10 says:

    -went over stone money draft
    -learned what polio was
    -talked about the white paper
    -writing is thinking

  17. tenere84 says:

    Notes 2/3

    Palindromic Dates
    – A date that, if flipped from left to right, would read the exact same date.

    White Paper
    – A draft containing all the ideas one has during the writing process of the research paper. It’s not polished in any way but it’s a great aggregate of all the information/arguments/ideas one can use for the research paper.

    We write to find out what we believe.
    – Contrary to what many people think, we don’t have thoughts or ideas in our heads. We receive impressions and sensations but they don’t add up to an actual, comprehensible thought until we speak or write.
    – In other words, we don’t have ideas until we express them.
    – Thinking doesn’t occur during the reading process, so there is no value in “thinking about my sources.” We only react, mostly arguing with the text. Therefore the steps of writing a research paper that actually involve writing are very valuable.

    Writing is Thinking
    – Most effective writing technique:

    1. Collect a Source
    2. Write about that Source
    3. Collect New Sources Suggested by a Developing Hypothesis
    4. Write about those Sources
    5. Repeat Beyond what is Needed
    6. Write a first draft that is way too long.
    7. Edit and organize into Persuasive Essay

    – The last step will be cutting non-essential material to sharpen the focus of the essay.

    A Practice Opening
    – The first sentence must always contain a clear, definitive claim in the form of a thesis.

    My Hypothesis
    – Select a topic for semester-long research argument.
    – A successful research paper is one that: 1) proves the hypothesis true, 2) proves that the hypothesis is untrue, or 3) proves nothing but gathers an abundance of evidence to persuade a reader of the likelihood of truth or falsity.
    – A research paper that presents both sides of the argument without a clear conclusion that takes a side will be considered a failure.
    – The research paper will be 3000 words long.
    – For this assignment, turn a broad topic into a clear, definitive hypothesis.

    Format of Hypothesis:

    Step 1: concussions in football – an extremely broad topic–perhaps too broad. There are probably twenty different sub-topics related to “concussions in football,” so it would be best to narrow it down a little.

    Step 2: concussions and helmet design in NFL football – a nicely narrowed-down topic. But it’s unclear as to how the two subjects are related.

    Step 3: the effect of improved helmet design on the number of concussions suffered by players in NFL games – getting closer to actual-argument territory, but we don’t know what this “effect” actually means.
    – Write a complete sentence that makes a bold, clear claim by clarifying the logical relationship between the specific elements in your narrow topic.

    Step 4: Helmet designs that act like shock absorbers to reduce the impact of helmet-to-helmet blows will reduce the number of concussions suffered by players in NFL games. – A clear sentence with a claim!
    – However, the goal is to write something counterintuitive; if fellow students agree that it is completely reasonable and logical, it’s probably not counterintuitive.
    – Question the essence of the specific claim you have made.

    Step 5: Eliminating helmet-to-helmet blows would radically reduce the number of concussions suffered by players in NFL games.
    – This looks like a step back, but it provides an interesting insight that questions a seemingly natural and obvious conclusion.
    – The use of modern, plastic helmets with advanced interior protection has perpetuated a culture that encourages football players to engage in head-to-head hits on a weekly basis. Apply this counterintuitive thinking to the hypothesis.

    Step 6: Eliminating helmets from NFL games would reduce concussions more than helmet improvements by making players very reluctant to engage in the most dangerous plays.
    – It’s a clear, bold claim that applies a counterintuitive way of thinking that will grab the reader’s attention.

    – You may need to use more than 6 steps, but never fewer. Each step is important.
    – We research to test, not to prove. Look for evidence, not conclusions.

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