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Research – Tenere84

It’s Time to Address the Media’s Role in School Shootings “Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger,” said President Donald Trump last year about school shootings. “I want guns to be in the hands of people that are mentally stable. … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – Rose

Having a Difficult Childhood Creates Extraordinary Individuals. You take for example, celebrities and athletes who had to work their way up from nothing in order to get to where they are today compared to the children of celebrities who have … Continue reading

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Definition Revised- J6128

The Comparative Career Trajectories of Soft-Skill Candidates vs STEM Degree Candidates In the 21st century, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) degrees have been the center of attention in terms of whether or not they are a good investment for … Continue reading

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The Evolution of “sport” through the ages When you think of the word “sport,” usually people think of something that involves multiple people competing against each other in a physical activity. Sports first began in 776 BC with Olympic games … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft – Tenere84

Money: Humanity’s Greatest Collaborative Illusion While civilization has grown and become more advanced over the years, many thinkers have begun to question the reality of everyday concepts we hold dear to us such as beauty, morality, truth, etc. What if … Continue reading

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Stone Money Revised Draft-J6128

                                    The Essential Role of Trust in the Global Economy  Trust is, and has always been at the foundation of the global economy. That trust has been tested, strengthened and weakened for hundreds of years and its importance prevails amongst societies … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft- StripedSweater21

An Abstract Concept of Wealth In retrospect, the currency used in society is worthless. Whether it is digital numbers on a screen, bills of paper or stacks of copper and other common metal coins, the value of the material itself … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft-Harp03

Evolution of Money Money, the manifestation that often dictates quality of life, social status, and mental health, is used each day by millions of people around the world. The most typical thought that arises when one mentions money involves using … Continue reading

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Stone Money Draft-a1175

The Changing Of Money Money can visually be seen in so many different ways, but at the end of the day, everyone sees the concept of money the same way. Whether it’s US dollars, cruzeiros, URVs or feis, they still … Continue reading

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