Class 15: WED MAR 11

Another Meme I Was Too Late For:

  • 38% of Americans recently polled declared they would not buy Corona beer “under any circumstances.”
  • A generation earlier, Americans stopped buying the “appetite suppressant” diet candy Ayds for a similar reason, because of the name resemblance to a disease.
  • Thought about that. Found this.


Two-Week Spring Break

Brief discussion and poll of students regarding how to conduct class business in the event of a lockdown of campus buildings for the rest of the semester.

1. Quick Look at Definition Arguments

2. The Opposite of a Black Sneaker
with In-Class Reply.

3. Portfolio Task: Causal Argument
Due MON MAR 30 (SUN MAR 29 at midnight)
with In-Class Reply.

12 Responses to Class 15: WED MAR 11

  1. j6128 says:

    What happened

    Another Meme I was late for
    Two week spring break
    quick look at defineiton arugmemnts
    opposite of a black sneaker
    Profolio task- causal arugment

    What I learned

    Corona beer meme
    An epidemic is centered around an individual spot while a pandemic is global
    The flu kills more people everyday than the the coronavirus
    During spring break, we will continue to online blog format- make sure to check agenda everyday and handwork on time
    Your proposal must be related to your definition essay
    Need a title for definition essay
    Add a permalink to references citations
    Don’t put spaces between words and periods
    References need to be centered
    There is no opposite for a black sneaker
    We should be looking for the real solution
    Don’t be in the grey area
    Don’t start with a compromise position
    We are looking for an actual point of view
    “No grey on grey thinking”
    Need “color on color thinking”- because you know what the point of view is
    Don’t hide our point of view, craft something vivid and color, that can’t be ignored
    We need premises

    • j6128 says:

      The causal argument paper will identify one or more cause-and-effect relationships essential to proving your thesis.
      We make causation statements all the time, without necessarily realizing that we’re engaged in argument and proof.
      writing causal arguments will often be to identify the most important of the several causes for one effect (or the several effects of a single cause).

  2. alyse816 says:

    A pandemic is worldwide, but an epidemic is in a specific spot
    The flu will kill more people everyday than the corona virus does
    Over spring break, we will continue to post agendas and work on the blog like we do in class
    Make sure you use references, have a title that is centered, and your APA citations are correct
    Your definition essay should reflect your proposal and hypothesis that you picked
    Link the URL behind the title, instead of the long URL being shown in the reference
    There isn’t always an opposite of something, there can be a different viewpoint but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the opposite
    Just because something is coincidental does not mean that it is causal

  3. walmaarts says:

    Today we looked over memes pertaining to the coronavirus. Americans are likely to avoid the names of products that share names with illnesses. For example, Corona, coronavirus, and aids, Ayds. We also talked about why side vs side arguments really don’t work and most of the time the answer is in the middle of the two. We then talked about the causation essay that is due on March 28th. We then learned that we make causation statements every day. The example given in class was “The Sixers lost because Ben Simmons won’t take a jump shot.” Based on these statements we will create an argument and provide proof.

  4. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:


    – We may not have class in person after break
    – Be aware of any updates regarding change in classes

    – Professor Hodges took a look at some writings posted in definition argument and gave some quick comments during class
    – Fixed any minor mistakes he noticed throughout the observation of any posts
    – Reminded students of simple mistakes we were making and corrected them once again so that we can get full hang of it

    – What is the opposite of a black sneaker?
    – Technically anything could be the opposite of a black sneaker
    – Never attempt a “yes vs no” argument as it will always end with the reader confused
    – Trying a “Yes vs No” argument will have the author trying to end in a compromise that wouldn’t work and has a favor to one side

    – The cause is always the formation of multiple things not just one thing
    – Always lots of reasons and causes
    – Many different forms of causes that can be used differently

  5. bmdpiano says:


    Definition Essay:
    – For revisions make sure to use said language when defining the words needed.
    – References should include bibliographic titles and their links
    – Links dropped at the bottom of each reference, you can link them to the actual title.

    The Opposite of a Black Sneaker:
    – There is no opposite for a black sneaker. White sneaker? It’s still a sneaker, so no.
    – Many things do not have opposites. Colors cannot have opposites. They’re just a spectrum.
    – The goal in arguing is to not to join the “black sneaker” and the “white sneaker” options. The grey area is even worse because there is no distinctive choice.
    – The answer is never black and white, it can be another color that goes off on a new idea that can further explain the original idea.
    – One side never wins a black and white argument

    Causal Argument:
    – Uses cause and effect
    – What will be the results? How did something come to be?
    – Ex. Because parents are voters, their children will see that and be voters too.
    – Cause and effect feed into each other to new ideas but it could circle back to the original idea.
    – Types of causation statements: 1. Immediate Cause, 2. Remote Cause (Divorce and relationship example), 3. Precipitating Cause (Sudden change), 4. Contributing Cause (not having what is needed)

  6. harp03 says:

    Class Notes 03/11/2020

    Two-Week Spring Break Ideas:
    -Video chat/class meetings
    -Continue with class discussion online (this is what we’re doing*)

    Definition Essay:
    -Topic and terms should correspond with hypothesis
    -Link URL behind the title in references (make sure to click “open in new tab”)
    -Need a title/header, centered, not bold or italicized (does not have to be in bold, quotes, etc)
    -Need references, centered, not bold or italicized

    The Opposite of a Black Sneaker:
    -Opposite of a black sneaker can’t be a white sneaker because the opposite of something can’t be itself
    -Probably should not involve color
    -There really aren’t many opposites of anything!!

    Goal in arguing is not to join a black/white debate
    -Also should not end up creating a “gray” conversation, you do not have to compromise
    -Usually one of the two extremes are more correct than the middle option (than both)

    -Begin with bold and colorful premises
    -Memorable, interesting, strong thoughts, vivid
    -Not just trying to find the opposite side of someone else’s argument
    -If Black and Gray argue + compromise, Black wins by default because Black made the outrageous claim

    Causal Argument:
    -Cause and effect cycle and/or relationship
    -Should be able to use all or most of your causation argument in your final paper to very good effect
    (should fit in with research assignments)
    -Can decide which of the 3 short essays you want to include in portfolio

    Different Types of Causes:
    *Immediate Cause
    -An immediate cause and a persistent conflict create an episodic effect
    *Remote Cause
    -Lingering effects of something days, years, decades later
    *Precipitating Cause
    -Sudden change that allows an underlying cause to have its way with objects/events
    *Contributing Cause
    -example: someone doesn’t do something, which contributes to a seemingly bigger cause

    Correlation DOES NOT EQUAL Causation!
    -The best refutation usually derives from a correlation, rather than a causation

  7. gossipgirl3801 says:

    3/11/20- Today in class we talked about the fact that after spring break we might have to switch to online classes. We decided we would just continue to work on the blog and be responsible to check for due dates. We then looked at some people definition arguments and fixed them up if they needed editing on formatting. Our next task was to look at “The Opposite of a Black Sneaker” and we had to take the opposite side from the professor and argue it. You never want to end up with a “grey” argument which is in the middle of black and white, when writing our paper. We then answered some questions on the topic of black and white arguments. Professor introduced the 1,000 words causal argument essay which is due on March 30th. He showed us the immediate, remote, precipitating, and the contributing cause to your essay. Just because they appear in sequence does not mean they are cause and effects.

  8. samtheman1448 says:

    Today Professor started the class with a meme about the coronavirus. This meme shows that people are less likely to purchase the alcoholic beverage “corona” because of the name being similar to the virus. Professor then said he believes that we will continue our blog over spring break without a video chat. We then learned about causation statements.

  9. tenere84 says:

    Notes 3/11

    Another Meme I Was Too Late For:
    – 38% of Americans recently polled declared they would not buy Corona beer “under any circumstances.”
    – A generation earlier, Americans stopped buying the “appetite suppressant” diet candy Ayds for a similar reason. Unfortunate circumstances for both brands.

    Two-Week Spring Break
    – Spring break has been extended by a week, and this may be the last time we see each other in person.
    – We may be just relying on the good ol’ forum lectures, or we may have video lectures with students using laptop cams.

    Quick Look at Definition Arguments
    – You MUST write a definition argument related to your 3000-word research paper in order to not waste time and have a chance at a good grade.
    – Sources must be clearly indicated at the end, in AP form, and under the name “References.”

    The Opposite of a Black Sneaker
    – What’s the opposite of a black sneaker?
    – The opposite of black could be white (maybe) but that has nothing to do with a black sneaker.
    – There’s no opposite of a black sneaker, but there’s no real reason to choose between a black sneaker and a white sneaker. We’re severely restricted here.
    – No one wants a grey sneaker.
    – This can be analogous to arguments and essays; there’s nothing logical or meaningful in choosing between black and white positions when there are many possibilities. Compromising and choosing a middle-ground position that isn’t compelling doesn’t really provide much of an answer at all.

    – Happiness is given more meaning than it actually contains. Happiness is just a measure of one’s degree of self-content; the definition has no bearing on one’s purpose, even though happiness has been championed as the holy grail of fulfilling one’s purpose.

    – Main idea: black-and-white conclusions may be more certain, but the pursuit of other outcomes will most likely be more insightful and compelling.

    – One side inevitably loses any black-and-white argument.
    – If you suggest that “some teachers” should have guns and “some teachers” shouldn’t, the anti-gun crowd has already lost.

    Portfolio Task: Causal Argument

    Types of Causation Statements

    1.) Immediate Cause – A directly caused B.
    2.) Remote Cause – Event A from a long time ago had long-term effects that eventually led to B.
    3.) Precipitating Cause – a sudden change that allows a cause to happen (e.g gravity allows a car that has faulty breaks to roll off an inclined surface into a river).
    4.) Contributing Cause – an event that contributed to a bigger cause. The Sixers have always lost to the Raptors because of a mismatch, but Ben Simmons’ refusal to shoot certainly may have contributed to that mismatch.

    – Correlation does not imply causation.

  10. taxmanmaxwell says:

    In class today we discussed not writing a grey topic. To put it another way instead of attempting to compromise between two extremes we should write a detailed and purposeful paper. We are meant to have our readers know exactly where we stand in our argument or opinions regardless of whether our readers agree with us or not. We went over the in-class assignment where we discussed the opposite of a black sneaker. Following the in-class assignment we discussed the next required writing which will be our causal argument. In preparation for our assignment our professor went over the definitions for different types of cause. The four primary differing types of cause we were given are: immediate, remote, precipitating, and contributing cause. Cause can be more complex than this, but these are the most important types for us to consider.

  11. a1175 says:

    -if we have to do online classes, we will continue to use the blog and replies to do the work
    -black and white is much more likely to be an answer than grey
    -the opposite of a black sneaker isn’t a white sneaker because the opposite of a sneaker can’t be another sneaker
    -making outrageous claims leads to compromise, so in the end, the person who made the outrageous claim wins because the compromise gives them close to what they want
    -there is immediate causes, remote causes, precipitating causes, and contributing causes

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