Class 16: MON MAR 30


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  1. j6128 says:

    Don’t put signs after people had passed them
    You should tell people before it happens- just like in writing
    The best time to tell someone what they should know is beforehand so you can shape their perspective and show them the value of future information
    The Writing Center offers help to students from experienced tutors on the Campbell Library website
    Pass/No credit option, after letter grades are entered students will have until June 15th 2020, you can submit a request to the Registrar
    Academic integrity, relaxing the penalties for academic violation; your allowed to re-submit assignments
    Text professor if you can not make class and make sure to take notes, counts as an excused absence
    Statistics are used as tools and work best when you direct them correctly
    You have your own individual writing style
    You must be flexible with the way you approach statistics
    At 50% we achieve the perfect balance- framing in as good news
    Break your own news- create your own fake news headline
    You should fact check new sources; is a good website
    Check causal argument feedback

  2. shaquilleoatmeal2250 says:


    – When writing make sure the info you put in is of reasonable use and meaning
    – Also, make sure you say what your talking about and looking for before you state the facts because if put opposite the reader will have no advanced notice for the reasoning of what their about to read

    – Lots of changes to the course schedule and rowan in general for semester
    – Just try to stay up to par with work and we should be all fine

    – Be very careful with your statistics as they can be changed and shown in different ways, some being more effective than others
    – Yours facts are your tools and your leeway for your argument
    – liked if tools were used wrong, If facts are used wrong or not necessary then they are useless and a waste of words
    – In-class assignment attempting to find out which of the 5 sentences is useless and not necessary

    – Fake news can be anywhere and made easily so be aware
    – Have to make our own fake news as a non-portfolio argument

    – Causal Argument due on Sunday, April 5th by midnight!

  3. rose1029 says:

    3/30/20 COMP NOTES
    what happened:
    – testing ZOOM services
    – Scenic Views
    – Rowan Writing Center
    – COVID changes to the syllabus
    – Statistics are tools in writing
    – Break your own news
    Casual Argument Feedback
    I learned that…
    – The importance of an introduction
    – Guiding readers towards the topic you want to talk about to avoid the reader from skipping over vital information
    – Readers don’t know why they are reading something – creating a preview for the readers to establish the reason why they are reading something
    The Rowan Writing Center is still accessible to students through online chats
    – Many policies have changed due to the virus most of them include the penalties on academic integrity due to the fact that students don’t have the same access to resources they would if the campus was still open
    – using statistics correctly: being flexible with your use of statistics to make it more valid within your argument by using descriptive words such as “as high as 50%” to indicate to the readers that getting to 50% is an accomplishment and giving the statistic a value other than its raw number
    – stating a statistic blankly does not show the reader just how important that fact is, because the reader is not given any background information.
    – no matter how outrageous fake news can sound, it may sound reasonable to some people and can be easily spread into a bigger public group – resulting in more and more people to follow its message

  4. alyse816 says:

    Professor has gone over the new expectations of class being on zoom
    Zoom will be used for every class from now on
    We will use the agenda just like normal and take daily notes like usual
    You should alert your readers instead of telling them after the fact when they now have missed it
    We will still always have the option of using the writing center online
    There will be changes to the syllabus
    You need to be careful when using statics, because if you dont they can be not useful
    Without context to some information you do not know how to approach the information
    Make clear comparisons when using statistics to show what you are trying to compare

  5. tenere84 says:

    Notes 3/30

    Riddle: Just Passed Scenic Views
    – A sign that says “Just Passed Scenic Views” doesn’t let the casual observer know ahead of time that they will see scenic views and is rendered quite pointless.
    – In writing, you cannot drown a reader with information/statistics without letting them know ahead of time how that it is coming and how they should be expected to interpret it.
    – In short, it’s important to continually make sure the reader is on the same page as the writer.

    Wield Your Statistics
    – Statistics without direction and velocity are useless.
    – Use them to push your agenda. Integrate claims and rhetorical language in your dispensing of information.
    – A simple way of looking at correctly synthesizing statistics with your own language: say, “my number is a good/bad number” rather than just giving your number.
    – Examples: Interpreting a glass of water that is filled by 50% in a positive manner. “A full 50%,” “As high as 50%,” “Has improved to 50%”
    – Examples: Interpreting it in a negative manner: “A mere 50%” and “Has sunk to 50%”
    – Sentences that just provide information without including your own rhetoric are quite useless.

  6. harp03 says:

    Class Notes: 3/30/2020

    There are online tutoring opportunities!!! Use link above.

    Scenic Views:
    -Don’t present the audience with a lot of statistics or information without foreshadowing it
    -This grabs the reader’s attention and makes them aware of important content

    Wield Your Statistics:
    -Statistics are flexible!
    -Frame the statistic using words such as mere, has sunk, high, low, etc
    -Doing this helps the reader understand how to approach a given fact can be used in order to identify the validity of an article (fake news articles)

  7. bmdpiano says:


    Just Passed Scenic Views:
    – This sign lets people know that they passed something after it has happened.
    – DO NOT do this with writing. You must let readers know what’s coming otherwise they’ll miss the point.
    – Make sure to give a heads up like you’re giving a tour. Explain what lies ahead so the reader can anticipate it.

    Wield Your Statistics:
    – Statistics are tools, but not the whole picture.
    – Make sure to set up stats and don’t just spit them out.
    – Sentences can become useless and offer no importance to the writing if statistics are not properly represented.

  8. a1175 says:

    -point something out to someone before you share the information
    -they can see things the way you want them to
    -statistics should be directed correctly
    -have to say things a certain way for people to look at the event the way you want them to

  9. Cleo says:

    -it would’ve been more helpful to alert the person before they passed a scenic view.
    -make sure your readers are prepared for the material you are giving them.

    -class changes. Keep up with work and syllables.
    -use the writing center to your advantage. It is a tool that could be helpful.
    -statistics can be helpful when writing if you are using the right ones.
    -flexibility with statistics is essential
    -it’s important to always check whether the news you are reading is fake or not.
    -make your on headline
    -hw due on April 5th

  10. stripedsweater21 says:

    We talked about a riddle that said that we just passed a scenic view and how there is no point in letting us know about the scenic view if we were not to be introduced before the actual presentation. This logic is also required for writing. We must let the reader know our argument in a clear and concise ways before evidence and points are being made.
    We then talked about how the course would change because of the online courses. We should be reading the syllabus a lot.
    For statistics, we must make sure that it is real evidence.

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